Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dave Pack Says: If you Rejected HWA as Zerubbabel Then You Will Reject Me as Joshua

There is simply no way that individual ministers will be permitted to continue in their role without acknowledging the great servant that they had so long rejected—that they had consciously or unconsciously relegated to the dustbin of history. Without Mr. Armstrong’s over 52 years of incredible perseverance, resourcefulness, dedication and faithfulness against staggering obstacles and so many enemies, these ministers would all have been somewhere else doing something else. This is because they would never have learned the truth. Zerubbabel, now having died over 27 years ago, has been forgotten right along with the vast difference he taught between clean and unclean, holy and unholy. Mr. Armstrong must be remembered for what he was—what he did. Several times the ministry is told to “consider” in this context. In fact, until they do, these ministers will remain blocked from an enormous amount of understanding regarding what will happen going forward. They will simply be unable to grasp the coming size and scope of God’s Work that will now ensue. (Just one other point would be that there would be no foundation in place to understand who is Joshua, as well as this man’s role following Zerubbabel and preceding Christ’s Return. Zerubbabel’s identity paves the way to knowing who is Joshua! Without this knowledge, Zechariah 3 [describing and explaining how to identify Joshua] and Zechariah 4 [describing and confirming who is Zerubbabel, but also introducing the Two Witnesses, also of the end-time] would remain locked away from their understanding. While explaining Joshua’s identity is not the purpose here, being unable to recognize who is God’s final leader would COMPLETELY end their ability to serve God’s people. All would agree, no matter who they now think he is, he would only be found in one place—one House—one Church! Finally, Joshua’s identity does not lead you to Zerubbabel’s identity but Zerubbabel’s does lead you to Joshua. This is but one more reason Zerubbabel receives a signet apparently different from all other men.)

You silly men in the PCG, UCG, and LCG.  Because of your failure to worship HWA as Zerubbabel you are then too dumb to realize that Davey is Joshua.  Until you recognize this amazing truth you will have no place in the final work of God in Wadsworth.


Byker Bob said...

Oh, no question about it! I reject both. Might as well be Martians so far as I'm concerned.

BTW, did HWA actually claim to be Zerubbabel? I'd heard him state that he was a type of Elijah, claim to hold the keys of Peter, and tell us all that we had called him "God's Apostle", but I'm coming up dry on this Zerubbabel thing.


Anonymous said...

BB, I agree 100%. I hope this blog isn't becoming too exuberant and making a serious mistake. Better check your facts NO2HWA and give us proof of your claim that HWA claimed to be Zerubbabel. I seriously doubt it, and more likely it was someone else who made that claim of HWA but HWA rejected it.

NO2HWA said...

Actually Anon, you need to take that issue up with Davey since he is the one that claims HWA was Zerubbabel.

Assistant Deacon said...

"Mr. Armstrong must be remembered for what he was—what he did."

From what I can tell, that's the last thing his most ardent devotees actually want.

Anonymous said...

I thought HWA is Elijah. Now he is Zerubbabel. Why can't Dave proclaim HWA Elijah? Because he recognized Flurry as Elishah, maybe. Just like another vain self-aggrandizing propaganda, he has to think of another Bible personality to build his cult on to point towards himself. This blog is hilariously documenting these false prophets, non-ordained wolves in sheep clothings to the point that we are having a parade of modern day type of Bible personalities. I hope the leaders will also award Bible personality titles to their sycophant followers with minor Bible personality names. I would prefer to see them wear those costumes of
Bible eras and walk down the main downtown street to create impact at less cost that producing television programs where nobody watched.

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Armstrong must be remembered for what he was—what he did."

Like observing every Sabbath by raping his daughter?