Sunday, July 10, 2016

Updated: Philadelphia Church of God: KPCG Radio Station A Complete Flop As It Fails To Excite The Edmond Neighbors

In the most recent edition of The Philadelphian an article appears written by Gerald Flurry’s grandson Grant Turgeon about PCG’s fledgling radio station KPCG.FM.  This article contains some very revealing comments by Stephen Flurry who inadvertently admits that their radio station project is a complete flop which unsurprisingly is being listened to only by a handful of members:

For those who don’t know last year PCG established a new radio station KPCG.FM, which began broadcasting from the Edmond compound using a low-power transmitter that covered a 6 or 7 mile local radius.  

Soon after the station began broadcasting the obvious potential for self-promotion was quickly realised by the PCG elite wannabes: Malone, Hilliker, Davis, etc. who proceeded to host their own radio shows. 

Since that time PCG has sunk literally hundreds of thousands of dollars into this project including the development of two broadcasting studios, one in Edmond and one in the new UK campus at Edstone.   Each of these studios is fitted out with professional grade equipment and operated and staffed by PCG employees.  For those who do not live in the Edmond antenna footprint an online service through Soundcloud was developed to allow access to the programming from further afield.  

After all this investment, daily programming, cost and effort what has been the outcome?  According to the article only around 300 people a day on average are actually listening to it!   By their admission of those who tune in the overwhelming majority are PCG members!

In Turgeon’s article uncle Stephen’s comments appear in the final paragraph.  In it he makes some revealing comments:

“[G]oing in, we were aiming to reach an audience beyond our members and co-workers. That may take time.” Mr. Flurry said. “Right now, we have a very supportive audience that consists mostly of members and co-workers. But we have been advertising the station on TV here in the UK, so hopefully we will see our audience expand as we head into our second year of broadcasting.”

That statement is classic PCG-speak which can be translated for outsiders as follows:

 “Going in, we were aiming to reach an audience beyond our members and co-workers”.

“The whole point of the radio station was to reach people outside the PCG with our message”.

“Right now, we have a very supportive audience that consists mostly of members and co-workers”.

“We have completely failed to reach anybody outside the PCG. The only people who are listening are hard-core members who feel they have to support everything the PCG does”.

“But we have been advertising the station on TV here in the UK”, 

“Although we have no idea about advertising and marketing or even possess one iota of basic business sense, we are never going to admit we made a mistake.  Subsequently we will continue to drive this project to its bitter end. Even though it is obvious we don’t know what we’re doing and the station is failing miserably we are going to pursue this even if it means throwing hundreds of thousands more down the drain in the process.  We are so delusional and so out of touch with how modern media operates all we can come up with as a solution is the unbelievably stupid idea of advertising the radio station using the most rapidly declining yet expensive form of media on earth (TV) to promote another form of media (radio) whose terminal decline set in years ago”.

“(S)o hopefully we will see our audience expand as we head into our second year of broadcasting”.

“Again, we have no idea what we are doing, we don’t really know anything about marketing, trends, media etc, we just hope it’s all going to work out for us as a simple article of faith.  If we are wrong we will never admit it, we will just pursue this project until we lose interest, then blame its demise on the members for their lack of support and inherent spiritual problems.  Not to worry after all it’s is just tithe money and church morale".

From a guest contributor.

In the link posted above in the first paragraph is the article after it has been sanitized by PCG.  The original quote that is no longer in the article is this screen shot:

PCG now has to hide the fact that Stephen Flurry admitted they have not accomplished what they set out to do.


Anonymous said...

I've listened to the odd program. They are too long for the intellectual content given. At any rate, if the tribulation is near, every possible means of warning nations needs to be explored. The PCG is doing that. Billions are going to die, and all some here do is sneer. Pointing out abusive, criminal behaviour in the churches should not be confused with warning of the coming nightmare.

Byker Bob said...

Basically, this sort of thing is what came to mind when we were treated to Rod Meredith's glowing reports on how many were being reached by LCG's media attempts. We already knew how UCG's evangelistic campaign had fared.

