Thursday, April 20, 2017

Rod Meredith says LCG members are to continually belittle and degrade themselves

Rod Meredith wrote his last "Passover" letter to his flock recently. He writes that Jesus told everyone that were his followers to wash one another feet, lay down our lives for one another as our ENTIRE way of life, and to take up his cross and carry it proudly.

Then he has to pull his usual "blame the brethren" shtick.  Those lazy LCG members just never quit get it and never fully contribute to "...building the work of God on earth today."
Even most true Christians spend far too much energy trying to “find” their lives rather than consciously “losing” their lives in order to serve God and genuinely serve their fellow human beings. We will try to find excuses for doing what we want to do. We will use our time and energy in ways that do notcontribute to building others spiritually or to building the Work of God on earth today. We will often waste one of the most precious commodities God has given us—time. We must not waste this precious commodity, but rather try to make every day of our life really “count for something” in serving others and helping others grow toward the fullness and the stature of Christ. In that way, we help ourselves at the same time to achieve the same goal.
The ones that seem to be constantly trying to find their lives in the church seem to be COG members and those currently being tormented by legalism.  A follower of Christ, who understands the New Covenant knows that they have been "found."  There is no struggle or time spent on "woe is me, I am never going to make it" conversations in their minds.  Since the church refuses to acknowledge Jesus, it is no wonder Meredith feels this is a constant problem.  He has been struggling all of his life to find the Jesus he refuses to follow.

He then says the following, which seems to be swipe at some in the LCG ministry. They too, never quit get it right, which has been painfully obvious to thousands of members who've suffered and are currently suffering under some of the tyrants.  It is ironic that Meredith states that some leaders "exalt themselves at the expense of others," consider this has been the modus operandi of Meredith for decades.  Look at the trail of destruction and ruined lives that have been left tin his wake over the decades.  His stint as director of the field ministry while in WCG was appalling at the amount of abuse he dished out.  And who can forget his role in the "man power papers!"
Often, without fully realizing it, many of us try to become “leaders” by exalting the self at the expense of others. After describing how the rulers of the Gentiles did this, Jesus said, “Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant. And whoever desires to be first among you, let him be your slave—just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many” (Matthew 20:26–28).
When has Rod Meredith EVER been a servant of the brethren?  He has been waited upon, hand and foot, for decades by myriads of church members and employees. He has lived a life of privilege in the church ever since his days in Pasadena.

He also writes:
The religious leaders of Jesus’ day were often “competing” with one another and saving for themselves the “best” of everything along the way. However, Jesus Christ commanded: “But he who is greatest among you shall be your servant. And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted” (Matthew 23:11–12).
This sounds exactly like every single COG leader currently running a splinter group today.  Ever single one of the men are "competing" with each other to see who can draw in the most members, raise the most money, or do the most amazing end time work ever. Just look at  Flurry, Pack, Kubik and our resident pissant Thiel; every single one of them have self-appointed themselves as God's mouthpiece  and will do all they can to draw in other COG members to their groups in order to use their tithe money of their own self-indulgent purposes.

Then Meredith makes another weird command for his members to follow.  They are to continually abase themselves.
The above verses are genuinely powerful if we are willing to fully understand them. We must always try to abase the self and do all we can to serve other human beings, as Christ Himself did when He was “made flesh” (John 1:14). Then, and only then, will we be truly “exalted” by God Himself.

  1. behave in a way so as to belittle or degrade (someone).
verb (used with object)abased, abasing.
to reduce or lower, as in rank, office, reputation,or estimation; humble; degrade.
2. Archaic. to lower; put or bring down: 

It is no wonder LCG members have to continually try and find themselves when they are taught to belittle themselves!  "You low life, unworthy, dirty worms, who are clothed in filthy rags, are never good enough for God."  That is the message Rod Meredith has preached for decades.  What more could we expect form a man who does not know Jesus.

