Saturday, December 24, 2016

World is too stupid to know that Jesus created the Internet for the COG's!

More nonsense from Lee Clark:

God created the Internet for the Gospel

I am absolutely convinced that this is a massive door that Jesus Christ has swung open on an unsuspecting world to get His final warning message out to a suicidal planet!! And if Jesus Himself has unlocked this door, then NO MAN CAN SHUT IT!! It will only be shut when Jesus Himself decides to shut it, and then no man will be able to open it!! So we can look to the Philadelphian letter and take courage in the fact that it is God Himself who has opened this door! No man can shut it on us, so we can walk through it with courage and confidence!
This reminds me of the nonsense that the church taught about the printing press and airplanes.

It was widely taught that the printing press was created for the sole purpose of HWA printing all of his booklets, magazines and books.  Any other type of book is just peripheral nonsense compared to the truth of HWA.

Once Herb started gallivanting around the world after the death of his wife Loma, he started claiming that airplanes were created for the express purpose of the apostle to be able to fly to the ends of the earth with the "gospel"message.

Both claims are entirely false, as is Lee Clark's claim about the Internet.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Fast reverse to two decades ago. Remember?

According to the Armstrongists, the Internet was 99% lies.

Now the ACoGs come along and embrace it, obviously hoping that they can make 100% lies.

The Painful Truth said...

Idiocy! Do you know how many people have wrote the Painful Truth to thank me and others from saving them from what would have been their most stupid decisions ever? It is the Internet that is keeping the movement from growing, and not by my hand or Gary's. It is by the mouth of the guru(s) that is destroying armstrongism. Simply absurd crap like this makes them look as they are. Buffoons!

Byker Bob said...

It's cool to be able to say that your faith group is up on the latest technology, and can use it in an attempt to fulfill its mission. But, it's self-centered, arrogant, and frankly a repellant to your gospel if you insist that technology was developed expressly and specifically for you and your group.

There are those who hold to the notion that Johann Gutenberg's primary achievement was making the Bible more or less ubiquitous. The fact is, the printing press made it possible to publish a wide variety of data and opinions on the Bible, a very small, statistically negligible pecentage of which has come from the Armstrong movement.

If an ACOG member had invented or developed computers and the ability for them to communicate with one another, it would be one thing. With the ways in which intellectual pursuits and science are regarded in the whacky world of Armstrongism, we all know that that wouldn't have been allowed. Some minister would have most likely told the aspiring inventor to resign from the project, and then disfellowshipped him for giving two week's notice.

Lee Clark is mighty naive. The internet has actually retarded the spread of Armstrongism by publishing the facts which disprove it, facts that my parents and other members did not have readily available to do their due diligence back in the 1950s-90s.

The correct, and amended quote for the new millennium is actually, "Honey, the internet has shrunken the church!"


Hoss said...

...and computers. Don't forget the computer... and the IBM 2321 Data Cell, a piece of junk...

Anonymous said...

I got a good laugh out of that one! As soon as they put up their bullshit, a host of people, including us, are there to shout it down. But, hope springs eternal in the deluded heart.

Allen C. Dexter

Glenn said...

The wcg also claimed that God had the computer invented so that the organization could properly manage its mailing lists. So, the world can thank AC/WCG for the printing press, airplanes, and computers plus who knows what else.

Anonymous said...

I recall Herbie strongly implying that the latest model IBM computer that the church just purchased, was a miracle from God so that the work could expand.
It's interesting to note that worldwide, it's the freest countries that created the railway, the airplane, computers, the microchip, etc, while church like tyrannies (eg., communist countries) do not, and are forced to continually import and steal such technologies.

Byker Bob said...

Let's not let the ACOGs be the grinches that steal Christmas! Merry Christmas, everyone!


Hoss said...

Computers again -- I remember back in the 1960s and 70s GTA ridiculed the idea of having a computer in your home.

In the 1980s, I saw an article in a computer journal, written by a WCG member, that said an IBM RJE (Remote Job Entry station, connected to a mainframe) was a better option than buying a PC.

