Monday, January 6, 2014

What's It Like To Grow Up In the Armstrong Family and the COG?

Secular Safe House, has a one hour interview with Deborah Armstrong and her life as part of the Armstrong family and as a church employee.  Sadly, her story confirms the messed up lives that Herbert and his lust for power brought upon his family and relatives.

The Secular Safe House has this up:

Deborah shares about her abusive childhood, troubled relationship with her parents, impressions of her uncle Herbert, and her non-typical experience growing up in the church under the shadow of Armstrong. She also shares about her time attending the church’s Ambassador College, employment as a writer for the church’s The World Tomorrow telecast, and time spent in Russia on behalf of the church’s educational and cultural foundation working in television, which is where her doubts about the church were solidified.

In this interview Deborah shares her opinions — and the views expressed by several in her family — about Herbert and allegations that he committed incest with his daughter, her views on religion and society in general, as well as her recommendations for those who are having doubts about their own faith.

Listen to her story here:  Deborah - Worldwide Church of God

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Joe Moeller said...

Not quite as good as the TV series "Growing Up Gotti", but still interesting as a parallel "Growing Up Armstrong.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY