Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Church of God Love's It's "Unclean" Beer and Wine

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Another gem from Facebook.  

In this same thread, there was a comment from a person who makes wine and beer.  One of the major components of wine and beer production is shrimp and oysters

BUT do they know that Wine is clarified with OYSTER AND OR SHRIMP EXTRACT AND TRIGGER FISH BLADDERS. The first two unclean and the second may be depending on the species.

Chitosan and Isinglass, the extracts, are in all commercial wine. I know first hand as a brewer of ales and maker of wine. Oh Yeah, and in some beer too. LOL

Now that those in the Church of God know this will they do the right thing and tell their members to stop drinking alcohol?  Will Apostle Malm tell his members to stop drinking beer and wine?   This is the perfect opportunity for all the 700 some splinter groups to stop the rampant abuse of alcohol in the ministry and membership. Do they have the balls to do it?  Or is this just another one of their "pick and choose" rules they can break.


Douglas Becker said...

I accepted the Luker challenge in 1982 and stopped drinking alcohol completely. It is so much better for my health and I am probably living longer with better health than if I continued.

So the Passover Wine has to be home made?

Or is the church of God 7th Day right to use grape juice at the Lord's Supper as the "fruit of the vine"?

Just think: Every Passover, the Armstrongists are breaking ceremonial law by using pork products.

I'm not certain how to feel about that... unless... unless... the really cheap wine doesn't have this stuff in it.

Yet another unsolveable problem to be resolved before the next Passover, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I am still shocked that alcohol, which is incredibly destructive not only to the user, but to the public at large, is perfectly legal while a plant, which produces euphoria (and has its own detrimental health effects that pale in comparison to alcohol) is not only illegal, but viewed with horror and disgust by a large percentage of the American population (He or she is "On Drugs"). The power of propaganda.

If we as a country absolutely had to ban a substance, I would favor banning alcohol over marijuana any day. Of course, banning any substance that produces euphoria in a human for the purpose of Protecting You From Yourself always produces more harm than would come from making it legal in the first place. But if we made drugs legal, what would all those cops and prison guards and the backbone of the judicial system do for a living? We have to keep the System running!

Paul R.