Anonymous said...

I would like to comment on this post,but I hear someone coming down my chimney.I cannot imagine it to be Davie Pack or Bob (doubly blessed)Thiel,if it were that would be worth a "ho ho ho".Anyway happy Chanukah everyone.

Anonymous said...

A minister from the Worldwide Church of God visited Lee H. Clark. So, Lee Clark broke up with the girlfriend he was living with and started attending the Worldwide Church of God two days after the January 16, 1986 death of founder Herbert W. Armstrong.

Later, Lee Clark put up a website called the National Eagle. It predicted that the “Y2K computer problem” at the start of the year 2000 would bring down America. When that did not happen, Lee Clark admitted that he had been wrong and, of course, then claimed to have based his guesses on the testimony of others. On January 15, 2000, Lee Clark wrote, "Four years ago I knew nothing about the Internet, only that I wanted to know EVERYTHING about it and use it for God's work."

Lee Clark used the material from Donald H. Tiger's HWA CD project to make a website called, which had many of Herbert W. Armstrong's writings on it.

In September 2000, Lee Clark said he had a dream in which Herbert W. Armstrong turned to him and said, "Young man, I don't ever want to see you again!" As a result of this dream, and the September 2000 Worldwide Church of God versus Philadelphia Church of God copyright court case results, Lee Clark took the writings of Herbert Armstrong off his website. Later, Lee Clark reconsidered and put them back up. Then, once again, he took them down.

Anonymous said...

Reproduced below is the text of an old letter that Lee H. Clark had posted at his National Eagle website. It explained why he took down his website.

***Notice that Lee Clark is one of those guys who has crazy dreams.***


Lee Clark

A lot of you are probably coming here for the Herbert W. Armstrong (HWA) site. Mine is no longer available. However, a search at Google or other search tool will yield many other HWA sites out there.

I took my site down the first time just before the Feast 2000 when two things happened. First, the Worldwide Church of God (WCG) won an appeal in their court battle with the Philadelphia Church of God over publishing rights to HWA's book "Mystery of the Ages". I reckoned that this was God saying don't republish any more copyrighted HWA material. Then I had a dream about HWA. I was in a car in the woods with a pretty young girl in the passenger seat, my date (God's church). But HWA was in another car, and I left the car I was in to go spend some time with HWA. I figured this was my big chance to spend some quality time with my hero. I felt guilty about abandoning my date like that, but I told her I'd be back in a minute or so.

Then HWA was surrounded by sycophants who fawned over him while I tried to tell him about all the travesties and abominations occurring in the WCG. But HWA turned to me and said, in a loud voice, "Young man, I don't ever want to see you again!"

This was a bit of a shocker. What I later came to see is that in his final years, HWA had become so insulated and isolated from the reality of what was going on in the Church that he refused to listen to any "criticism". I was just another subversive. I took this as God's way of telling me to drop the focus on HWA and get back to serving God's church. So I took the HWA site down, but soon put it back up due to many expressions of regret by readers.

It was also around this time, almost a year ago to the day, that God struck me down with debilitating fatigue, inability to sleep, chaos in my career, and all manner of disturbing, threatening dreams and visions. You'd think I would have gotten the message but no. I was really proud of my HWA site and even expanded it.

Continued below...

Anonymous said...

...continued from above.

Then about two months ago I had a real shocker. I was going through the most horrible episode of my life. I was getting very little sleep and the dreams were getting much worse and more intense. I had one where I was holding onto about a third of a loaf of Wonder Bread, freely offering it to everybody in the house. I had taken the bread from the kitchen without permission, but I assumed it was "OK". Then I felt a very strong supernatural hand grip me by the neck, and I was faced with two men who were quite annoyed by the fact that I was doling out this bread when I was unauthorized to do so.

I quickly expressed my willingness to cease and desist, hoping they would let me go. Then I awoke. Soon after, I took down the HWA site. During this period I was very debilitated by fatigue and could not accomplish anything at work. I left my job. Then the house I was renting sold, and I had to move on short notice. It took over a month to get my Internet connection back up, which is part of the reason that both my sites were down. The final nail in the coffin was when I accidentally deleted the database for my sites. I still have all the source material, but the database would have to be reconstructed from scratch, which I have no plans to do, unless it's just for the National Eagle.

Looking back, I can see God's hand in it, forcing me to drop my HWA focus. There were other indications too. I heard one voice say, "Philadelphia's gone". Another time I asked God what his plans were for all the HWA material. I got a response saying something like, "I think we're going to throw it away," or words to that effect. Bottom line is that I was pursuing my own agenda instead of God's. He's seems to be more interested in the present and the near future than the past. He did tell me this. He said, "Tell them to forsake all of their sins."

A warning?

I have noticed that many who have tried to publish HWA material mysteriously fail in some way or disappear from the scene. Some of you may want to take notice of this and think twice before grabbing the "HWA mantle."


Anonymous said...

Hey, Hoss! There was nothing wrong with the 2321. If used properly, it was a perfectly fine device that was quickly superseded by advances in Winchester drive technology.

I saw one at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. I think this was a year or two after WCG got rid of theirs. The guys at ORNL were using it as it was designed to be used, as a low access frequency storage device. DPC in Pasadena tried to use theirs to hold the mailing list with frequent accesses of the data. It was never designed for such heavy use so it frequently broke down.

But Clark's nonsense about the internet reminded me of Hugh Mauck's article in The Good News about the 2321 and how it was designed by God for WCG. They gave up on it about the time the article came out.

RSK said...

Incredibly self-serving, maybe, but its the comment equivalent of a puff piece.

Hoss said...

Anon 715:

I've been to a number of sites where the problem was overuse. That's why I prefer salesmen who served tine in product support.

So it 2321 wasn't meant to shoot the tapes like party streamers?

Michael said...

And let's not forget the invention of the wheel which, while having a few insignificant uses throughout history, most certainly existed primarily to allow G. Waterhouse to travel from coast to coast giving 4 hour sermons.

Anonymous said...

60.01 PM. It is Dave Pack coming down your chimney. He's coming to steal the Xmas presents. All for the work of course.

Hoss said...
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Hoss said...


Censorship and control of the Internet seems to be a big concern of Bob Thiel. He appears to think external control of the Internet will lead to the Famine of the Word (Amos 8:11).
But... it's a famine of hearing, and the Hebrew word translated as hearing means intelligent listening with understanding and obedience. Shaking the wrong end of the stick again?

Anonymous said...

This self aggrandizement by the slivers, also brings into question Herbies claim that the gospel is some future ruling kingdom rather than the personage of Christ. This sounds off, since the foundation of the future government is God the Father and Christ. This raises the suspicion that Herbie was playing the Catholic game of minimizing Christ and exalting the 'Vicar'(ie Herbie and his ministers) of Christ.

I'm not sure what the narrow gate is on this issue. But I know one can't blindly believe Herb.

Connie Schmidt said...

As I understand it, HWA was not happy when man first started exploring space and said that it was not the God Ordained time for man to be in the second heavens and wrote about such in a couple of church publications.

Later, when satellite technology allowed for him to broadcast simultaneously around the world at the FOT in the early 1980s, he claimed that God had helped create the technology to "further the gospel", LOL!

Connie Schmidt said...

Sing A Long Time! -- Sing to the tune "You're a mean one Mr. Grinch"

From the movie "The Pack who stole Sanity"

You're a mean one, Mr. Pack
You really are a heel.
You're as cuddly as a cactus,
You're as charming as an eel,
Mr. Paaaack
You're a bad banana with a greasy black peel.

You're a monster, Mr. Pack
Your heart's an empty hole.
Your brain is full of spiders.
You've got garlic in your soul, Mr Paaaaack
I wouldn't touch you with a
Thirty-nine and a half foot pole!!

RSK said...

I dont specifically know of HWA doing that during the space program heyday, Connie, but he very well might have. It would have fit right into his usual modus operandi of poopooing everything positive in current events.

I do remember a WCG pastor dolefully warning us the day after the Challenger disaster that "this is god telling man he does not belong up there". Which was really stupid, given that there had been plenty of successful space missions fot decades by then... :)

Byker Bob said...

I sell and work on a lot of the equipment that people use to further the gospel, and it's awesome to be able to do that for various of the Christian churches in my state. But the thing is, flyers for weekly services, and booklets and magazines comprise a small percentage of the applications for our equipment.

Our technology is an integral part of capitalism, allowing people to create beneficial products for which consumers are gladly willing to pay sums of money. Moneys are paid which allow the company owners and workers who used our products to produce their product to put food on their tables and raise their families. It's what makes America a productive country, and elevates so many from being bare subsistance farmers, or minimum wage workers below the poverty line. In fact, it makes possible the tithes to which these Armstrong cretin-ministers arrogantly insist goes to them, even though they are not physical Levites. Imagine that! "You are entitled to punishment because you are physical descendants of Manasseh and Ephraim, but I get all your tithes, even though I am not a descendant of the Levites!" Nice racket. That is a perfect example of the sort of conflicts that spring from centering everything around Armstrongism, as if fulfillment of their interpretation of prophecy or good fruits had actually validated them.


Connie Schmidt said...

RSK above-

Here is a link from the PT Jan 1958 that has HWA describing space travel on a several page article. It is somewhat disdainful of space travel , but at its conclusion on page 10, he writes...

"GOD ALMIGHTY, who RULES the universe supreme, has DECREED: “The heaven, even the heavens, are THE ETERNAL’S: but the earth hath He given to the children of men” (Psalm 115:16).

Notice that same Scripture, in the Moffatt translation into modern English: “The Eternal, who made heaven and earth, the HEAVEN, that the Eternal holds Himself; the EARTH He has as- signed to men.”

Soon God will PUNISH this earth! Soon God will literally SHAKE the na- tions-shake the nonsense, rebellion and evil out of men, and awaken men to their true destiny! Yes, once again, God will soon intervene, lest man destroy human life from off this planet! Man’s PVWERS soon will be turned in the RIGHT direction! The KINGDOM OF GOD is today, VERY NEAR!
Men are soon going to learn that

GOD’SPURPOSE STANDS! God is not mocked!"

Anonymous said...

I also recall GTA saying over and over on his radio program, that 'if God allows man to land on the moon.." This is a case of the church leaders making God in their own image, micro managing other peoples lives. According to the parable of the talents, God is not a helicopter parent.

Byker Bob said...

I had enough faith at one point in what "Mr." Armstrong said, that I put my money where my mouth was! In fourth grade, I placed a bet with one of my classmates. I bet him a dime that man would never go to the moon. Unfortunately, by the time that man did, I was living on the other side of the continent, and had lost contact with the kid. Bummer.


Hoss said...

the day after the Challenger disaster that "this is god telling man

With claims to having the gift of prophecy and such, they still don't get it right. Make predictions that don't come true, and in hindsight explain disasters happened as God's punishment.

I remember GTA writing that after the Columbia disaster, he and the guys drove off looking for shuttle debris, hoping to pick up some sour\venirs...

Anonymous said...

Byker Bob said "I bet him a dime that man would never go to the moon."

Thanks to our glorious post-truth (or, 'post-factual') era, you can now consider yourself to be the winner of that bet!

Proof exists-
Like when Buzz Aldrin 'couldn't handle the Truth' and punched Bart Sibrel in the nose after Bart said that the Apollo Moon landings were hoaxes.

Anonymous said...

As everyone knows Al Gore invented the internet. It was soon put to use in a way that would spread its exposure to many more people - PORN

Anonymous said...

??December 28, 2016 at 7:35 AM??

Is the earth flat too?