Monday, November 4, 2013

James Malm Devastated!

Poor James.  He was looking so forward to tonight being able to toot his new moon horn, but it did not happen.

It did not happen because only ONE person in all of Judea had the wherewithal to stand outside in their legalistic glory looking for the slightest sliver of the moon to appear over the horizon.  If two people had seen it he would have been able to toot his horn tonight.  Now he has to wait till Tuesday to toot that horn.

Imagine basing's one's entire life on such minuscule minutia  such as this.  Jesus be damned, but new moon be glorified.

Announcements:  Only one person saw the new moon in Judea this evening as cloud cover rolled in. The new moon was calculated to be at least 2% illuminated this evening.  No matter how much we are tempted to claim a new moon sighting based on only one witness because of cloud; God’s word requires at least TWO witnesses to confirm a calculation. 

Therefore, based on the two witness rule the new moon will be Tuesday at sunset until Wednesday at sunset.

Since no month can be longer than 30 days and Tuesday will be the 30th day;  the new moon will automatically begin tomorrow at sunset on that count as well.


Douglas Becker said...

Fortunately we have two witnesses and more that can testify James Malm is nuts, so we can settle that right away.

Byker Bob said...

Can't he take the word of scientists on this??? (of course, unless they become "suppressed"). It is my understanding that these things can be calculated with 100% certainty here in our modern digital era! But, looks as if James prefers to do it the Amish way.


Head Usher said...

Three retrorefectors were left on the moon by Apollo astronauts allowing the use of ranging lasers to provide millimeter accurate distance measurements. We have the LRO currently in orbit around the moon, 5 active probes in orbit around the sun, Mercury's Messenger probe, Venus Express, 4 active Mars missions, and Cassini in orbit around Saturn. This means we have many extremely sensitive sensors in space capable of gathering an enormous amount of current data about the actual, not just theoretical, state of the solar system and we have plenty of supercomputers capable of crunching the numbers to calculate with enormous precision the location, gravitational attraction, and relative motion of every significant body (and many insignificant ones) in the solar system at any given moment, past, present, and future.

To think that someone in 2013 would feel the need to resurrect bronze age astronomical techniques for determining the position of the moon relative to the sun. And then, to think that doing so made him "holier" than aaaaanyone else on the fucking face of the earth. The guy deserves some kind of a medal, but not the good kind. And then, to think he has as many as 16 other people riding his short bus.

James said...

Bob, James Malm can't let the scientists make that call. They may be working for Satan. He want his crown! Besides, the sacrifice of Jesus is meaningless without the law. Just ask the old coot.

Head Usher said...

And I almost forgot:

So, did the new moon occur? Well, since only one person saw a crescent from Jerusalem, I guess it didn't! Was that person telling the truth, or was he a "false witness"?

What would happen if there were a huge volcano, or just anomalous cloud cover such that at the ending/beginning of every month the moon was never visible from Jerusalem? Every month would have thirty days and James' holy calendar would deviate further from the true synodic month each calendar month. After 64 calendar months an entire synodic month would have been lost. Now, if sightings were to resume, they would have to use them to declare the wrong month. Even though everyone knew it, no one would be able to do anything about it without violating "god's will."

Corky said...

I couldn't determine exactly when sundown was today because of the cloud cover so I will have to wait until tomorrow, at least, to determine if the sun went down at all.

As you all know, the sun does not determine night and day, a commandment does that. There was night and day before the sun was created on the fourth day, therefore, the sun has nothing to do with it getting dark at night.

You see, the sun just "rules over" the day, it doesn't cause the day. Simple...especially if you're stupid.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Malm is overly concerned about Photon Decay, Rayleigh Scattering, or the Heisenberg Effect throwing off the measurements there Usher.

Anonymous said...

Some of my family is involved with all this moon junk. They used to be part of the WCG and some off the splinters. They were strange then....they are nuts now!

Anonymous said...

This is believed to be why the Jews celebrate the Feast of Trumpets for two days. Trumpets is the one holy day that falls on the first day of the month. Back when the first day of the month was determined by observation, if you didn't live right in Jerusalem, you weren't sure if the new month was just starting or if it was still a day away, so you would celebrate it for two days just to be sure.

It was the priesthood that made this decision. But since there is no longer a priesthood, there is no one with the authority to decide so idiots like Malm pick their own unofficial witnesses. So now one group may see the new moon and another may not, leading to complete confusion (which God is not the author of; well, it seems that Malm's god is the author of confusion).

Malm is a lunatic in every sense of the word.

Head Usher said...

LOL Corky. I cannot fault your logic at all. And since the premises are totally biblical, therefore it must be a sin to doubt the conclusion. Touche!