Monday, September 2, 2013

To Our Restored Church of God Readers

We know we have a quit a few RCG members who read this blog.  At least 45 have taken the poll on the sidebar.

We would like to know your opinions on what transpired this past weekend when Dave's prophecy failed.

Did you really believe Dave's 20 some letters detailing the great reunification of the Church of God?

When you saw that no one was jumping ship from the other COG's what was your impression of Dave?

How did you handle the situation?

How did other church members handle it?

Did Dave preach anything about it on Saturday?

What did your minister in your local church area preach about on Saturday?

Who are The Sixteen men that Dave claims who have been formulating this grand reunification over the last several months.

How do you think those men are reacting to this failure?

Will they apologize?

Will Dave Pack apologize?

Your names and email addresses will not be disclosed.

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Anonymous said...

Dave's blunder has got to get at least a few people thinking. A lot of people left the WCG in the 1970s after the failed predictions of HWA and his top "leaders" like Meredith.

Anonymous said...

Prophecy? I don't believe anything was mentioned last Sabbath about any prophecy. But let me tell you about the TRULY EXCITING DEVELOPMENTS are in motion to continue the ONE TRUE WORK in the footsteps of MR. ARMSTRONG. On top of our new state of the art MAIL PROCESSING FACILITY, we are to have an unrivaled WATS line to take requests for our LITERATURE; furthermore, work will soon begin on a MICROWAVE TRANSMISSION TOWER to broadcast Mr. Pack's message to our far-flung FEAST SITES which he cannot currently attend in person until the paperwork is complete on his vintage GULF STREAM JET. (Remember to PRAY for a clear transmission!)

Byker Bob said...

The model from the disappointment of 1972-75 is that you don't admit that the prophecy was wrong or failed. You tell everyone that it was inspired, right on, and will yet happen. It's just that for some reason, God seems to be delaying the fulfillment. This allows these guys to say anything without taking ownership or responsibility for it, or appearing to be liars. WCG recovered from 1975 in spite of those of us who held them accountable, and went on to reach their peak ten years later.

Armstrongism is a very peculiar belief system in that so long as a particular leader doesn't also run afoul of the laws of the land, like Weinland, or demonstrate that his sexual conduct is repetitive pathology, like Garner Ted, or name a reformer as his successor and then die, like HWA, the group generally stays mostly together.

Hundreds of false prophecies, key insiders crying "incest", wussing out on the gospel and eating unclean meats in the presence of world leaders, and profligate misspending of tithes on self and inner circle never rose to the capability of leveraging most members from the basis of their faith, the belief that HWA was an Apostle. Reality is, he was adept at projecting his alleged apostleship in ways making him very effective at damage control. I guess we'll now find out how effective Dave is.


Anonymous said...

Some of Herbert's methods will not work for Dave. Examples:

1. Take the literature out of print and deny you ever said it. This is not as effective in the internet age.

2. Blame your underlings. Wont help since Dave was the big mouthpiece himself.