Friday, October 11, 2013

David C Pack Says He Is Just Like Herbert Armstrong and Cannot Escape The Attacks Against His Prophetic Failure

Dave is trying to use the epic failure of Herbert Armstrong's January 1972 prophetic failure as proof that his latest failed prophecy was not actually a failure because he is not a prophet.

Mr. Armstrong’s 1972 Tomorrow’s World Personal

All older brethren will remember when Mr. Armstrong wrote a long letter to the Church about an expected date that God’s Work would end, which did not come to pass in the way we thought (January 1972). As an Ambassador College student I was taught and believed that we were part of the last graduating class (June 1971). The year 1972 was thought by virtually everyone to be when the Work would end. I came to college in 1967 under the common belief that I/our class would not have time to get married or have children. Brethren for some time had stopped getting their teeth fixed or replacing bald tires on their cars because January 7, 1972 was “the end.” This thinking led to what would later be many stories that would be told and retold. Mr. Armstrong had also come to generally believe this timeframe.

In the February 1972 edition of Tomorrow’s World magazine, Mr. Armstrong addressed how Christians should view elements of prophetic timing. He wrote an article titled “The 19-Year Time Cycles – What HAPPENED January 7 – What My Commission IS!” He explained what it means when a date passes unfulfilled—in this case the timing of events that were directly connected to Christ’s Return. (Realize that the date of the remnant’s return is not nearly as important as when the Work is over and the Church is taken to safety—which the Church for years believed we could know absolutely.) Brethren who may be disillusioned or discouraged about the timing of the Haggai prophecy should find it helpful and encouraging to read Mr. Armstrong’s words. Due to the article’s length, I can only include excerpts. The serious reader will find and read the whole article.
 Dave then goes on to quote HWA's comments after his 1972 meltdown:

“Thousands know that I, personally, have been called and chosen for a very definite commission in God’s service. But I have definitely not been called to be a prophet—except as that word, Biblically used, does sometimes refer to a minister or speaker—one who proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

 “Emphatically I am not a prophet, in the sense of one to whom God speaks specially and directly, revealing personally a future event to happen or new truth, or new and special instruction direct from God—separate from, and apart from what is contained in the Bible. And I never have claimed to be.

 “There is no such human prophet living today!

“The Bible is the written Word of God—and, for our time now, it is complete! Never have I believed or claimed that God reveals to me new truths not contained in the Bible—in addition to, or apart from, the Bible.”
Dave now wants you to know that he is being mocked and ridiculed because of his August prophecy failure, just like HWA was mocked after 1972 never happened.  HWA then had to spin the failure  to the fact that he was NOT a prophet.  Dave is doing the same thing right now.
Mr. Armstrong understood and made clear to all that he was NOT a prophet. This recognition will momentarily become more important. I recognize the same of myself, and have said so several times. Mr. Armstrong never once claimed to be a prophet and neither have I. Yet thousands have accused him of being a false prophet. (Whole websites are dedicated to listing his supposed “failed prophecies.”) Thousands today in the splinters make the same accusation of him. I will hardly escape similar attacks.

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Byker Bob said...

OK. Basically he's serving up the same Kool-Aid which worked on him personally as administered by HWA in 1972. Dave and I are different in this respect in that I gave HWA up to 1975 just in case the tribulation was an event which started subliminally and then took on a gradually incremental effect. By mid 1975, nothing had happened at all, and there was nothing on the horizon to indicate that anything they had forecast was going to happen. It became time to search for new and more accurate answers, and also time to catch up on many of the good things from which we had all been unnaturally and unfairly deprived.