Monday, June 4, 2012

More Amazing Than The Dead Sea Scrolls

Why is it that everything a COG or former COG member touches has to be so earth shattering significant?  We have the best prophets and apostles.  We have the best biblical knowledge, we write better booklets, we do better television shows, we build better auditoriums and colleges.  the list could go on and on about how we think we are God's gift to the world.  Yet, if we truly were, why are there over 700 some splinter cults with 700 different opinions?

This issue of The Journal has an ad for a new Bible translation.  We already have Fred Coulter's over priced mess and now this.

New Bible translation
JERUSALEM—Don Esposito announces a new Bible, the
Hebraic Roots Bible: A Literal Translation.

Mr. Esposito, senior elder of the Congregation of YHWH
Jerusalem, says the new version “is more amazing than the Dead
Sea Scrolls.”

It is a “literal translation, and we believe it to
be the closest Bible to the original language
that was written thousands of years ago.”

The Old Testament is from the “original Hebrew manuscripts”
and the NT from the “original Aramaic,” Mr. Esposito said.
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Anonymous said...

I think that there are so many splinter groups because there are a lot of cog'ers who think they are very special or just more intelligent than everyone else. Humility has never been a strong trait in the movement.

When it comes right down to it, most of the leaders are just a bunch of cocky bastards. It doesn't matter how thoroughly debunked their ideas may be- they are always right. See Malm, Thiel, Wienland, et al.

Mish-Mash said...

Knew Don back in the day in New Jersey. One of those scary bachelor guys you wanted to stay away from. He is getting all the attention he wants now by setting himself up as another prophet/minister etc.

Anonymous said...

Mish Mash,

Your a liar, Don never set himself as a prophet and has an amazing ministry out of Jerusalem. He had brought thousands of people and works with archaeology and is a very stable and humble man.