Meredith then goes on to claim that the LCG has one of the most HUMBLE ministries that the COG has ever seen in 67 years!  Take that Bob Thiel!
Dear brethren and friends, I hope every one of you can begin to learn this lesson, as we reflect on the Passover and on the entire purpose of God to make us in His image! We have tried to build this attitude within the ministry and leadership of God’s Church as a whole in the Living Church of God. Many of you brethren realize this. In our past association, we had the so-called “super deacons” who would push people around. We would often have ministers who would take care of the self and not try to genuinely help and give and serve their brethren with every fiber of their being. Now, near the end of my life, I am grateful to God to report that we have—in my opinion—one of the most solid, dedicated and humble ministries that I have experienced in 67 years in God’s Church.
The most solid, dedicated and humble splinter group of the mother church ever! Ha Ha Ha!  These same men making up the ministry of the LCG are the very same men who were abusive in the Worldwide Church of God.  Rod Meredith. Richard Ames, and Gerald Weston do not have a humble bone in their bodies!  LCG members who comment here routinely write about the abuses of these three men, in addition to scores of other LCG ministers, including Meredith's own children! Humility has NEVER been an attribute of the Church of God since Herbert Armstrong threw his hissy-fit and apostatized from the Church of God in Oregon.

Meredith then goes on to praise three of LCG's most humble men, Richard Ames, Douglas Winnail, Dexter Wakefield, and Rod McNair.  Rod McNair???????  Seriously?????  

According to Meredith, Rod McNair has done the following:
He has built one of the finest families in the entire Work of God. He sets a superb example in all these ways, and at the same time has attained a spirit of humility, sacrifice and service rather than letting any of this go to his head.
This is the same pig that said that the elderly are possessed by demons and that LCG members should not work in nursing homes.  This is the same man who lied about the Scarbouroughs.  Humble my ass!  Sacrificial?   ROTFLMAO!  Since when has McNair sacrificed anything?  He is one of the pampered elite that thinks he deserves everything, especially RESPECT!

Meredith ends with this:
But if we can keep the attitude of humility and servant leadership—if we can keep the “foot-washing attitude” constantly before us and follow Christ in that way—He will continue to lead and empower this Work in a remarkable way. Then, we can all definitely look forward to Jesus’ words: “Well done, good servant; because you were faithful in a very little, have authority over ten cities” (Luke 19:17). So whether we are over “ten cities,” ten nations, or perhaps even ten galaxies, we will be rewarded forever if we learn the lessons of Passover and the foot washing. So, let us learn to genuinely humble ourselvesand work as a “team” under Jesus Christ to do His Work with love and humility and cooperation until the end of our human lives.
This is never going to happen.  Within a year of Meredith's death the Living Church of God will have major problems.  Humility will never be allowed to surface.  The lowly church members will never have their feet washed by the elite.  Abuses will continue.  Lives will be destroyed and lives will be lost, all because they STILL refuse to follow that most inconvenient dude.

You can read this appalling mess of a message here:  Editorial - The "Foot Washing" Way of Life


Anonymous said...

Of course Rod wants members abased since no one with self respect and self esteem will allow themselves to be beasts of burden and sacrifices animals to losers.
Rod euphemistically calls this 'serving other humans.'
Putting nice sounding labels on things, doesn't change the reality.
God is far from the wicked. He does not 'wash their feet' by giving them free stuff.
Rod is Bernie Sanders in religious garb.

Michael said...

RCM bloviates:
"So whether we are over “ten cities,” ten nations, or perhaps even ten galaxies, we will be rewarded forever if we learn the lessons of Passover and the foot washing. So, let us learn to genuinely humble ourselves"

The classic: Be an obedient member now and you'll get a reward! Well not now of course, but after you die, which nobody can verify... Just take my word for it.

Lot of problems with this, not the least of which is, even ten galaxies would not be that great a thing, that is for a omnipotent god. It might seem like an incomprehensible reward for puny humans, but not for an infinite being. Not even a trillion trillion galaxies. Just goes to show this is all born of human thought, not from anything above.

