Monday, July 11, 2016

James Malm's Attack Against This Blog Backfires

Last week James Malm wwas filled with self-righteous indignation over an item that I posted (from an LCG source) about John Robinson getting sacked. 

The indignant Chief Pharisee wrote:
Over a week ago “Banned” falsely posted that LCG had fired John Robinson.  This has been hot on the internet and I initially believed this myself until getting the facts.
Last Sunday the entire Robinson family attended the LCG social, yesterday the oldest child headed to Banff for the Adventure Camp.  John and family are still in Charlotte and John is still on the LCG payroll and is still working on the next magazine.   The Robinson family will be at Charlotte services today.  
“Banned” twists and spins virtually everything they report to mean something quite different from the truth and often posts outright false reports like this one.  
There is no truth whatsoever to this “Banned” post.
My source from LCG, is 100% credible and has access way higher up the food chain than anyone Malm could ever dream of having, said that Robinson was terminated but because of the story being broke here and the HUGE amount of trouble it caused in Charlotte, the boys had to save face and create a story about him working from home.  It was a CREATED excuse!
Malm is only stating that it's a lie to discredit your site because he hates you more than he hates RCM. That being said, the Robinson family has been at Sabbath services in Charlotte. It's sad to see someone with so little self esteem take a beating and be willing to come back for more because he's too scared to walk away from what he knows is an abusive, ungodly situation.
The Chief Pharisee is bitter that his sources are not on top of things.  Many of the items he posts he finds here first and then spins the tall tale that his secret source gave him the information. We know who the secret source is because many times he has copied word for word what was posted here.

Another issue that has come to light is the false report from apostate Malm is the story, that he started, that 200+ people were subpoenaed by the Scarborough's for depositions in regards to the Defamation of Character lawsuit that they have brought against Rod Meredith, Rod McNair and the LCG.  A source with direct ties to the lawsuit told me that that number is totally wrong.  It is far less than that.  I have the exact amount but will keep that confidential for now.

The Chief Pharisees claims to have high up sources in LCG and UCG.  So far all of these sources have been feeding Malm a lot of feculence.  What more can we expect from a man who has bastardized the law to fit his own perverted agenda that he sets forth to enslave people even further.  His absolute rejection of Jesus, grace and justification sets him apart as being even worse than Dave Pack and Rod Meredith, postioning him right beside Bob Thiel.

The only person the Chief Pharisee and Chief Judaizer is smearing is himself.  He has become the laughing stock of the Church of God.

He can go ahead and spin his tall tales about this blog all he wants.  Every time he does, more people start reading here, much like the LCG member do when Meredith has a fit over this blog.  Its funny how something that started out as nothing more than a diversion has become such a thorn in the side of the bottom feeders of the church. 

This blog is now the "go to" site for news in LCG and has becomes a safe sounding board for LCG members and other groups. This does NOT make the Chief Pharisee and others happy.


Byker Bob said...

Well, I suspect that nobody would even waste their time making even a minimal retaliation against Malm. We know from his past pleas that just the act of looking at his own bank account must be demoralizing enough. Most folks might even feel sorry for him were he not such a Pharisee.


Anonymous said...

Malm is just one more professional moocher living off other peoples money because he thinks he is too enlighten to work a real job. It is quit easy to see why his wife left him sitting there all alone and miserable. Does this clown have a happy bone in his body?

DennisCDiehl said...

Banned HWA-The Blog of choice for Lurkers and the Let's Just Sneak a Peekers among the annoyed and dis-illusioned in the "We Are Not Divided. All One Body We" Churches of God

Anonymous said...

I've occasionally read Malms blog and learned the odd thing. I don't have a problem with him since I rarely agree 100% with any source that I read.

Stephen said...

I wouldn't even place Malm beside Thiel, I would place him in the Oort Cloud with the rantings of Dankenbring. So horrible is the god of Malm that if Malm were even in the ballpark with his god hypothesis, then no one, not even Hypocrite-in-Chief Malm himself would have a snowball's chance in hell of divine favor.

"Does this clown have a happy bone in his body?"

I don't think so, and he won't be satisfied until nobody else does either. As long as you do, his horrible god is going to be irate with you. I refuse to visit his shiny hell-hole blog anymore. It's too much toxic negativity for me.

Connie Schmidt said...

Where is Art Gilmore when we need him! ??...

Readers to Banned should be welcomed by Gilmore's booming baritone voice as the site loads on their monitors...

BANNED BY HERBERT W. ARMSTRONG ... Bringing you the "PLAIN TRUTH" on todays Church of God News, and the future of its DUBIOUS TOMMOROW!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on July 11, 2016 at 2:06 PM said...

“I've occasionally read Malms blog and learned the odd thing. I don't have a problem with him since I rarely agree 100% with any source that I read.”

Me too. I occasionally read Malm's Blog and learned some really ODD things there.

I DO have a problem with all of that rebel's crazy heresies. Pity the unlucky, blind fools who don't see anything wrong with his bad behavior.

Anonymous said...

8.59 PM but adults have a responsibility to assess what they read. You imply that only the "truth" should be permitted. So much for freedom of the press. This is the typical ministry point of view.
Christ did say 'prove all things,' and He did pray that His followers not be taken out of the world. Adults need to learn to operate in the real world, which includes heresies, Pharisees and criminals. Yes, I do pity the fools who refuse to take on and develop this adult responsibility. Wolf Dave Pack and similar, are ready to devour such people.

Anonymous said...

Your behind the times. Victor kubic is all the rage now.

Silenced said...

This blog has done nothing but a wonderful job exposing the current crises in LCG. Anyone else can only dream of keeping up. Continue the brilliant work!

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear John stayed at LCG, at least for now, but not surprised, really. His dad was one of the sharpest tools in the Armstrong shed, regularly got abused for it. . .and stuck around, anyway. The whole Robinson family knows the horrors that have been perpetrated under the HWA banner, but they stay. It is what it is.