Saturday, October 12, 2019

Washington State Coffee Company Makes Feast of Tabernacles Coffee Blend for 2019

Noggin Bonkin

Blessings to all my fellow Feast goers! 

This year’s blend is a simple blend of epic flavors! 
We married two robust and vary earthy coffees from Papua New Guinea and Sumatra 
then balanced them with a sweet and nutty coffee from Brazil. 

Don't let the color fool you, this is a very robust, earthy blend with deep dark notes 
that will cut through almost any creamer, yet smooth and slightly sweet on the finish. 

This is a perfect coffee to enjoy with family 
or in quiet solitude on an early feast morning 
while reading and meditating on His word! 

Buy it here:  Noggin Bonkin FOT 2019

The perfect Feast gift for your Laodicean friends who will be skipping the daily sermons so they can go out and enjoy the resort and have the best Feast ever!

I can hear it now as the self-righteous know-it-alls get all indignant and say...Satan is doing this to discredit true believers.  Satan is always active before the Feast to distract people from the truth.

It is a mockery!  LOL!


Anonymous said...

Will someone please buy this Laodicean a bag please? I will be on the beach while sermons are going on!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect blend of coffee to sip during the sermons. The biggest problem is staying awake - all that strong meat makes you sleepy.

Tonto said...

Whats next... FOT Cananabis??

Anonymous said...

I hope all the fires for roasting were out by sunset on the 29th of September as that was the start of the Feast of Trumpets this year.

Al Dexter said...

I had to chuckle over this. I haven't bothered with a feast since 1973. The few vacations I have taken in the meantime were real vacations, not desperate marathons of constant running I felt like I needed a vacation to make up for as soon as it ended. I still have vivid memories of my two visits to Hawaii == not for a "feast" but real relaxation. I'd like to sit under a banyan tree again, to relax and revel in the wonders and joys of this world rather than a fictitious "kingdom" that's never ever going to materialize. It's all a fiction, folks. Get that reality through your heads. You were had, and I feel sorry for those of you still too deluded to face the facts.

nck said...

What is this. A member?

It sounds like a good coffee to stay awake. Nice blend. I love it.

The most expensive coffee is the one that was shitted on by civet cats.


Anonymous said...

No worries Al, we feel sorry for you too.

Anonymous said...

Is that a blend of cannabis and banana?🍌 I’ll ‘av me some of that!