Also, what is it with the reward business? God has to bribe his followers?
How about maybe: Be humble because it's a good thing to be?

Anonymous said...

It seems Meredith really has changed.

Dr. Douglas Winnail is one of the finest Directors of Church Administration I have ever known and worked with—including several over the years. He is very thoughtful, kind and understanding in working with the ministry, helping decide where each one fits, and being totally loving and supporting and patient with them when they make mistakes or need to be transferred.

Before his cancer, Meredith was desperately looking for a qualified replacement for Winnail, because of Winnail's indecisive nature, his inability to solve problems, and his tendency to go off on world tours to get away from local problems instead of solving them. Meredith is correct about one thing in his comment, though. Winnail is totally loving and supporting of ministers when they abuse the brethren.

DennisCDiehl said...

Rod Meredith notes: "Often, without fully realizing it, many of us try to become “leaders” by exalting the self at the expense of others."

As in "There is God, Jesus CHRIST, Herbert W. Armstrong, Garner Ted Armstrong, MYSELF..................and a few other leading evangelists..."
After himself, RCM was unable or unwilling to commit to just who those leading Evangelist actually were.
(Freshman Harmony of the Gospels Class 1968)

I've spent time with Doug Winnail and have always found him a very genuine person. I think Doug's motivation has always been that inspite of the people and ministers as well as the Armstrongs etc, it is the Truest form of the Church and that was why he came to it. He is not a good speaker but , to me, he has always recognized the problems in the church and wanted everyone to just get along. He should have stayed in the sciences in which he has a genuine Doctorate. Perhaps RCM now recognizes the extreme opposites that Doug and Gerald Weston are. I replaced GW in SC in my last stop in the ministry and that church was the most difficult, backbiting and legalistically trained group I had ever encountered. I can see why some real churches limit the term of their Deacons and Elders and are subject to renewal periodically. What a mess it was and part of my last straw with it all. The elders were always miffed when I invited smokers and drinkers back to church having been bounced for their problems by GW. One nice guy heard he might not be so bad a person for his drinking problem and called to come see me. He never showed up. Later I found he circled the block of my home and then went home and committed suicide. A very low point in my soul...

I remember many a time I thought when it was the one true church to me, things would get better. When HWA died, and he would as I told Gerald Waterhouse who told me he'd believe it after three days and three nights, I still hoped we'd quit majoring in the minors, though who and where Joe Tkach came from was and always will be a mystery to me. The man was more a Thug than pastor and seemed to have a very shallow, WCG booklet background in theology. I always imagined he smothered HWA and simply said HWA's last words were, "Ok, are in charge" lol

GTA was never wanting, it seemed, to be in his dad's ministry. He'd have done much better competing with Paul Harvey and done well at it. He hated Johnny Carson because he was just like him and probably wished he was him.

There were SO MANY mismatches in WCG in the ministry and administration.
So many men who changed after college from nice kids to weirdos and tyrannts in ministry. But then too, as in all churches, there were some members who were off the charts in all sorts of "strange ideas" as Dave Pack promised he'd never get into.

Sorry, I off.

DennisCDiehl said...

Anon said: "God is far from the wicked. He does not 'wash their feet' by giving them free stuff.
Rod is Bernie Sanders in religious garb."

Hey now! lol.

Matt 10:8 ..... Freely you have received; freely give.…

Anonymous said...

Michael said...
How about maybe: Be humble because it's a good thing to be?

The "funny" thing is that even non-believers normally admire a humble person and reject a proud person.

I was once given the "privilege" to pick a Bible study theme and I chose humility since after 25 years in the church I saw so little of it. I also couldn't recall any sermons or studies on the subject. Well, the ministerial assistant was not happy that member would be telling him what to do. So he gave a study on envy instead.

Being humble should come from just the realization of how weak and temporary all humans are. I should come from having a realistic view of oneself and the physical world we live in.

