Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dave Pack Lie #4,768: The True Church Is About Ready To Face Intense Persecution

Dave has no idea what persecution is.  Above is Christian persecution. This is NOT something that Packism has ever experienced. Persecution does not mean not being able to buy Steuben Crystal.
  Fake martyr Dave needs a reality check -  Voice of the Martyrs.

Dave Packs persecution complex is coming to light again.  He knows that his silly boasting and dumb prophecies about three COG leaders being struck dead by the fall time are not going to happen.  He knows that his failures will bring about more mocking and ridicule he is preparing his members to face the persecution that he alone has brought upon the church.

Those coming to understand the truth of this prophecy are facing or likely will face a growing level of persecution. An analogy is helpful here. This persecution could now be seen as wind in your face. It will grow louder and may blow harder until it almost feels violent. But realize that it will be SHORTLIVED. The wind will suddenly turn 180 degrees and be at your back. It will be a wind that helps push the ENTIRE CHURCH forward to finish God’s Work—when everyone is working together in the Temple. Patiently endure! Do not worry about who else agrees with you. Many more soon will.

Also, be careful of saying, “I want all of us back together,” but then blow your opportunity when God provides the path. Recognize that Satan will do everything in his power to overthrow your understanding of Haggai. The devil can never defeat God, but he can defeat individuals who permit him. Do not be among them!

Dave wants you to know that his god is such a weak impotent little god that it could not explain what it was trying to get across as truth.  It has to use Dave as it's mouthpiece.  Dave has been given insight and wisdom to discern the truth of his impotent little god.

Finally, explained briefly in a previous part, recognize that God would necessarily have to send a man to explain the things of Haggai. Who else is even attempting this—any of it? Can you name even one person? SOMEONE had to do it. And God would not choose—or ever use—a man who appointed himself.

Make yourself focus on, digest and COME TO GRIPS with the prophecies in Haggai. Examine—and prosecute—any resistant thinking! Do not be slipshod in matters of such colossal importance to YOU!

Yes brethren, take some obscure book of the Bible and apply it to your self to make yourself look like something you are not.  Weak, impotent, little men, need to define themselves by scripture.  Their reputation with humans has been so deplorable that their only consolation seems to be with their god and its writings.  People mock and laugh at him, yet his god talks to him and tells him how to spend money.


Anonymous said...

DCP says SOMEONE had to do it. And God WOULD NOT CHOSE—or EVER use—a man who APPOINTED HIMSELF.

Well...that pretty much eliminates you Dave. Thanks for providing the reason not to believe you.

Since NO ONE outside of himself and his church thinks he is an Apostle, much less a Joshua the High Priest character, he must be having a Freudian moment.

Anonymous said...

Persecution = "They are on to me."

Anonymous said...

"...God would necessarily have to send a man to explain the things of Haggai. Who else is even attempting this—any of it? Can you name even one person? SOMEONE had to do it. And God would not choose—or ever use—a man who appointed himself."

Of course there is a reason others aren't attempting to explain Haggai. It is irrelevant to today. What he means here is "I am the one God has sent obviously, therefore since I am sent by God, I did not appoint myself since it was God who sent me."

Of course Dave did appoint himself, therefore no God sent him to do anything and certainly did not send him to so badly screw up the book of Haggai and Zechariah.

We need a new reality show...America's Most Delusional. Well I guess that wouldn't be reality if it was delusional

Some people are not very clever but are intelligent. Some are very clever but not very intelligent. Clever and Intelligent can be hilarious but doesn't last long.

Former RCG said...

It's hard to believe that people are so gullible to continue to go with sociopaths like DP, GRF, and others.

Joe Moeller said...

Looks to me that 2013 is going down as the "Banner Year" for COG madness.

Pack , Flurry, Weinland, Meredith are all going through a "manic phase" and reaching new heights of rambling insanity.

I think that part of it may be that growth rates have stagnated, and that there is little to none in terms of getting outside new people to come to their sects.

Thus the antics, circus acts and "new truths" are amping up in order to try to attract current COG business from the other sects.

It is pathetic really, and a real sign that these sects have no future and are in the "decline/mature phase" on the marketing continuum.

Once all of their sole leaders are dead in the next 10 years or so, these groups will disintegrate and fracture, and those shards and particles will also die out.

UCG has the best chance for some type of future existence, but it too has demographic and structural issues as well, but not the problem of having severely mentally ill people in charge of them.

UCG, on the current track, will exist in 20 years, but likely at a size about one half of its current size, however it will likely be stable and sane, and a comfortable place to meet at. It will benefit from picking up some from the disintegrating shards, and will become a type of "Mother Church" or homecoming church.

I do not see how it will be able to maintain a paid ministry structure at that time, and will likely be a more locally empowered church, with unpaid local leadership, and perhaps just a handful of paid super regional leaders.

Media outreach will become almost 100% exclusively free internet broadcasting and production. (Broadcast TV, Magazines and Radio will all be obsolete in 20 years).

You heard it here first!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Douglas Becker said...

The DSM-5 coming out next week -- available at -- explains Davey Pack in detail.

He needs Job (long "o") therapy.

God would persecute him if He cared.

Byker Bob said...

I certainly don't want to be all back together with these folks! I din't leave because of the Tkach's, I left because HWA had been a lying prophet about 1975, and that negatively impacted perhaps 20 years of my life.

I'd rather witness the final demise of it all, freeing my former brothers and sisters up to get involved in a real Christian experience, with genuine spiritual guides, not megalomaniacal Hitlerian cult leaders.


Secular-Humanist-Buddhist-Unitarian-Methodist said...

Who the hell is going to persecute these idiots? No one even knows they exist outside a miniscule number of nut-jobs in the groups and former nut-jobs who found their way out of these ridiculous groups. Most people I have talked with have never heard of the Worldwide Church of God, much less the off-shoots of Armstrongism or anything related to it. The only reason I know the little I do is because a very misguided (in my opinion) relative joined. Not only do people not know who they are, they wouldn't care if they did know. Generally, they would run the other way from these hateful "churches."

Redfox712 said...

It is very sad that while some Christians are enduring true persecution these imposters pretend they might be persecuted soon. In reality they have never endured such things and it is highly unlikely that they will in the foreseeable future.

In case anyone's wondering about the pictures. The top one appears to depict the aftermath of an anti-Christian pogrom committed by Hindu extremists which killed hundreds of Christians in Orissa, India in 2008.

The other picture is of Yubelina, an Indonesian Christian who was burnt during an attack by an extremist Muslim mob upon her village.

That reminds me of this book I read produced by Voice of the Martyrs, Hearts of Fire, about persecuted Christian women, which featured a particularly horrifying story from Indonesia. After the overthrow of Suharto in 1998 there was a lot of instability within Indonesia, including communal violence against Christians. The book details how a Christian village was attacked by neighboring Muslim villages and the survivors were enslaved.

It is truly disgusting and pathetic that while stuff like this happens Pack, Meredith, Flurry and Co. make their followers scared of persecution that is just not coming.

Anonymous said...

The United Church of God, which recently lost a third of it's members and half of it's ministry over the circus called "Cowgate" (or if the cows were gay it's "Cow-gayte") is gonna be the better cog in the long term, even though it will exist "likely at a size about one half of its current size" ???

This sounds like some sort of competition of which ACOG sucks less, with the "winner" being a totally sucky and ever dissolving church!

In the craptastic world of the ACOGs, members see sucky failure as "WINNING!"

I'm sure it makes the "few" feel all the more special, LOL!