Monday, October 24, 2011

Ruling Your Own Galaxy

One of the myths of Armstrongism was that members would become God's and would be given galaxies to rule over in the millennium.  Has anyone ever stopped to think that even with all the billions of people who have existed on earth that there are more planets, stars and galaxies out there than there ever have been humans?  So what are you really going to be able to do?  Rule yourself?

There are enough stars in our galaxy for each one with multiple planets filled with life to be ruled and managed by one person born into God's family in the Millennium or White Throne Judgment. And after this, there are enough galaxies for each son of God to rule and manage an entire galaxy. God will see to it that we have the powers of mind and Spirit to fulfill our responsibilities. Our minds and our powers will be vastly increased beyond what we have today.


DennisCDiehl said...

Is it going to be a sin to simply want to be left alone in a nice quiet place catching the fish I have created, a log home in the mountains, a nice river , great rocks and access to other intelligent beings that don't go to church and have not gotten all their knowledge from booklets?

I don't want to rule anything. I don't want to be under deacons, memebers and ministers who are now "rulers."

I would prefer to be left alone with a soulmate that enjoys paleontology, origins and my spirit Shuh Tzu Chewy.

Black Ops Mikey said...

It doesn't so much sound like the Kingdom of God than it does some giant soulless Corporation.

Nevertheless, this is rather physical and short sighted, since by best estimate, the Universe should fuzz out from entropy in about 100 Trillion years.

Then what will there be to rule over for these testosterone soaked, aggressive, type A personalities who obsess on dominance of everything in sight in their pursuit of physical acquisitions? Is there no peace?

Allen C. Dexter said...

As I understand it, this is really Mormon doctrine. Herb and company borrowed a lot of megalomaniacal ideas from them.

If there really is survival in another dimension, I'm certain that the ridiculous ideas people have about it can't be real. What so many envision would be complete boredom. This particular concept only appeals to a control freak who wants to call the shots for everything and everybody all the time.

Like Dennis, I'd just like to be left alone and leave everybody else alone. Trying to figure out something I can't get my mind around is kind of a futile pursuit right now.

I have enough to think about in the little improvement projects I have going around my place right now. This literally "pie in the sky" stuff is just too much.

Byker Bob said...

Mainstream Christians have several theories, based on scriptural evidence. One holds that we will have indestructable physical bodies like the one Jesus exhibited to the disciples when he spent about a month with them after the Resurrection.

Others believe that we will be totally spirit.

People tend to think of all spirit as having universal qualities, but God has one that none other possess, and that is omnipresence, the ability to be everywhere at once. Satan does not have that, and neither do the angels or demons.

I don't know why some teachers seem to think it is so important that we have every single minute answer to everything spanning all eternity. There are mysteries about creation, and there are mysteries about where and how we are going to end up. I believe that that is because God intends for us to concentrate on this life, right now, living the life of Christ and developing Kingdom skills.


NO2LIARS said...

"Rule yourself?"

Do the math for those living and repopulating through the prosperous millennium paradigm and you'll see how many billions there would be to populate the vast universe.

"And of the increase of His Kingdom there shall be no end."

I think you already knew this.

Sharon said...

LIAR: Can you truly be THAT stupid? If you took the 3-4 billion people that have populated this earth and they all had kids for 1,000 years you would STILL never have enough people to populate trillions of stars, galaxies or worlds out there. thank you for once again for reminding us all on how incredibly stupid Armstrongites can be!