Thursday, January 9, 2014

Spilling The Family Secrets On Grandfathers Religion He Started


Glenn said...

Well done. Worth listening to.

Glenn Parker

Byker Bob said...

The Church of Scientology must love this!

I have had some friends who were involved in this, some customers, and even made sales callls at their Los Angeles complex. Going way back, we used tomprint their magazine and mali it after AC Press was sold to Krueger.

If one is serious about one's studies, there is strict accountability, and unavoidable interaction with the auditors (Scientology "ministers"). They differ from Armstrongism in that there isn't the apocalyptic scare factor, but the applied motivations are often just as draconian. According to some websites, a high percentage of the members leave within a certain number of months of becoming "Clear" of the engrams in their reactive minds. No wonder, since continuing studies are very expensive, and I understand that they are incremental in nature as one progresses to the higher levels.

Basically, this, as well as all the world's other religions and philosophies are acknowledgments that mankind is driven by emotions and survival instincts and therefore needs assistance in getting up to speed, or best operating potential.


Silence said...

Jamie is an awesome guy. The progress he and the slew of anti-Scientology protesters have made to inform the public of the cult's dangers and true history is fantastic. About seven years ago people barely understood Scientology and now a previously wealthy organization is wilting under the harsh spotlight of truth.

Anonymous said...

Folks, this affirms that people don't need the "spiritual" assistance that various religions want you to need- in their members' need to suck you in.

Of course, most all religions and their adherents are extremely similar in that neediness.

Joe Moeller said...

Very creative presentation. Delivered in a poetic style, with a background music, some sardonic wit, pathos , emotion and irony.

Apologists against the abuses of the COG should take note. Style matters, and entertainment and substance communicate far better than just plain bitching alone.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY