Monday, March 14, 2016

Rod Meredith and His Version of Shariah Law

Rod Meredith wrote another letter of encouragement to his members.   It has an angry god who is still pissed off and sex.   He titled his article: The Answer.
He starts it off with a comment about the kingdom of God he wants to come.
War, crime, inequity and hate pervade our human society. Only the Kingdom of God will bring to earth the peace, prosperity and harmony that will allow humanity to flourish, but Christians can have a foretaste of the Kingdom by living God's way! 
What he writes is a regular  theme that most Christians believe.  However, there is his version which is proprietary and exclusive and the version of God's kingdom that is grace filled and inclusive that most Christians believe.  That is the big difference in Meredith's kingdom where a few chosen ones will be taken to some hell hole in Jordan where they will be trained to rule with rod's of iron on some distant planet with a sheriffs badge, and the kingdom of God that many Christians want to bring to earth in this present age one person at a time. as they seek to heal and restore those around them.

Meredith continues:
All over the world, millions are beginning to realize more than ever that the world around them—the entire human society—is coming apart and coming to a bitter end unless massive changes come about soon. For entire governments are being overthrown right and left throughout the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere. The terrorist group widely known as ISIS has overthrown several governments and undermined the stability of others. Their model of governance is essentially a dictatorship, which rules under Sharia Law—a legal system derived from a particular medieval understanding of the Muslim holy book, the Quran, and subsequent commentaries. In practice, as millions can attest from personal suffering, this is a harsh and bitter way of life that oppresses not only women but in fact the healthy family and every part of society.  
Meredith complains about Sharia Law, yet the kingdom he expects usher in will be just as legalistic and abusive.  For decades Herbert Armstrong,  Meredith, Flurry, Pack and most other ministers have promoted a kingdom where specially chosen Church of God members will be rulers, lawgivers, AND punishers!  Even  as a child I remember Meredith bellowing about how church members would be taught to rule with rod's of iron in order to whip the sinful heathens of the world into shape.

Meredith's god and the god of the church has always been this one big pissed off diety that can't wait to wipe humanity off the face of the earth.  The law that Meredith wants to dish out in this kingdom is no better than Shariah Law.

Unlike Meredith, Christians have always been blessed by the grace and joy they feel and seek to bring a foretaste of that  kingdom to earth, one person at a time.  These are the ones feeding the homeless, caring for the destitute, encouraging the disenfranchised, healing the sick, giving those around them a foretaste of  the kingdom to come.


Anonymous said...

What 7 governments has Isis overthrown ? NONE.If he cannot get this right then.............Very sloppy Rod.

DennisCDiehl said...

The COG God and His son are the basic cultic "love us or we'll kill you forever" duo. The Holy Spirit generally lays low

Anonymous said...

Actually, the world tomorrow will be like the country town depicted in the Michael J Fox 1991 movie, 'Doc Hollywood.' l know this because the holy spirit let me know, just after watching the movie. God communicating with people, is one of the benefits of trading with God. And no, He doesn't tell me the winning lottery numbers.

Regards TradingGuy

Black Ops Mikey said...

Since Meredith is a false prophet and, if the postings here are true, his sons at the LCG booze it up and take drugs, one wonders how these boy wonders will fare.

LoF? Ever burning hell?

For people with this such moral standards, Satan should get busy and build the Tenth Circle of Hell. And make it big with plenty of room, because there's going to be need for it.

Just why don't these cultmeisters seem to get that when God meets out punishment, they will be first in line and the last to ever even get a glimpse of The Kingdom... if there is one.

I wouldn't want to be any where near their hypocrisy when judgment rolls around.

Byker Bob said...

Wonderful! Sharia-like law, ministers as police officers and judiciary, and the system of justice is biased and broken. But, members give them a pass because they teach the sabbath, holy days, clean meats, tithing, and the end times. Sounds like a highly functional unit!


Black Ops Mikey said...

Wouldn't it be fun if some Islam Imam issued a Fatwa against Roderick Meredith.

Anonymous said...

3.31AM According to the COGs and many protestant churches, God made man so that He can get His jollies by micro managing peoples lives. Obey, yield, surrender, is said over and over to paint this picture. This is people making God in their own image. It's not the way Christ behaved.

James said...

Meredith is sloppy. The United States has destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Overthrew the Ukraine (6 billion spent since 2003 to do so) working on Syria, and much, much more-

Anonymous said...

The Meredith/McNair dream team (more like a nightmare) are no different than the crazy sharia law kooks. God says not to "add to or take away from" his word but that is precisely what LCG excels at.

No private Bible studies, no Biblical discussions without a minister present, no costume parties (after all, the Pagan's used to wear masks so they could have anonymous sex), no crosses (aka penis'), no hearts (aka vaginas), no 2 piece bathing suits, no free style dancing, no spaghetti straps, tithing to non-Levites, British Israelism, and on and on and on....

Meredith is obsessed with sex like a lot of those Sharia men are too. They stone or hang homosexuals all the while they are having sex with their tea boys. LCG's views of women are similar as well. Women are to serve and satisfy the men. Men have larger brains (Meredith preached it so it must be true).

Great story!

Anonymous said...

The visiting minister program was like sharia. No white sugar, white flour, tobacco, etc.

ACOGs are legalism in action.