It really doesn't matter how much money any of these groups sink into getting their messages out. The minute anybody Googles the name of the group responsible for the message, they tune it out. That message was dated back in the '90s, even prior to the mapping of the human genome.

Best course of action would be for the splinters to spend the money on feeding the existing flock, lovingly, soas to retain as many members as possible. Or, find a message or mode of expressing it that actually holds listeners.


Anonymous said...

The question is, does Flurry have radio stations on his campuses because HWA had radio stations on his campuses? After all he has to do everything exactly how HWA did it.

Anonymous said...

I listen to KPCG almost every day, I do it out of curiosity and to keep up with what those goofballs are up to. Stephen Flurry is so damn annoying! Most of his program is giving stats and reading emails from members praising him on how he's changed their lives with his program.
Then you have Dennis Leap with his stupid " just the best literature " program, where in every single episode he brings in HWA! He can be talking about Ben Franklins biography and he'll bring up HWAs autobiography! It's mind boggling!
Never an original thought!
They even have that stupid twat Sarah Evans giving segments telling us we need to brush our teeth regularly and going to the dentist every six months! She says that HWA went to the dentist every six months and that we should too! But she doesn't mention that our tithes and offerings paid for his regular dentist visits, just like they're paying for hers now while we all do without!
KPCG and the whole Philadelphia cult of God is a joke!

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Typical Worldwide/Philadelphia Church of God throwing tithe money down a rat hole. The sad thing is the dumb tithe slave sheep of PCG will be extorted more under Lake of Fire damnation threat to make up the difference for the lost money thrown away on this pet project. Like everything else in Armstrong Church of God land, their pet projects amount to nothing.

Will a man rob God? Yes, Flurry, Pack, Meredith, etc. do it every day. "In vain do they worship me with a needle in the vein to suck the financial life right out of the dumb tithe slave sheep".


Anonymous said...

I love the F-Tard that left the first comment! "Who cares if you're being abused by the evil ministry, at least they're warning the world". Ugh!
People like you deserved to be bent over Turgeons desk regularly!

Minimalist said...

People only listen to FM in the car:
A low power station won't work for this:
needs to be at least 5kw to 50kw ($$$)

Connie Schmidt said...

They should just use a cheaper, and more low tech promotion technique, one that would likely even be more effective...

YEP---- Roadside Sign Twirlers dressed in Chicken Costumes!

James said...

Anon wrote: At any rate, if the tribulation is near, every possible means of warning nations needs to be explored. The PCG is doing that. Billions are going to die, and all some here do is sneer. Pointing out abusive, criminal behaviour in the churches should not be confused with warning of the coming nightmare.

July 11, 2016 at 2:05 AM

Stockholm syndrome. You just haven't figured out your being hoodwinked by men who care nothing for you. Your just a paycheck to them. The bible is the vehicle for fleecing you out of your labor. Remember, your life is made of time and they are stealing your life every-time you submit to their tithe farm decrees.

Anonymous said...

Revelation 3.20 'I stand at the door and am knocking.' This means that Christ has been put out of His own Church, and is trying to get the members to let Him in. Christ has been disfellowshiped from His own church. Are you listening Rod, Dave etc.
The secular version of this is that Christ is knocking at humanities door with the 'work' being done by various groups. Yes, it's a mess, so like many, I am not sure what's going on. But the knocking, by definition, implies a limited rather than powerful work. The important thing is that the alternative of Gods way is being offered.

DennisCDiehl said...

Another question might be does Flurry have $2500 bottles of fine liquor in the basement like HWA had? Wickadly expensive spirits in low places?

Pierre Lafebre said...

Excuse you Dennis but Mr. Flurry keeps a cold storage room filled with the finest microbrews from all over the US and Canada.
His supply of Coors is world renowned.
If you were not a laodicean wannabe you would know that.
Mr Flurry is able to open a can of Molson Ice by slamming it against his forehead, a trick learned from our blessed Canadian brethren.
Wake up Dennis.

Anonymous said...

