Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Gerald Flurry Fainting Spell Happened Because Satan Is Pissed During This 40 Days of Trials In PCG

Below are some of the comments sent in to encourage Gerald Flurry after his fainting spell at church this past weekend.  The mind numbing brainwashing of these individuals carry over from the same reactions to Herbert Armstrong's health issues.  We acted the same way when HWA started getting sick.  It's sickening now to read these kind of things.  Satan is the big boogieman who is out to destroy God's most precious end-time instrument.  Been there, heard that.......

Of particular interest is the first comment.  PCG is apparently expecting something big to happen on January 16 (or Feb 16th).  PCG has been apparently going through 40 days of trials and will soon be rewarded for their faithfulness.

Entering that glorious Throne room now, the message He had to deliver from God must be so urgent like Daniel that this happened, you are dearly loved Mr Flurry thank you for your service, may the Faith of Christ be increased even more in you and all of us as we petition for breakthroughs between these 40 days of trials, we can anticipate a miracle on the 16th! Be completely recovered soon!

I believe this is indicative of the wrath of the devil, given that he has a very short time left, and a wake-up call for all of us to pray all the more fervently for Mr. Flurry that he might fulfill his office. A sign of the times, if you will, and an indication of how important new revelation is. Very happy to hear you’re back at work, Mr. Flurry!

Mr Flurry, May our Great Heavenly Father heal you and let you continue to do and finish the work that he has called you to do. I see the outpouring of prayers and well wishes and I hope we all continue to focus on the work and and know that Mr Flurry and all the members, workers, supporters and those that God has gave a special mission in His Work are so precious to us. Just look how scared we are at the thought of something happening to our Prophet. As we say our prayers, let us pray to God that He who knows all things help us to get our mind deeply in His word and work and support it with all our being.

I’ve often mentioned in my talks to my Father how I realize that you, Mr. Flurry, have more responsibility in these last days than any other human being on this earth. Thank you so much for allowing Christ to use you so mightily and for answering His call with such dedication. We can look back this past year and see Satan’s wrath, but also our almight God’s power. My prayers for you will be beaten more finely and my gratitude to the Lord for choosing such a loving and focused man will be expressed more often. Perhaps your were being given permission to take a short rest in the green pastures by the still waters for a little while? You are much loved and respected by Christ’s flock around the world. Thank you, Mr. Flurry.

I can only imagine how God must feel to see His little remnant coming together, all praying for YOU–my father, my father!
Sometimes, it’s easy to see you as being full of God’s Holy Spirit and see how God is using you in powerful ways that it slips my mind that you are human too! The burden of the office that you hold is GREAT. My prayers are being reprioritized and refined.
Just as we’ve needed encouragement through our most recent trial, I hope you can find encouragement through all these responses, knowing that we care so deeply for you and God’s Work; you have our full support in this most urgent of times.

The nation is struggling with the harsh weather, and now this devastating news of you being struck down, during a sermon, by Satan in his fierce wrath. I am hoping this is a sign indicating we are so very close.

We are praying for your quick recovery, your health, your protection, and your boldness, and that you feel 100% soon. Seems Satan is really getting upset with all the revelation that is coming to you through God, with the earthquakes and fainting spell. Satan really knows how close it is for his reign of terror to be over. He is after us as a church and us as individuals. He is attacking at every angle possible. Just shows how we all need to pray even more fervently for you and for each other and how we all as individuals need to step it up and continue to hold your arms up to finish this great work. May God grant you a speedy recovery so we can get ready for Christ’s return. We support you and thank you for letting us know in the field so we can send up those urgent prayers for God’s chosen man.

 Our Dear Beloved Apostle Mr. G. Flurry. You are in our thoughts and in our prayers. Jon and I can barely hold back the tears. We just feel like weeping continually. Thank you for all that you do to sacrifice for this world and for all of us. We are so humbled and corrected. We need to sacrifice more of our time to hold your arms up in finely beaten prayers for God to strengthen and protect you. May those angels be surrounded around you fighting off Satan and his demons trying to take you out of the way. We are here for you. We know that you have given up any type of normal life just to serve God and to serve this world. Thank you for all you do.

Yes, Satan and his demons are at it again. He is strong but God Almighty is stronger. It is heartening to realise that every Sabbath, when we are together, and prayers are ushered up to our heavenly Father, it always includes you, such that God knows how much we love and care about you. I am truly happy that God heard and answered your son’s pray and that you are better. May you continue to recover so that you can, like the apostles of old, be about your Father’s business.

Dear Mr. Flurry,
You are well loved by so many around the world and we believe that God has allowed this Satanic attack to let us know how much we need to pray more for you and the ministry and our brethren. But instead of being fearful, as soldiers we must all become warriors and not take this attack lying down. With God’s help, we should DOUBLE our efforts to make HIS Work even GREATER than we could possibly imagine! Let us all get back to work as never before…to make this OUR FINEST HOUR!

