Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dave Pack Damns UCG For Council Report on the Role of Women in the Church

Dave apparently think women in the Restored Church of God need to remain barefoot and pregnant while they are servants to their husband who are lords and masters.  God forbid if any women in the Church of God had a theological opinion.  The hilarious thing in all of this is that there are women in the Church of God who have more theological education and wisdom than the ministers that were over them.

The United Church of God just published a Council Report that included a large section about the role of women. To watch aggressive, worldly, feminist women “leaders” in the United Church of God virtually dictate to that church in public how they believe women should be “used” and “treated”—and have a voice—is one of the most shocking open displays of rejecting plain biblical standards that I have seen in my 47 years in God’s Way. On top of this, this organization trumpeted their shameful, Bible-rejecting, world-copying position to the whole world on the Internet. This is a classic example of how people (in this case some women, women are half of all whom God calls) who wish to return to true godliness will have to COME OUT of this kind of worldliness—and uncleanness. The alternative for women is to be left out of God’s coming Temple “reformation.” ALL such compromise (standards, traditions and doctrines) will be left behind. Hopefully most women will not choose to be left behind.


Byker Bob said...

This illustrates why reform is so difficult in the Armstrong movement. If someone does further study, and based on new understanding of ancient languages, or new scientifically based information, it is automatically rejected and yanked back into the 11th Century.

Does Dave believe that those souls who ended up being born female are condemned for all eternity to be second class beings?


Vickie said...

Impotent Church of God leaders cannot handle strong women. We embarrass them, perhaps even emasculate them.

Richard said...

Admittedly I hadn't reviewed the Council of Elders minutes before seeing this post.

Mr. Pack implies UCG shouldn't be airing "dirty laundry" discussions like this one in posted meeting minutes. Yet isn't the Bible "transparent" when it comes to disputes between its characters - even between Peter and Paul?

I also was struck by this part of the minutes:

Mrs. Luker addressed the limitations of the study paper's use of the Kruza paraphrase of Proverbs 31 and how it diminishes the inspirational leadership that women can fulfill as listed in that passage... She specifically addressed this was about the structure and tone of the paper and that all the ladies fully supported the Church's longstanding understanding regarding a woman's role in church services.

The tone of the minutes indicates women still will not preach or teach in UCG services. How is this "rejecting plain Biblical standards"? (I don't recall Mrs. Luker ever speaking during UCG videos with her husband.)

But wow - how many COG ministers could tell you what a "Kruza paraphrase" is?

Leeann Luker may go down as the most influential woman in COG's this side of Loma Armstrong. Her magazine articles in the 1980s helped build her clout, even above Tammy Tkach. She certainly seems to be exercising that now.

Anonymous said...

Women are just as intelligent, talented and gifted. I believe they exhibit more love, patience and understanding than men. Having said that there are some who are intimidated by a Proverbs 31 woman. On the other hand there are some women that anything but the qualities mentioned above.

Dennis was a wuss. Leeann wore the pants and ran the show.