Friday, October 11, 2013

David C Pack Admits He And The 16 Were Wrong But Really Wasn't

Dave has to use HWA's "spiritualizing" away the 1972 failure as the "start" of something bigger and more powerful.  Dave is doing the same thing. He now thinks bigger and greater things are ahead for his little cult:

I have been well aware for over 40 years in the ministry of Mr. Armstrong’s position on setting dates. But in the case of the Haggai prophecy, I and every minister at our Headquarters concluded that the prophecy came in a manner that was inseparable from timing—that timing was directly attached to it. Later you will see what part of this thinking was wrong. Mr. Armstrong continues, explaining that some venturing into matters of timing, chronology and setting dates is natural and almost unavoidable:

“But we are only human, and it is natural that we should have been curious to know, as far as possible, how much time we had to get the job done
“That, however, in fact, is not our main purpose, or Commission—which is to proclaim Christ’s Announcement of the advance good news of the coming Kingdom of God to rule all nations…”
“Let me say now, that in early July last year (1971), I could not have said that had as yet been done. But, in the literal Scriptural meaning of that commission, as of January 7, 1972, it had been accomplished [reaching all nations]! Six months before we had not yet gotten the Message into Japan, nor into the Scandinavian countries. Now we have!”
“BUT—the unanswered question is—how intensively does God intend all these countries to be reached? That is the question He has not answered—in the Bible. (Unless by one implication of which I will cover later.) But, by what happened on that very day, January 7th, and since, it appears He has now given us the answer—He intends the nations to be reached more intensively than as of now!”

Does this now mean that Dave is going to double down on the COG's and do everything he can to poach members?

Dave then goes on to make another startling admission.  Is he about to start all over again?

We know in hindsight that the Work done under Mr. Armstrong was more intensive after 1972, but also that everything has to be done all over again (Rev. 10:11).

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Byker Bob said...

The work done by Mr. Armstrong was more intense after 1972???? From about 1975 on, the only method I had of keeping tabs on his activity was the media. The only significant news items I recall told of his disgraceful behavior in the matter of receivership, his divorce from Ramona, and his death and funeral.

Any effect he had on the world leaders to whom he supposedly preached the gospel was negligible. The World Tomorrow Program did not receive the same notice as it had in the Garner Ted era. And most of the magazines which were placed in front of supermarkets went to waste or were thrown away.

It is possible that HWA travelled more, and was more active following 1972, but can anyone honestly state that he was more effective?