We were most concerned to hear about this event and over joyed to hear you’re recovering.
As wonderful as the David Musical and Singles Winter Weekend have been, this event has served to re-set us all to what is most important – The Work – and God’s Apostle charged to Spearhead The Work on this Earth with our unconditional support of both. God Save Our King and God Save Our Pastor General, Our Apostle, Mr. Flurry.

He is God’s high priest. So God knows when his hair falls also. But we must pray for him so that he will be able to stand before God to do the work AND TO EXECUTE RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENTS WITH TRUTH as a high priest should. May God heal him !

Thank you so much for working as very hard as you do – that new revelation about the book of Ezekiel you have from God MUST be pretty important for God’s Church, for Satan to be striking at you this way – Thank you also very much for trying to push through your fatigue to deliver this very important sermon – Please do rest now though and regain your strength – maybe best now at this point when you do start to feel alittle tired and run down to just stop and get the rest you need – We will always wait patiently to hear any new revelation from God at your mouth.


Anonymous said...

More like 40 days of trial and errors! After reading that insanity I can hardly hold back the gas. I'll be entering my glorious throne room very soon - you can expect a miracle in 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm so glad I woke up and left this church when I did.

RSK said...

It'd be Jan 16 I'm guessing. PCG tends to make hoopla and predictions about the anniversary of HWAs death.

Corky said...

New revelation from Ezekiel...yeah, ol' Zeke sure knew how to spin 'em, didn't he?

Sweetblood777 said...

He better watch out, as feeling tired for a whole week and then passing out, could be a warning for a pending heart attack.

I hope he was wise enough to see a specialist.

James said...

Interesting. Flurry's God cannot stop the devil from fucking with his latest apostle.

Seeing how Flurry's God killed over a million in the bible and Satan only eight or nine, the members should consider that they are praying to the wrong entity.

This article is a classic example of Stockholm syndrome.

Joe Moeller said...

The Jan. 16th date would be the anniversary of HWA's death. Many times in the past Flurry has predicted or indicated that there would be "major events" surrounding this date. He has been majorly frustrated in this fulfillment thus far.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

They now made the new report only accessible with username and password; typical cowardly defense from the PCG.

Retired Prof said...

This idea of praying for a frail old man to return to robust health reminds me of a story about a church in the Ozarks. It was a dry year, and the preacher called on the congregation to all stand and pray for rain. One old boy, when he stood up, he walked to the back of the church and put on his hat. Preacher asked him why he was getting ready to leave.

He turned around with a disgusted look and said, "Won't do no good to pray for rain now. Wind's in the wrong direction."

Byker Bob said...

Good grief. How cartoonish.


Anonymous said...

PCG always puts significance on the 40 days between their anniversary (December 7th) and the anniversary of HWA's death. They always say something big is going to happen during this time of trials. Looks like they manufactured something this time.

Anonymous said...

From: Exit And Support Network

Letters From Those Impacted by WCG, HWA And Offshoots

David Pack Says to Leave Your Money to RCG as an Inheritance:

January 6, 2014

After a taxing ordeal and being marked in the PCG (which split up our family from 2010 to present day), we went for two weeks to the RCG. Two weeks was all it took!! The second week David Pack gave a sermon via CD about the ten virgins of Matthew 25. At the end of the sermon with raised voice he was promoting how this work was going to build a campus and maybe someday they would have a plane like Herbert Armstrong so he could take the gospel around the world. Then he yelled, "Don't leave your money to your children as an inheritance; give it to the church!"

I watched as my husband closed his notebook. When we contacted the local minister that we would not be returning, he tried desperately to explain that this was "a strong sermon for newcomers and we should not be hasty to leave. After all, this was 'meat' we had not heard before." Even though those people were truly excited about this "growing work," we explained that this was not new to us. We had been supporting the work, building a campus and auditorium, youth camps, a magazine and a broadcast; we had heard all of this before in the PCG--same thing, different place. We had poured our hearts and lives into "the work." How many works, auditoriums, and campuses must there be before Christ returns?!! We had already given thousands of dollars to the "work" in Edmond. It was like a slap in the face. While the Flurrys and Turgeons are living in relative luxury surrounded by the comfort of family, what inheritance would our scattered children have? We had been giving it all to the "work." Now a different guy wanted to lay claim to it professing to be the "one." That was the day that I said, "Wait a minute...what is the common factor here?" --Former PCG and two time attendees of RCG (enough is enough)

Anonymous said...

From: Exit And Support Network

Letters From Those Impacted by Philadelphia Church of God

Heartache From the Institution Promoting Family!

January 6, 2014

Hello ESN, I was reading through the 2014 PCG letters about Gerald Flurry's fainting. I too have been wondering lately what will happen when GF dies. How will they backtrack to explain the "eras" and "passing of the baton" then? Since the PCG has gone to big measures to prove that they are Philadelphians in the Laodicean era, how will they explain the turnover of leadership again? As my adult son (suspended and marked former Armstrong College student) stated, they will find a verse in Ezekiel or somewhere that talks about the son of a prophet doing something and call it "new revelation" to attempt to explain these changes.

