Wednesday, May 22, 2013

James Malm Wants You Know How To Qualify For A Job In His Kingdom

PERSONAL:  Before I continue with today’s post on Proverbs I wanted to tell a personal story which illustrates some of the focus of Proverbs, much other scripture and the problem in the COG Groups today.

Many years ago my wife and I applied for a job managing a government building.  We were well qualified and immediately had a good rapport with the interviewer, being able to answer all their questions correctly and amicably.  We did not get the job!

We had wanted this particular job and were disappointed, however by analyzing the interview we learned an important lesson.  This may help those out job hunting and as we are hopefully all seeking a “job” in the Kingdom of God, it should help us in understanding the kind of kings and priests that Jesus Christ wants working for him. 

At one point in the interview we were asked what we would do in a particular situation.  Eager to show off my knowledge and impress them, I said that we would do this and this and this. My answer was CORRECT but it was THE WRONG ANSWER!

The answer being sought was:  “I would follow your policy on the matter”!

These folks would be paying someone to manage a huge building and they had a right to have their decades  long established policies learned and followed!

THINK!  How much more do the Father and Christ have the right to KNOW that their policies of countless millennia, are being followed by candidates for a “job” assisting them and affecting the lives of millions?

If you want to rule, you must learn to live an example of true godliness; and to teach and rule in a godly manner; or we will not get the “job”.


Joe Moeller said...

Do you think that there will be "LinkedIn", "" or "" in the World Tomorrow?

If not, then I guess I will be in trouble at that time. I will just have to rely on social networking and word of mouth for a job at that time I guess. I am polishing up my resume' though for that eventful future era.

I do have requirements though. I need at least $100k a year, 401k plan, full health benefits and a minimum of two weeks a year off so that I may attend the FOT in Jerusalem. Management position only please.

Im willing to relocate, but require no third world countries and I wont go to Buffalo New York either.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Corky said...

Can't you just see brain-dead CoG people ruling the world with a rod of iron? It would be the "Zombie Apocalypse" for sure.

Ahh, but "they will be given the knowledge and ability to rule at that time", they say. Well, why is it not given to them now?, I say.

It's amazing how many people believe they will know stuff after death that they didn't learn while they were alive. But, I have Paul on my side who says they have to learn it now (1 Cor. 6:1...)

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting through those crowds at the FOT.

With billions of people all attending at the FOT, you'll have to get up at 1AM the previous night to get a decent place to hear the speaker. Parking will be horrendous. Forget about the bathrooms, there will be a line longer then the Exodus. And eating? Might as well just sit down and eat before you get out of services at 9 AM once only, say, a couple million or two are left to leave before they have to turn around to come right back to services. And no complaining about the heat!

And people thought Woodstock was bad?!?!

Byker Bob said...

In a generalized way, Malm's advice could be valid. It certainly does not apply well with a creative type who celebrates his own individualism, though.

Armstrongism never came to this particular celebration, however. It was all about shedding individuality for whatever HWA's cause was that he always equated to God.


Head Usher said...

I'm glad to see James Malm acknowledging that he's aware that some of his god's policies are the wrong answer, and that he's just playing politics, trying to brown nose and schmooze his god, letting him know that James Malm will happily do the wrong thing if it's what his god wants him to do (and will therefore benefit James Malm and his job security). I'm glad he's finally admitting to his specific brand of corruption and coming clean that the sole purpose for all his genuflecting is directed like a laser toward the specific hope of being appointed to a high-ranking bureaucratic job in his imaginary god's bureaucratic imaginary government. Good luck with that imaginary job interview that you think you're in the middle of right now. I'm sure you'll get the imaginary job this time. There's so little competition for it. Oh, wait, it's imaginary...bummer.

Anonymous said...

According to the Holy Spirit, if someone submits a resume in The World Tomorrow that includes the phrase "I have been a good member of an Armstrongite splinter group", Jesus will barf on them with 300+ MPH Wind of Holy Puke that will blow their heads clear off.

Anonymous said...

Wanted: cranky old man who brings the hymnals to church and yells at children. Required skills include the ability to disrupt any post-church socialization in order to collect hymnals within 2 minutes. Wife who makes shitty coffee during the final hymn a plus. Must own a rusted '76 Mercury.

Please send resume and salary requirements to Bad PK.