First commenter, the Great Trib occurred in 70 AD,complete with all the miracles, etc.
Read Josephus.
It came on "That" generation as Christ said all the blood of all the martyrs , prophets and the son of God himself was on them.
The Church of God obsession with tribulation is a dispensational heresy that began with the weirdo Scofield whose bible HWA was in love with.
Read up on your dispensationalism and learn how wrong it really is.

Byker Bob said...

As long as we're overlooking a mess of crap just so that every effort can be made to warn the world, it is worth mentioning that Jack and Rexella Van Impe have been doing a vastly more visible job of precisely that for decades now. I am not one of their followers, so if anyone wants some cheap attention, please do feel free to mock and trash them, but the fact remains that they have been extremely effective in getting not only Herbert Armstrong's half of the gospel out, but also the other half, that Jesus actually saves.

And, of course, this would be of interest mostly to those whose HWA-induced angst for the much beloved blessing of the tribulation won't allow them to wait another 224 years until Hebrew year 6,000.


Anonymous said...

7.01 AM As the F Tard who wrote the first comment, you can only criticize me by using a straw man argument. You too Mr Stockholm syndrome.
Minister abuse and their motives does not alter human history. The tribulation is real. Answered pray confirms this. I'm not going to put your intellectualising before the holy spirit. There's nothing stopping people praying that humanity be warned, without reference to a particular sliver.

Anonymous said...

What's next for Gerald Flurry... Terrestrial radio not working.. Must update strategy to be perceived as new and cool... Perhaps he could put out his programs on videotape so all the kids at Blockbuster can go rent it?

Anonymous said...

So 7:01 the ends justify the means? Where does the bible say judgement begins with... Hmm not with the world.. Becuse Christ will lament the sheep who were not beaten by the hirelings? 🤔

"Oh if only they endured the abusive men I put in charge, then they could have given 10% of their income to fund a magazine/infomercial, then I could help them. Why feed the hungry or clothe the naked? I'm going to destroy it all anyway. Now a magazine that could have saved a soul."

Doom. Gloom. Fear. Repeat.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:05 AM said: “If the tribulation is near, every possible means of warning nations needs to be explored. The PCG is doing that. Billions are going to die, and all some here do is sneer”.

“Every possible means needs to be explored…the PCG is doing that” are you serious, what planet are you on? I too believe the Tribulation is just around the corner and can see plainly that the PCG, especially Stephen Flurry, REFUSES to explore every possible means, unless they are HIS ideas. PCG uses TV, radio and print because HWA used it, simple nostalgia and mimicry, that‘s all. HWA used it we must do the same that is literally the extent to the depth of their reasoning.

Read Grant Turgeon’s Philadelphian article before it was noticed by PCG leadership and cleaned up to see the stupefying incompetence at play. Apparently there are around 50-odd people involved at some point in the production process for KPCG.FM - 50 people! With around 200 employees in Edmond, that’s an astonishing 25% of their entire workforce involved in a production which by their own admission is listened to by members only! That means that a shocking 1 in 6 who listen in are actually the show’s production staff!

Consider after over 25 years in operation the current circulation figure of PCG’s Trumpet Magazine with member generated waiting room circulation subtracted is only 100,000 copies. PCG’s work has become so pathetic it’s embarrassing. Considering the ideas used to promote it are we surprised?

I assume you’re a PCG member, and then would remember that awful Behind the Work presentation from last year’s FOT. Don’t you remember Stephen Flurry boasting about radio and TV under HWA, how he believed that TV-radio was the way forward for 2016! Can’t you remember how it was all presented, stylised video footage through heavy filters of the grounds and each room of Amy Flurry’s new UK show home, how impressive it all was?

Radio and free-to-air TV the way forward, are you kidding me! TV has been haemorrhaging its audience since the Mid-2000’s. In 2012 for the first time ever free to air TV was no longer the primary means for accessing news and entertainment. 4 years later that trend has continued to the point where the TV industry as we know it will no longer exist by the close of the decade, and Stephen Flurry thinks that TV and radio is the way forward!