Connie Schmidt said...

Ministry, like the Presidency should have term limits.

NO2HWA said...

Dennis wrote:

"He should have stayed in the sciences in which he has a genuine Doctorate. Perhaps RCM now recognizes the extreme opposites that Doug and Gerald Weston are."

Several LCG members have written me privately and expressed the opinion that Rod knows Weston will create havoc with some of the men in charge once Meredith is not there to protect them. Doug is one of those men that Weston wants out.

Near_Earth_Object said...

Is it possible that RCM's treatment of this topic is a fine example of Trumpism? The Donald says stuff that is blatantly false and expects you not to research it, think about it or talk with others about it. He just expects you to believe. IS RCM using the same technique?

We can all remember the Armstrongist principles that call into question the credibility of what RCM says:

1. WCG members were to adopt a deprecatory self view while ministers strutted around in $400 suits (in 1970 dollars) and drove expensive fleet cars. Self-deprecation, sackcloth and ashes, were for the "little people" or as RCM said himself "the cream of the crud".

2. "Building the work of God" is code language for "send in all your money." Self-deprecation was a brain washing technique intended to get people to abandon their hopes and dreams so that their economic resources could be captured and diverted to Pasadena. Then those funds were used for sumptuous lifestyles by those who held the lay membership in disdain.

3. The Armstrongist ministry touts itself as a servant ministry but anybody who reflects for a moment will recall that they were there to be served by the lay membership, their egos stroked and their needs tended to.

4. The ministry should be believed without question by virtue of their spiritual office. This sets up a situation where they can demand your wallet contents and you have a religious and spiritual obligation to comply. In fact this was simple theft.

The Donald is a con artist and so are the Armstrongist leaders and ministers. Even some of the "good" people involved have bought into the system.

This is an old lesson that should have been learned by all long ago. These principles make the Armstgrongist ministry powerfully attractive to the wrong kind of people. Just like there are people who are attracted to the Mafia. Since this is the orthodox Armstrongist approach, why would we think that RCM's current views are any different. Is there some evidence?

Black Ops Mikey said...

Blatantly dysfunctional insanity.

It's not mentally healthy to be any where in the vicinity of something like this.

Armstrongists are not only insane but immoral too.

It's a perfect safe place for sociopaths and psychopaths.

Anyone else, not so much.

Anonymous said...

Rod knows Weston will create havoc

Anybody who doubts Weston's harshness ought to read his April co-worker letter.

Gerald Weston April 2017 Co-Worker Letter

Look at how he opens his letter:

Dear Members and Co-workers,

Rod Meredith, like HWA before him, used to begin monthly begging letters with “Dear Brethren and Co-Workers” in the salutation. Notice how Gerald Weston has now changed this. “Brethren” is a word for your spiritual brothers. “Members” are nothing more than people in a group. Furthermore, while “brethren” are peers before God, “members” are peons before the “President” of the group.

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. This small change is a good sign of where Gerald Weston is taking the Living Church of God. Not only does he think he knows better than Meredith and HWA in making the change, he thinks he is far above the mere members whom he doesn’t think are worthy to be called his brethren.

Michael said...

Anon wrote:
"Being humble should come from just the realization of how weak and temporary all humans are. I should come from having a realistic view of oneself and the physical world we live in."

That's actually a better way to put it, Anon.

Not necessarily a trait you "ought" to have but rather, anyone realizing their place in the universe is naturally going to exhibit humility.
And conversely, someone without any humility betrays the fact that they don't understand the temporary nature and insignificance of their own life.

Anonymous said...

I don't know him personally but it is hard for me to believe the things I hear about Mr.Mcnair he always seems so humble when he comes to our region and I never saw him once use force or try to mistreat anyone compared to other ministers That came to the Caribbean. Is there any tangible evidence that can be provided about his utterances concerning the nursing home. I am not saying it is not true but I need a little convincing since Mr. Mcnair was nothing less than a gentleman in my short dealing with him.

