Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dave Pack: The Restored Church of God Is God's Temple On Earth and the Dwelling Place of God

Dave Pack has been making the asinine prediction that three COG leaders of the larger COG groups will all die this fall on the same day.  When this happens the COG members in each of these groups will suddenly have their eyes opened and will flow into Dave's personality cult. 

When you read his malarkey you will see that he considered the Restored Church of God to be the restored Temple of God on earth.  Taking that a little farther we will soon see that Dave will be breaking ground of a new Auditorium that he will call the House of God, or Temple of God.  Dave already thinks God dwells in Wadsworth.

 If you don't know anything about Wadsworth it is considered the pimple upon the Western Reserve in Ohio.  It is also the home of the Blue Tip Match company and that is their annual claim to fame.  They light a large Blue Tip Match that burns through the festival.  They dance and party around this 20 foot burning match for 5 days.  Sounds delightfully pagan to me!  I see a trip in the future!

Something absolutely fascinating quietly appears in verse 15, and you must not overlook it. Not readily visible without careful reading, there has been a crucial change in the look and SIZE of God’s Church. Let’s see. First, the phrase “from before a stone was laid upon a stone in the Temple of the Lord” obviously refers to individual Christians working in God’s Church again. Think. The subject has not suddenly moved to a physical temple and literal stones put in place thousands of years ago in Zerubbabel’s ancient temple. (Take a moment to stop and read I Peter 2:4-5 describing how God’s people are “living stones” in His Temple.) Now notice that the term “HOUSE of the Lord” is no longer used. God’s Church is now described as a “TEMPLE.” Instead of being a bayith—a “House”—the Hebrew word God now uses is heykal, meaning “in the sense of capacity…a large public building, such as a palace or temple…” Heykal means from this point forward a larger structure is in place, with many more stones having become present to construct “God’s building” (I Cor. 3:9) into something now much bigger—a TEMPLE! This so perfectly fits the description of a significant and maybe very large remnant coming to work in a House that is suddenly now the size of a palace-like Temple. No more or less God’s Church either way, the building has grown much larger. It is no coincidence that the New Testament also specifically describes God’s Church as both a “House” (I Tim. 3:15; I Pet. 4:17) AND a “Temple” (I Cor. 3:16; II Cor. 6:16; Eph. 2:21). The Greek for “House” is oikos and “Temple” is naos. Their meanings line up with bayith and heykal.

This temple, as I mentioned above has dual meaning to Davey.  It constitutes his physical property in Wadsworth and the "spiritual" group he thinks he leads.  When the tens of thousands start streaming into RCG after their leaders die they will being all of their tithes and offerings to Davey.  That is his primary focus.  He doesn't give a rats ass about your salvation or standing with God.  All he wants is the money.  That is the focus of almost all of his sermons and articles now.  He wants it all!  It's rightfully his because he IS the most important COG leader every to be born on earth.  I am surprised he has not claimed immaculate conception as one of his qualifications. He has lied about all of his other qualities so whatnot that one too.

Recalling Haggai 1:4, God’s House plainly no longer “lies waste.” It has become the larger, grander TEMPLE to which Christ will return, and after many more living stones are added as a result of the short but immensely big and powerful Work ensuing from the Temple’s newfound size, strength and resources! Also, all its competition “went away.”


Anonymous said...

More like God's toilet!

Assistant Deacon said...

I would suggest that no U.S. Congressmen fly to Wadsworth for a fact-finding mission at Pack's compound.

Head Usher said...

"When the tens of thousands start streaming into RCG after their leaders die they will being all of their tithes and offerings to Davey. That is his primary focus. He doesn't give a rats ass about your salvation or standing with God. All he wants is the money. That is the focus of almost all of his sermons and articles now. He wants it all! It's rightfully his because he IS the most important COG leader every to be born on earth."

The more things change, the more they remain the same:

The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer, circa 1475
Prologue to the Pardoner's Tale

"My lords," said he, "in churches when I preach
I take great pains to have a haughty speech 330
And ring it out as roundly as a bell;
I know it all by heart, what I've to tell.
My theme's always the same and ever was:
Radix malorum est Cupiditas. [the root of all evil is greed]


"And with this trick [fake relics] I've won each year about
A hundred marks since first I started out. 390
I stand there in my pulpit like a clerk,
These ignorants sit down, and right to work
I go, I preach as you have heard before
And tell a hundred silly stories more
And I take pains to get my neck to stretch, 395
To nod both east and west to every wretch
Just like a dove that's sitting on the barn.
My tongue and hands go spinning such a yarn
That it's a joy to see my craftiness.
Of avarice and all such cursedness 400
I always preach, to make them ever free
To give their pence (and give only to me);
For my concern is only with collection
And not with any sin that needs correction.
Once buried, they don't mean a thing to me
Though their souls pick blackberries. Certainly
Many a sermon seemingly well meant
Has often come from less than good intent:
To please the folks, to offer flattery,
To get promoted by hypocrisy
, 410
Some for vainglory, some for simple hate.


"But briefly my intent I'll summarize:
It's greed alone that makes me sermonize.
And so my theme is yet and ever was:
Radix malorum est Cupiditas.
Yes, I myself can preach against the vice
Of avarice that is my own device;
For though I'm guilty of that very sin,
These other folks I'm able still to win
From avarice and sorely they'll repent.
But that is not my principal intent,
I only preach to satisfy my greed.

Enough of that, for more there's not a need.


Do you believe, as long as I can preach,
Acquiring gold and silver while I teach, 440
That willfully I'd live in poverty?
It's never crossed my mind, quite truthfully!
No, I will preach and beg in sundry lands
And never will I labor with my hands
Or take up basketweaving for a living.
I won't be begging idly, they'll be giving.
Apostles I'll not try to counterfeit;
I'll have my money, wool, and food, though it
Be from some page whose poverty is dire
Or from the poorest widow in the shire;
Although her kids be starving, I'll be fine,
For I will drink the liquor of the vine
And have a jolly wench in every town