Sunday, October 6, 2013

E. W. King: Real Christians Do Not Have 'Ego's", They Have "Personality"

E. W. King is on a post feast roll right now pumping out one mindless article after another.  King now thinks he is an authority on the human mind and thinking.  His latest was this:

We have explained in other articles the importance of learning how to think as a true Christian. We need to program our minds with righteousness. God’s word has all we need to begin the process. All humans run their daily course on “mind channels”. Crisscrossing of old fallen mind channels with the new Holy Spirit channel [revelation] can cause bad habits to temporarily reappear which can cause the inner struggle of “spiritual warfare”.
Remember, all so called “mind channels” contain “thought patterns”. Thought patterns ultimately fall only under three categories [TIA]. Proper thinking shapes new mind channels and combats old patterns of THINKING. What is thinking? Thinking is a gift from God. Let us look at how man has tried to explain the process of thinking.

The reader should be reminded that anytime you see the word "Christian" used by King or other Armstrongites, it is referring specifically to the true believers who follow in Herbert Armstrongs footsteps.  No one outside that little circle are real Christians.  Just ask Bob Thiel!

As true Christians we use logic but we never place logical systems of thought above the Revealed Word of God. In other words, we accept “revelation” in our thought process. Many only use logic when processing their perception of things. Christians are more concerned with real perception (Christian Perception) than some prideful concept that we might be trying to keep alive. Christians do not accept a stringent duality. Christians understand the law of Triple Conjunction [this subject posted in other articles]. In other words, we are not “boxed in” as some would think.
Apparently King is not able to hold to those few members who join up with him.  Once they join and see the inside workings of the little personality cult, they quickly leave.

Many find it very difficult to throw away distorted theological concepts and instead allow uncontrolled emotion to hold on to perverted perceptions of true Christian Reality. Many who have been confronted with the true Christian Perception as taught in the true Worldwide Church of God have not stayed long enough nor explored the fact of true humility long enough to grasp the Real Truth….the Plain Truth of Jesus Christ.

"Thought Drifters" seem to be a huge problem in Armstrongism.  Pack does it, Meredith does it, Flurry does it, King does it.....

Christians learn to see all so called “points” of any discussion within the expansion of Pure Christian Doctrine. Christians learn to see things through the eyes of Jesus Christ. This is impossible without the indwelling Holy Spirit. Many who do not have the static truth or absolute authority in their understanding drift off subjects of discussion, from point to point, without understanding the true connecting factor of all things. Christians think “theologically” in all of their understandings.

King ends with this.

Even at the resurrection there is one part of you that remains absolutely unaltered, and that is personality. The personality holds to permanence in the presence of change. True personality is bestowed by God upon each human individual as a potentially eternal endowment. Those who have been truly converted have Holy Spirit to guide the development of personality and to become truly “born again” children of God. True personality signifies the unification of all factors of reality, brings one to Christian Perception and to Christian Reality. Born Again Personality will survive to live in the Kingdom of God. Without Holy Spirit personality is mortal.


Douglas Becker said...

Ewww King is yet another example of artificial intelligence which can't pass the Turing Test.

Head Usher said...

"Mind channels," "thought patterns," "TIA," "the law of triple conjunction"? What's next? Stress tests, Xenu, and thetans?

King is a sham philosopher whose baseless reasoning (yes, reasoning based on a fictional ancient "holy" book is baseless too) just results in all kinds of made-up malarkey. Every time he uses the word "true" you could substitute the word "false" and what would result is more likely to be accurate. The only thing preventing King from going off the deep end is the fact he started off off the deep end.

Byker Bob said...

Assuming that the core precepts he outlines were true, you wouldn't want a human being getting in the way and "whoring" them up. You'd want a direct connection, not some guy with his hand out looking for your money.