Friday, May 24, 2013

Dave Pack Says COG Members of Other Groups Are Unclean

Dave Pack Says  COG Members of Other Groups Are Unclean

Dave Pack is back with his weekly message to the apostate whores in all the various splinter groups,  Today he starts off by telling COG members that they are unclean as long as they follow the splinter group leaders and evangelists.  He particularly despises UCG, COGWA, LCG and PCG.  Of course these are the four major COG's that take millions of dollars in tithe money away from Dave's pockets.

God now also calls “this people” a “nation.” I Peter 2:9 describes God’s Church as a “holy nation.” Verse 14 is a powerful summary statement about the remnant’s prior condition—when they were abiding in their own “houses.” This was a condition that the ministry played a large role in bringing about. God describes His people as “unclean,” including “EVERY work of their hands” and “that which they offer” in the period before they were brought back to His Church. But why does God say this to His people?

The large splinters have slowly come to resemble the world’s churches much more than God’s Church. This is true of standards, appearance, doctrines and behavior—their degeneration in all these areas is truly across the board! The members of these groups cannot see where their leaders have either led them—or stepped out of the way like a matador and permitted them to go. The United Church of God and the Church of God, a Worldwide Association are the worst, but no longer by much. The Living Church of God over time worked hard to successfully close the gap. The Philadelphia Church of God is another matter altogether, having additional problems on top of what is described here. Having become so blind in the Laodicean age, these organizations cannot see their collective degenerate and worsening condition. They have grown absolutely oblivious to what GOD sees.

We saw in an earlier part that this group of Christians is cut off from Christ and the Father. (Read “God’s People Back Together—SOON!” if you have not done so.) Therefore, what they are producing and “offering” cannot be guided by Almighty God and the living Jesus Christ, Who is NOT the Head of their organizations. As a result, no matter their feelings telling them otherwise, their fruits are simply works of men—all unclean. A series of New Testament verses clarifies what the people knowingly chose or were permitted to unwittingly “fall into,” bringing this uncleanness.


Unknown said...

Mathematical principles prove Pack as UNCLEAN.

Hypothesis and proof...

1) Pack is a proven TURD.

2) Turds are unclean.

3) Therefore Pack is unclean.

My 11th grade geometry teacher would be proud of me!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Byker Bob said...

Unclean???? I know you downplay Jesus in your gospel, but now you're talking as if He never lived and the Levitical laws are still all in force!

Read your Bible, Dave! Jesus and the disciples constantly fellowshipped with the unclean! Their love for God and fellow man made them risk exposure to the unclean constantly! Peter had this little vision early on in Acts that you might also want to bone up on.