I have a personal interest as our family was once very involved in the PCG. Serving as a deacon and deaconess with our children participating in everything from camp to AC students until our family--like so many others--was torn apart. With suspensions, marking, and the "cut off" policy, we still have two children (over 21) in the PCG that have not spoken to us (parents and siblings) for over 3 1/2 years. It has truly been a heartbreak. All of this from the institution promoting family!

I think about all the literature that PCG has produced about shepherds scattering the flock and how they are the only hope. How can they possibly not realize that they have also done these very things!! Ministers giving opposing advice, then demanding that you not talk to another so these discrepancies won't be uncovered. What happened to "speaking the same thing?" What happened to Gerald Flurry's "open door policy"? Stephen Flurry's Raising the Ruins tells how the WCG stole the goods produced on the backs of tithe payers. What about all the money given to build their college and auditorium and houses on the grounds?

Then those who have faithfully supported are thrown aside like chattel if they even ask a question! One minister was put out a few years ago because he would not advise people to divorce. (Read about it by typing "divorce and remarriage hypocrisy pcg" into a search engine. The first hit will take you to blogspot. We do not promote this website or views, but we do know the PCG minister marked over D&R, and his letter posted on that blog is good.) He was marked for not wanting to split up families! Is this their idea of the "God Family Vision"? We who have been on the inside know better, but this is still what looks good to outsiders when visiting their website. Well, when Gerald Flurry dies and they are forced to explain the "last hour," "the last era," and the fact that "That Prophet" is dead (and his prophecies did not happen as stated--see Deuteronomy 18:21-22); it is my sincere hope that people will wake up and question what is going on. Perhaps someday I will even be able to reunite with my children that I love and miss dearly. --Former PCG Family

RSK said...

No, definitely don't leave your savings as an inheritance to some COG leader. That's just ridiculous. Far too much suffering has been caused by that sort of coercion.

Look them in the eye and say "If your God wants your 'work' to survive, then you don't need our filthy worldly pagan money." And if they try to retort, punch them in the mouth. It's the least you can do for all those who have suffered and died on tiny little drips of savings due to being a "cheerful giver".

Redfox712 said...

PCG has always been bizarrely fixated on January 16.

PCG's leaders always try to find some importance to every January 16. I even wrote the following post about it once.

Anonymous said...

The Trial Tree

Are you facing a trial? Follow this Trial Tree before you tell anyone or you may face undue embarrassment:

1) Have you sinned? If yes, go to 2. If no, go to 3.

2) You are a member. Your trial is a direct cause of your sin. Repent. Only talk about this openly when it is over and you can share your "overcoming Satan" story with anyone who mistakenly compares their petty problems with yours.

3) You are a minister. Your trial is a direct attack from Satan. Rejoice. Tell everyone how close you are to God to receive such special attention, especially to anyone who mistakenly shares their petty problems with you.

I hope this helps. God bless and happy trials to you until we meet again!

Bad PK

Anonymous said...

"Entering that glorious Throne room now, the message He had to deliver from God must be so urgent like Daniel that this happened..."

Does this mean that Flurry has a glorious bathroom?
Does he have a glorious toilet, like scamvangelist Joyce Meyer's $23,000 toilet?

Answer: Depends....because what had to be delivered was urgent and could not wait.

Byker Bob said...

Sometimes it is difficult for us to comprehend that there could really be people who are so deeply committed to some of these men and their bogus teachings. The tone of these letters indicates that they are on fire for Flurry and really believe they are involved in that greatest of endtime works. This is in spite of all the evidence we have seen as to how they are mistreated, as reported over on the ESN website and here. It just doesn't compute!

It has also been shocking from reading the letters associated with the Hulme meltdown how committed Armstrongist loyalist type ministers still are to British Israelism as unlocking the keys to understand prophecy. They don't express even a scintilla of the types of doubts that Dennis has shared with us often took place amongst himiself and his colleagues.

The problem with this type of mindset is that it really sets people up for a serious crash and burn session. I feel so fortunate that everything was so clear cut back when after having preached 1975 for so many years, absolutely nothing happened, and then the very act of watching as they squirmed, backpedalled, and spun everything made it perfectly obvious that HWA had not been receiving his revelations from God, he didn't know his butt from a hole in the ground, and his "hook" had been totally bogus from day one. I have no idea how he attracted a single new follower after that debacle, but somehow they cleaned up the mess, and moved forward. It is still quite astonishing.


Byker Bob said...
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Black Ops Mikey said...

Next time, just leave Gerald Flurry in a shopping mall -- someone is bound to find him and take care of him.

EX PCG said...

I remember when I was in PCG they used to have us pray for stupid crap like the field house construction, or swimming pool installation...maybe, even the toilets. Let's face it the longer you stay in PCG the more brain dead you become. Thankful to be gone for 12 years!

Anonymous said...

" Here's one temporary solution...throw Brian Davis overboard like they did Jonah and let a whale swallow him...make the curse go away!"

Anonymous said...

When will PCG members realize Gods two witnesses come in sackcloth, not $2000 suits from Sacks.