Anonymous said...

Michael 9:43 AM

Just think of how many of mankind's sufferings come from a distorted view of the reality of who and what we are. How many people would have died if Hitler, Stalin, Tojo, Mussolini and Mao, just realized they were just another temporary clay model running around on Planet Earth for a very short time. If they would have been realistic, therefore humble, WWII would have never happened.

Even on the spiritual level, Lucifer had a problem with vanity. He had an unrealistic view of who he was and power he had to defeat his Creator.

As silly as it sounds, having a realist view of who and what you are, should automatically generate a humble attitude.

Too bad HWA and GTA were self-deceived. It was their greatest disservice to God and to themselves.

Anonymous said...

Humility and even the mere mention of the word boils the blood of some if not many. It is a dirty word to them and spat out in disgust if mere members mention it. It is a hot word for all the wrong reasons.
I mentioned the word once in complete innocence and was floored by the response. I would go as far as saying some behave as if they even hate the concept of a humble person, it boggles the mind how they can claim to be converted but balk at humility. It's a crazy world.

Byker Bob said...

HWA used to speak of incredible human potential, but his own deficient religio-philosophy which he attributed to God worked against what is well established about human development. You don't break the human spirit, you develop and unleash it. So many of the Armstrongite church members were broken and useless, left with absolutely zero leadership potential. You had people who were almost afraid to tie their shoelaces if they came untied without getting ministerial permission.

Apparently, these people assumed that God would pour knowledge and experience into those who had been cowed by that system, totally doing a makeover of their nature, so they'd suddenly be equipped to rule cities. But, when it came to God changing certain other personality or character elements, the church considered that all impossible. Bottom line is that it all revolved around control. Jonathan Livingston Seagull would not have been allowed to develop in original WCG, or in an ACOG. He would have been broken and suppressed!


Opinionated said...

One less letter before Meredith is boxed and put under.

By the way Rod, your fellowship will find out the truth about you after you die. What you leave behind will be your legacy you old whanker!

Anonymous said...


What the hell kind of word is that?

I think you meant to say, "worldly-socio-political-religio-pataphysical-philosopho" in your "pseudo-academico-internetico-commentus".

Anonymous said...

Some of you people are so liberal I wonder why you ever went to ANY church in the first place. Was it just FEAR? How did you hide your real feelings all those years? Pretense? Deception? Never showed up for services? Never talked to anyone?

Anonymous said...

"How many people would have died if Hitler, Stalin, Tojo, Mussolini and Mao, just realized they were just another temporary clay model ..."

Don't forget to mention Churchill, FDR, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Netanyahu, and the commie Trotskyites masquerading as neocons.

Anonymous said...

12.44 PM
The word 'humility' is often a code word for beating and tearing people down so that they can by dominated by power crazed ministers who lust members souls. It's hardly surprising that people don't warm up to the word.

Byker Bob said...

Aside from being anonymous, what the hell kind of person are you? There is nothing wrong with being creative or artistic with language. It makes for more interesting reading. Armstrongism figuratively shoved corncobs up all our asses and forced us to be oh so prim and proper, not even able to use cool street slang. Guess you're one of the ones who liked his corncob!

There. Is that intellectual enough for you?


Anonymous said...

Rod Meredith wrote: "...In our past association...We would often have ministers who would take care of the self and not try to genuinely help and give and serve their brethren with every fiber of their being..."

And guess what? Has anything really changed?

It is God who grants one repentance, and why would God grant repentance to any one of those men. Besides Rod Meredith himself left that "past association" in Pasadena and left his ministerial credentials behind...along with those other ministers, who fled with their tails between their legs, because y'all were so full of that "self" Rod mentioned there.

Rod, you were just another hireling, a little helper to HWA, but you fled, as hirelings do and no longer supported those you were credentialed to serve! Why did y'all flee?

You had no faith, no Godly faith. And God gives out faith by measure just as sure as He grants that repentance.

