Monday, November 4, 2013

Wadsworth News Reporter Still Giving David C. Pack A Free Pass

Last Wednesday, the Wadsworth Post had an article up about David C. Pack's cult compound.  It was another cotton candy, "We Love Dave Pack" slobberfest.

Buildings, ag program planned for grounds off Ambassador

Passersby have likely noticed that a second building is currently under construction on the site. This two-story, 12,000 square-foot structure will serve as the mail processing center and will house the church’s mailing and in-house print operations as well as the landscaping and construction departments.

“We are expecting that the building should be complete by the end of the year,” said William Behrer, director of community relations for the church.

The church’s books, booklets, articles and other written materials have been sent to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide and church literature is available in eight different languages.

Construction on the church’s 4,000 square-foot media center is expected to begin in late December or in January and should be complete by spring. The facility will house three studios and the church’s media production services. The church also plans to construct a student center and an auditorium on the site possibly next year.

This is the same reporter that contacted various people on this blog and else where about the dangers of Dave Pack and his cult.  Apparently all the information that was given to her ended up in her round file.

Dave Packs money that he brings to the Wadsworth area is  more imporant than exposing the evil that is growing in their community.

Sure he has dumped millions in the area with construction crews, land buys, landscaping purchases and furniture buying.  However, once he has finished building his monument to himself, that money will stop flowing.  Dave Pack and the Restored Church of God only look after themselves.  The money will not be flowing into the community to help the homeless, feed the hungry or care for the downtrodden.

This entire project is all about Dave.  It always has been and will always be.


Byker Bob said...

He's probably promised them some macho advertising dollars when the auditorium is built, and cultural events are regularly held.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you posted this. This reporter is a doing a great disservice to the community for covering up the underbelly of this dangerous cult.

Anonymous said...

Is Wadsworth too small to have some local ex-hippie free press style weekly tabloid? Those guys just love doing exposees.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's where Banned comes in - to do what the reporter cannot do. I just wish more in Wadsworth could read this.

Head Usher said...

Pack's campus itself is so funny.

He's building a Mail Processing Center just in time for the obsolescence of paper, a hall of administration with only three floors, a Media Center to house RCG's largest money pit (probably surpassing even the campus building program itself), an Auditorium to host the concert series of world-class musicians who are dying to come play Wadsworth (obviously), and a Student Center to feed the dozen or so suckers who think they might want to become an RCG ministurd someday. Even UCG has trouble filling 30 seats for their ABC. In order to finish copying Herbie, Pack's "Ambassador Center" is going to need at least a "Science" building with classrooms and a "Fine Arts" building, complete with several gardens, fountains, fake streams, and pools for the koi. He is also going to need to build an "Imperial School" campus for the indoctrination of all the local cult children, complete with an adjacent "Office Facilities" building to house his huge staff of writers.

My question is, even if a worldwide membership of 1200 people wanted this, and assuming they can afford it, do they need any of it? How much more is Dave biting off than he and his followers are going to be able to chew? How many square feet of building space is going to either lie vacant or else be turned into storage space for crap? And why? Just so he can copy Herbie? How long before portions of this campus are going to have to be either sold off or foreclosed upon, simply because of the economics implied by dwindling COG trends?

Pack may be spinning himself to the local media and politicians as an up-and-comer in the local community, but the business plan underneath the facade doesn't match. He's setting out to build a prosperous empire in a dying industry called Armstrongism? Things might not all go according to plan...

Anonymous said...

Maybe an ad in the Wadsworth area papers directing them to this site might be money well spent.

Nemesis of Pack

Byker Bob said...

Well, Nemesis, stranger things have happened. One of the jurors who convicted Weinland found Mike's blog, and is now pretty much a daily participant.


Former PCG/RCG said...

So many people don't want to know the truth. They turn a blind eye to the obvious. Why else would people stay with groups like RCG and PCG?

Anonymous said...

A "Media Center" to house the six people that are in a suite now. To produce no new videos (they are recycling old ones). Videos are taken out and publish again as new on YT several times.