Stephen Flurry is the one who has driven PCG’s college to the extent that it is now. He is the one that has made impressive multi-million dollar stately homes and facilities a priority for the church. Stephen Flurry is the one who has pushed Irish dancing as a catalyst for his son’s talents down the collective throats of the membership. He’s the one who developed HWA College to the point where it has effectively become THE work. Stephen Flurry is the one who’s prepared to throw literally millions of tithe dollars into an Irish dance and music facility for the kids at Edmond. He’s the one who refuses to explore “every possible means” unless they are HIS ideas.

Now that Stephen Flurry is in the UK where do you think the recent idea for a private jet came from? With another Ryan Malone music production coming up, no doubt featuring his son and wife, how else do you expect them to attend rehearsals and performances without having to rub shoulders with the unwashed masses? What is apparent about Stephen is that due to his WCG secluded upbringing and position as PCG heir-apparent he has no real appreciation for the value of money nor concept of the need to spend it wisely.

His WCG-PCG acquired leadership mind-set is that no matter how ineffective or incompetent the idea is God will always bail them out (with 25% decline in income apparently not). Considering the tribulation is coming and the warning message isn’t going out, largely due to PCG’s leadership it makes the problems Garner Ted created for the work in the 70’s hardly worth mentioning. “Every possible means needs to be explored”, if that statement wasn’t so tragic you could laugh.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on July 11, 2016 at 2:05 AM said...

“I've listened to the odd program. They are too long for the intellectual content given. At any rate, if the tribulation is near, every possible means of warning nations needs to be explored. The PCG is doing that. Billions are going to die, and all some here do is sneer. Pointing out abusive, criminal behaviour in the churches should not be confused with warning of the coming nightmare.”

Everyone in all of the so-called COGs needs to be warned about false prophets like Gerald Flurry and his PCG impostor cult. Gerald Flurry's massive doctrinal changes in the PCG and his satanic perverting of everything that Herbert W. Armstrong had tried to teach are not helping anyone at all.

False prophets, like Gerald Flurry, do NOT help the World.

False prophets, like Gerald Flurry, do NOT help the COGs.

False prophets, like Gerald Flurry, just lie and steal and break up families and friendships.

The idea that false prophets, like Gerald Flurry, are doing any good at all is complete nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I love Jack and Rexella Van Impe! (in a "you suck so bad you morons!" kinda way)
Very entertaining!
I think that when a black President was elected, it exploded their racist minds!

But still, from a time before that, I remember when Rexella wore a new pair of "fashion" glasses for one show on TV's channel 50-something. That was even before I realized that the WCG was a cult. The pair of "fashion" glasses she wore was so incredibly hilarious! Later, I looked and looked, but could not find anything online showing them. Very sad that I couldn't find them, lol!
Just seeing her wearing them was more laughs than the best comedy program!

They were like a cross between "stupid meets crazy in an insane-asylum where everyone believes in looking like aliens", and "happy being totally nuts"

Redfox712 said...

They altered the article? How amusing.

I listen sometimes. But not too much. After awhile the things they say start to sound all the same. Their broadcasts are often accompanied with a lot of moaning about people they don't like.

Anonymous said...

9.22 PM are you saying that since there are great evils in these churches, lets not warn humanity of a coming nuclear world war 3?

Anonymous said...

1:15, what, pray tell, are people supposed to do with a warning? Join a Church of Armstrong and give the first few tomatoes from their garden every year to their pastor? Yeah, that'll do it.

And how is it news that a nuclear war could happen? You're not revealing any special knowledge. The entire world looks over its shoulder on that topic, and has since 1945. So there goes your warning.

You're so steeped in the COG rhetoric that you don't even think about what you're saying. Just more blah, blah, blah. Nothing practical. Never was.

nck said...


"The entire world looks over its shoulder on that topic, and has since 1945. So there goes your warning."

I like how you put that. hahah Just like the fear spin on Petra. We 're all going to die once. That's the news.


Anonymous said...

PCG now officially resorting to asking members to assist in the promotion of KPCG.FM!

