Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Missing Dimension In Sex


Redfox712 said...

Recently I acquired a copy of HWA's Missing Dimension in Sex. It was an old edition, published as God Speaks Out on the New Morality.

I was most surprised to discover that it not written by him alone. Charles Dorothy, Herman Hoeh, Ernest Martin, Roderick Meredith and Benjamin Rea are acknowledged as co-authors. Merrill is even acknowledged as the main source for knowledge regarding sex in the book.

But later editions scrub out any mention that others were involved in making this book and assert that HWA was the sole author. Yet another lie HWA imposed upon the tithes paying 'sheeple' he despised so much.

Anonymous said...

Glynn Washington is very talented.

He must have won when he played the WCG's "Talent Game", lol!

I was in stitches laughing, when he said, "I can't conflate two things that don't belong together. I can't think about sex and God's chosen old cabbage-head red-eyed Apostle at the same time. I CAN'T DO IT!"


Corky said...

It was hard to believe that HWA thought to instruct his followers on how and when and where to have sex...but he did.

I hope no one paid any attention to his book, I didn't. I thought it was ridiculous to explain such things to married adults and the teenagers just laughed and laughed...

Anonymous said...

I remember there was a copy around the house. At some point my parents wanted me to read it, and I think I tried once, but I don't think I ever managed it. I would otherwise have thought it impossible to write a boring book about sex, but I guess Herbie has proven me wrong.

Anonymous said...

"I remember there was a copy around the house. At some point my parents wanted me to read it..."

For some reason, I don't think my parents wanted me to read it. Maybe because it was about a subject that they'd rather not talk about.

Rather than it just being "around the house" I remember EXACTLY where it was- on a bookshelf next to the kooky book "None Dare Call It Conspiracy"

Sometimes, when nobody was home, I'd sneak it out and read snippets because as Glynn also thought about himself as a pubescent teen, the "missing dimension in sex" was ME!

PS: the book kinda sucked(no pun implied)