Why did y'all (yes, throw in other names like those United Ass. paid leaders, the cogwa, the xcogs' leaders) flee?

You didn't care for the sheep? Jesus Christ in John 10 said so:

John 10:13 "The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep."

Oh, do you want to call Jesus Christ a liar? And His Father too? Christ spoke His Father's words!

Rod, in his editorial, went on to say: ".... It will soon be obvious that we are moving ahead in proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom of God more powerfully than any other organization on the face of the earth..."

Rod, you claim to be in God's Church 67 years! That is a false claim. You were a fleeing hireling. Were you a tare? Just looked like the real thing? And you say you "are moving ahead...more powerfully than any other organization on earth?" Well, that isn't obvious to anybody!

And your Gospel of the Kingdom? You don't even know the Gospel! You teach a Mickey Mouse Millennium with a Jesus Christ reigning on earth for 1,000 years when Jesus said He would be at His Father's right hand until all of God's enemies are subdued. Again, you call Jesus Christ a liar.

You teach a 3rd resurrection; there will be no need for such a thing. God only needed 2 resurrections.

And you still teach the GET way of you may all get for SELF: to be "...over “ten cities,” ten nations, or perhaps even ten galaxies..."

God forbid! Incidentally, if you knew your Bible better you would see that that parable of the pounds/talents is about angels ruling and not YOU and those of your organization.

You know a 1/3 of this that don't do anything with what they've been know; like a 1/3 of the angels who don't give and serve humanity in any way except to provide evil in our lives. The good angels are something else.

Oh, well, time will tell...


Anonymous said...

dd, if i had occasion to reside at your home i am sure you would appreciate it if i did so with an attitude of repect and deferrence...

why would we expect any less of they what would reside in the Kingdom of Heaven?

anonymous63 said...

BB @ 1:14 PM

Your statement is PURE TRUTH. It should be used as a warning label on all WCG or ACOG material.

Their methods left many putting their talents in a hole in the ground.

Anonymous said...

11.20 PM
Everyone in church hides their real feelings in case you didn't notice. The alternative is ministers besting members to a pulp if they openly express their disagreement. You should be condemning the oppressive verbally brutal ministers rather than their victims. So anyone who doesn't want to be under the thumb of a mafia type minister, is a liberal. Yeah, right.
You must be a minister minion or boot licker.

Anonymous said...

4.35 AM
I hate it when people present a point of view, and then use coercion such as 'you are calling God a liar' if they disagree with you. Peoples right to make their own choices should be respected.

You certainly get Rod with his backdoor 'get way' by appealing to eternal rewards. In fact, it's impossible to survive if one consistently lives by the give way. This forces people to 'cheat' in order to survive. So here we have a moral code in conflict with human survival. Obviously it is not truly biblical, since Gods laws are perfection. Hence no cheating is necessary.

Byker Bob said...

Thanks, Anonymous 63! What a lot of people fail to grasp or expand upon is that in an afterlife situation, all that you get to take into the next life are your basic personality, character, and experiences, (which are all functions of memory). These things, as generated while existing in any ACOG, cannot possibly prepare one to exercise dominion even over one's personal life, let alone over a city or cities. The leaders insinuate that imitating the ways in which they exercise authority will provide you with the knowledge and leadership skills that are required. Considering all of the reports, what leader in Armstrongism was ever worthy of imitation? And, even so, imitation is like a tribute band. Unless we're talking about Australian Pink Floyd, an imitator never completely nails it.


Anonymous said...

The letter sounds as if written by Rods ghost writers rather than bed ridden Rod.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:25 AM

You wrote: "...I hate it when people present a point of view, and then use coercion such as 'you are calling God a liar' if they disagree with you. Peoples right to make their own choices should be respected..."

John 10:13 "The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep."

Those are Jesus Christ's words. Rod Meredith was a fleeing hireling from the WCG and he left his ministerial credentials behind in Pasadena, CA when he fled the scene. HWA sent Rod off to Hawaii for a reason. Rod was told not to ever be over God's people, etc.