Members are being asked to use their own Twitter accounts to promote PCG radio station flop! (

Consider Stephen Flurry's performance:

- Purchased multi-million dollar college facility in England to be used for UK broadcasts
- $100,000's spent refurbishing new UK campus to bring it to the "Philadelphia Standard"
- Fitting out UK studio with state of the art TV radio equipment
- On TV in UK twice each weekend (heaven only knows how much that all costs)
- Now looking at advertising the radio station on TV!!!

And after all that PCG still needs help from its members via their Twitter accounts!

In the town where I live in there is a little Church group that operates small newsstand-style kiosks on a few of the street corners on the main thoroughfares. Each day you can see them quietly handing out their booklets and pamphlets, explaining their beliefs to anyone who is prepared to listen. They are neat, polite, well dressed young people who don't harass or debate with anyone and who try to promote their beliefs in a non-confrontational positive way. I would wager this little church group is more successful with their message than the PCG is with all its grandiose schemes and multi-million dollar buildings.

In a world literally geared up for communication and the transmission of ideas and information multi-million dollar PCG struggles to even maintain a circulation of 100,000 copies of its flagship publication.

In Revelation 3:8, the Church era they claim to be a part of has this promise from Christ, "I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it". Who in their right mind thinks that what the PCG has is an open door?

Short of actually shutting down all together, it is hard to imagine how much weaker PCG's message can get.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on July 12, 2016 at 1:15 AM said...

“9.22 PM are you saying that since there are great evils in these churches, lets not warn humanity of a coming nuclear world war 3?”

What on earth are you talking about? The PCG is an Irish dance group. Get with the program.

Anonymous said...

There's a little group called "the last End church of God" based out of Amarillo Texas, run by Mr. Garcia and his sons. You remember they got marked in the PCG awhile back. They're predicting that GRF will die on this coming Feast of Trumpets, and that will end the Laodicean Era and bring on the famine of the word.
It may bring on the famine of the word, but it won't stop those fools from their damn Irish dancing!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:20 AM said "It may bring on the famine of the word, but it won't stop those fools from their damn Irish dancing"!

Why would they want to stop Irish dancing? As we all know the NT is literally full of admonitions to spend millions of dollars in member's tithes and offerings putting on musical productions in multi-million dollar auditoriums, stately homes and dance academies. The Apostles Peter, James, John and Paul wrote about little else.

Haven't you read about the NT Church in Acts how they never missed an opportunity to prance around the stage like spastics? How else could they have set the world on fire with their message?

As it says 1 Cor 9:16, "yea, woe is unto me, if I spend not millions on colleges, music, impressive buildings and singing show tunes like a big queen"!

Check your Bible pal!

PS Why do PCG call it Armstrong Auditorium? HWA would have a pink fit if he saw PCG's priorities at work today. As no one will stand up to Ryan Malone they should just re-name it The Paula Maloneium.

The irritating screeching sound emanating from it isn't just caused by the crappy Mexican workmanship and the splits in the concrete pre-moulded pillars you know....

R.L. said...

Agreeing with Minimalist about the problem of being a low-power FM. I've had trouble picking up KPCG in the heart of Edmond - while the signal is better along I-35 in the countryside, north of town.

Another problem is that Edmond already has a "classical" music station doing what KPCG does. KUCO has marvelous music, a strong signal, backing from U. of Central Oklahoma - in short, it's what KPCG wishes it could be.

And oh yes - the KUCO website has a small ad for Armstrong Auditorium on it.

Anonymous said...

As R.L. said "KUCO.... in short, it's what KPCG wishes it could be".

Exactly, an actual functioning credible educational institution, supporting a radio station that has more listeners than producers!

PCG is rapidly becoming a joke! In their messages, writing and activities all the focus is now on music, dancing, colleges and buildings - e.g. buying stuff for Edmond HQ elite.

With a 25% drop in income due to the jaded membership basically losing interest, it's hard to imagine PCG even being around in five years time.

The 1% who lead PCG have no idea what is about to happen....

Anonymous said...

K.P.C.G. = Kooks Pushing Crazy Garbage

Anonymous said...

Stephen Flurry is boring and long-winded. He really drags out the "message". I got so bored I only lasted a few minutes and had to shut it off.