Wednesday, September 4, 2013

James Malm: Heathen COG's Will Be Keeping Trumpets On Wrong Day

God's greatest living apostle (after Dave Pack, of course) is James Malm.  He has declared that the TRUE Feast of Trumpets will begin at sunset on Saturday, September 7th and go through Sunday, September 8th.  It is also very important that all TRUE followers of Malm have adequate food and drink on hand because they will not be able to prepare any food for the feast because it is a double sabbath weekend.  Only heathen God haters  would dare go out to a restaurant on these two days!

Notice all the legalistic bullshit that Malm has to go through in order to keep the one true day:

The Feast of Trumpets this year will begin at sunset on Saturday September 7, 2013 and continue until sunset on Sunday September 8, 2013. 

Make sure that you are prepared and have enough food and whatever else you may need, for the Sabbath and the immediately following High Day.

The new moon will not even be potentially visible in Judea on Friday evening, Visibility is impossible from Israel on September 6, 2013 . 

The new moon will be easily visible from Israel on Saturday night September 7, 2013; making Sunday the Feast of Trumpets. 

Also the last new moon was sighted from Israel on Thursday night August 8, 2013. This makes Saturday night September 7 the 31st evening from the previous sighting. Since a lunar month can only be 29 or 30 days long, Saturday night has to be the Feast of Trumpets  by default, whether or not the moon is actually sighted.

Friday night: there will only be 21 minutes lagtime from sunset ;with 1.58% illumination.  the moon will not be seen over Judea in any case since its limit of visibility is south of Judea.

Saturday night: 58 minutes lagtime; 5.17% illumination and a more northerly position, makes a sighting of the first visible light in Judea very easy.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was the Muslims who had to actually see the new moon before declaring a new month. Which means they can't have a date line because sometimes the new moon rises in Indonesia before Morocco and sometimes not. The Jews calculate in advance when the new moon will be.

And if you look through a telescope or even a long tube and point it in the direction of the moon, stray light won't come in from the side so you can see it no matter how low in the sky it is.

Head Usher said...

The ironic hypocrisy of James Malm is that even though he decries the use of the calculated calendar, preaching complete reliance upon visual witnessing of the new moon, and ONLY from Jerusalem at that, AND YET he must make his Medford, Oregon FOT arrangements months in advance...(for which he must rely on somebody's calculations...oh, the great irony of it all).

So, even though James Malm has already had to invest financially in a new moon date just to be able to coordinate his feast site, he's still going to go through the unnecessary rigamarole of pretending like he's relying upon visually sighting the new moon. I'd love to see him have to fudge the "sighting" because it wasn't visible, forcing him to have to either upend all the reservations that have already been made to shift things one day (a non-starter) or have to keep things on the wrong days, while meanwhile still pretending he's the one and only uber-righteous "right day keeping" group in the ENTIRE WORLD! (Even though he knows he's fudging it.)

I love the Armstrongite Malm god who says you can't please him without going through useless rigamarole to establish that which has already been established, as though such rigamarole conveyed "great benefits" of mystical "understanding" (of what can never be determined) and other such mystical benefits such as "making them sensitive to the whole word of God" (whatever that means...)

James Malm's system of attempting to appease a supernatural entity through an endless repetition of rituals, Davidic dancing in the moonlight around the cauldron, using the bible as a source of incantations, and endless appeals to ancient "knowledge" is akin to sorcery, witchcraft, divination, kabbalah, or any other type of mysticism. How is the foreskin not just an anti-talisman? A bad luck charm that must be cast away...

Byker Bob said...

He makes a federal over fulfilled shadows that don't even matter! The Jews are much more honest, keeping these days as a matter of historical commemoration of important aspects of their heritage. Armstrongism did a piss poor job of co-opting Judaism.

Sometimes, I think the only positive thing Armstrongism ever did in my life was to open me to having good Jewish friends.


Anonymous said...

The Church of God, a Worldwide Association, Inc. (COGWA) has an interesting Study Paper called The Hebrew Calendar posted at its website.

James Malm needs to read it and study it and think about it.