There is no coercion here. Jesus said what He meant and meant what He said. Rod Meredith has plenty of witnesses indicating that he should have taken HWA's advice, but Rod never believed in the rule HWA had: when you leave the organization you had received your ministerial credentials with, then you no longer are credentialed. Rod Meredith went off to serve himSELF and others in another organization...

Don't hate the messenger. You are upset with Jesus Christ: not me.

Time has told.


Anonymous said...

Meredith writes, "Often, without fully realizing it, many of us try to become “leaders” by exalting the self at the expense of others".

This sentence pretty much epitomizes LCG headquarters ministry. My husband worked there for over 5 years and he never saw a bigger group of backbiters and cut-throats.

Rod Meredith promotes an atmosphere where if you stab your co-worker in the back, but give him your version of the story 1st, they other guy gets pushed down the ladder and the bully gets exalted.

Everyone is so insecure and selfish that they expend huge amounts of energy making sure that no one steals their piece of the pie. Working to make sure you get noticed before someone else takes credit for your work is a constant struggle.

If one were to randomly pick ANY worldly work office it would be more harmonious. Typically the people you work with aren't on the same level of self-righteousness, arrogance or filled with as much selfish ambition as the leading men at LCG headquarters.

It truly is a "brood of vipers".

All the vipers have their little pet projects that feed their egos. It's disgusting.

It was hard being a member in LCG knowing what its headquarters was like. If the average member glimpsed a peek of the lies and other shady behavior that goes on their so frequently that it's become common place, they might think twice about sending in those tithes.

Anonymous said...

"He has built one of the finest families in the entire Work of God. He sets a superb example in all these ways, and at the same time has attained a spirit of humility, sacrifice and service rather than letting any of this go to his head".

Oh brother! Now I want to puke.

I don't only think that Rod McNair isn't Christian. I'd go a step further than that. He's evil.

He will lie, cheat or steal to gain more power.

He is the epitome of a boot-licker which is why Meredith thinks he's so swell.

He is suspicious and quick to over-react.

He ALWAYS uses a sledge hammer instead of a fly swatter when it comes to disciplining members and he will do so for the flimsiest of reasons (sometimes for completely made-up reasons!).

He commands respect and thinks it's owed to him and that he is responsible to do nothing to earn it.

He refuses to admit when he is wrong.

He corners wives in an effort to get them to turn on their husbands.

He tells wives to keep journals of all their grievances against their husbands and then to share all those little secrets with him.

He keeps files on anyone he feels isn't fully submitting to LCG (not to be confused with submitting to God) or anyone who dare have an opinion or anyone who asks questions or thinks for themselves.

He is egotistical, not humble.

He's never sacrifices a thing! He was born into a COG power family and has had everything handed to him on a silver platter.

It's great that RCM thinks Rod's power hasn't gone to his head but that might be the most laughable of all the ignorant statements in that quote. I have never met a more power hungry, egotistical BULLY in all my life!

Funny thing is, even ministers in LCG can't stand him and will say so behind his back. But until RCM dies they just bite their collective tongues.

Rod McNair is a horrible human being and I wish with all my heart that I had never heard his name or had him in my life. He is an inflictor of pain and a total liar.

May God have mercy on his soul.

Anonymous said...

This sentence pretty much epitomizes LCG headquarters ministry. My husband worked there for over 5 years and he never saw a bigger group of backbiters and cut-throats.

My nephew used to work at LCG headquarters. He would agree entirely with what the above poster said. What is most sad about LCG HQ is the way it corrupts people. You cannot stay at HQ without ignoring major sin and hypocrisy. You cannot advance at HQ without playing nasty political games. Some blame this on Rod Meredith, but Rod has now turned Weston, Ames, Ciesielka, McNair and others into their own versions of him. You cannot practice true Christianity and survive at LCG HQ.