Sunday, October 13, 2019

COG Hypocrisy: Self-Appointed Splinter Cult Leader Says Dave Pack Is A Cult Leader

Armstrongism = founded and sustained upon hypocrisy.

10/11/19 a.m. A couple of days ago, a former RCG attendee telephoned me. An interesting thing she mentioned was that the messages that those who attend RCG services get are often much more bizzare than those that RCG puts up online, particularly as they relate to David Pack. Essentially, her comments confirmed my personal view that RCG is more and more a David Pack personalilty cult and becoming less and less a COG. It remains my opinion that David Pack is not truly a converted Christian, but if he is (God is the judge), he is a very deceived one. 
Bwana Elijah Bob Thiel has the nerve to say Dave Pack runs a personality cult when he himself is doing the exact same thing.


Anonymous said...

“Essentially, her comments confirmed my personal view that RCG is more and more a David Pack personalilty cult and becoming less and less a COG.”

David C. Pack promoted himself to Apostle, Joshua the High Priest, Elijah the Prophet, That Prophet of Deuteronomy 18:18-19, and is now talking about becoming the Messiah.

David Pack deleted his earlier booklet that had proved that HWA was Elijah the Prophet.

David Pack also deleted his earlier booklet that had proved that Jesus was That Prophet of Deuteronomy 18:18-19.

Soon David Pack might have to delete anything he has written about Jesus being the Messiah.

The RCG is more and more a satanic imposter cult.

Anonymous said...

“Bwana Elijah Bob Thiel has the nerve to say Dave Pack runs a personality cult when he himself is doing the exact same thing.”

Bob Thiel is fooled by demons, pagans, and fake news on television.

David Pack is possessed by Satan himself.

This means that Dave wins that personality contest.

Anonymous said...

AVOID any church leader who spends more time talking about themselves and not GOD!!!

What About The Truth said...

Dave Pack is not dumb. He has stated publicly that the ministry gets one certain message, the lay member gets another message, the co-worker gets a then more watered down message and the public gets the juicy snippets. This is just the way HWA operated according to Mr. Pack.

His message in his long sermon series isn't all wrong. I mean how would you get 2000 people who wouldn't think about leaving the RCG for another splinter over just one minor doctrinal difference to buy into an all new message unless there was some truth to it.

The bottom line is, whether this man mixes in truth with the bizarre to the point that he can captivate a multitude of people, he has with no inhibitions declared that he is Jesus Christ. And working as a false Christ he has had no inhibitions to willfully break up marriages, or make destitute the old and infirmed and to make spiritually bankrupt the minds of his congregants.

There was a point in time when this man could and would put out week after week very insightful and interesting messages. There was also a point in time when there was an abrupt change. I saw this immediately but all of the big boys didn't care.

Being in the presence of this man for one two hour period in what would constitute a horror movie in and of itself, confirmed for me that there is a lot more that constitutes the man than he himself.

Bob Thiel, the gentle man who deceives himself, or Dave Pack, the man that wants to deceive, rule and murder most of the world. The answer is clear, Dave Pack is a personalities cult.

Anonymous said...

Dave is only a extreme form of the churchianity that dominates the ACOGs.
Just about all the ACOG ministers are churchianity Christians.

Noun. Churchianity (uncountable) (derogatory) Any practices of Christianity that are viewed as placing a larger emphasis on the habits of church life or the institutional traditions of the church than on theology and spiritual teachings of Jesus; the quality of being too church-focused.

Tonto said...

All these guys who claim to be prophets, or even Jesus Christ , yet need their money, submission and sycophants!

Captain Kirk said it all with this..."What does God need with a Starship". ...

The Painful Truth said...

The fruits of armstrongism have always been satanic.

Anonymous said...

David Pack has been mis-named. His last name is really Koresh.

R.L. said...

Has David Pack named a potential successor, should he die? Who is in line to take charge of RCG... if anyone?

Or is he going to follow Herbert Armstrong's example, and make a deathbed decision which stuns everybody?

Anonymous said...

Ever watch Weekend at Bernies? There is no successor, just two volunteers to haul his dead carcass around and one to play the music.