Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Final Construction Starts On Ambassador Campus

When the Worldwide Church of God decided to sell the Pasadena campus, it faced a lot of criticism because it did not remain the owners an lease out the land.  If they had done that, the church would have been endowed in perpetuity with money.  Local churches could have been built in communities where they could actually have made their presence known.

That never happened and now the church has shrunk into nothingness.  Instead, others are reaping the benefits.

The construction of townhouses on the Ambassador property are entering their final stage.  They are selling for between $2,000,000 - 2,750,000, all sitting upon land owned by someone else. Money in their pockets.
How Much Is An Ambassador gardens townhouse In Pasadena?
The Newport Beach-based developer will unveil a designer showcase home on Saturday with those features and more in conjunction with the release of the final 17 homes in its upscale Ambassador Gardens development in Pasadena. 
The home will be shown through March 29 as part of the Jamieson Place enclave of 39 townhomes and flats, where homes are now selling for $2 million to $2.75 million. 
Jamieson Place follows two earlier phases — The Bungalows and the The Grove. Since construction began in 2012, Ambassador Gardens has sold 57 homes. 
Situated on the lush grounds of the former Ambassador College, the 19-acre community is unique, according to Ben Besley, vice president of development for Insignia.

Being wise stewards has never the hallmark of the Church of God.


Anonymous said...

Tkach's gaol was to destroy the church in every conceivable way. The financial vandalism part was highly successful.

Anonymous said...

Typo: $2,000,000 - 2,750,000 (not $275,000,000)

Sweetblood777 said...

Robbery in plain sight. Tkach sr. and jr. managed to destroy not only the church, but also to pocket the proceeds, while pretending to be men of God. But don't judge them too harshly, the previous owners were thieves themselves.

Anonymous said...

"Being wise stewards has never the hallmark of the Church of God."

what makes you think the Tkaches are part of The Church?

Anonymous said...

Tkach's gaol[sic] was to destroy the church in every conceivable way.

I doubt that. I think the Tkaches just wanted the power of leading a church with a much less cultic reputation than was HWA's.

They still wanted the power of being in charge.
The fact that the timelines for Tkach Junior's promises have long expired makes it clear that even though their associations with Ruth Tucker and Hank Hanegraaff got the WCG accepted into the membership of the National Association of Evangelicals, Joe Jr has NEVER given up his control of the church, created an entity other than it's longstanding "dummy board", or ever held elections.

In short, Tkach bamboozled Ruth Tucker and Hank Hanegraaff using false promises. And, I'm sure all the money Joe Tkach Jr gave them didn't hurt his subterfuge, either, LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Yup, and whatever happened to the "financial transparency" Joe Tkach Jr promised while working with Ruth Tucker and Hank Hanegraaff to gain a less cultic image?

Hint: It never happened, either.

Byker Bob said...

Methodology is of course important. But the most important fact for us all to remember is that an evil empire was disrupted and pretty much destroyed. People were set free in the process, the control of their finances and futures has been returned to them, countless children are not suffering abuse, and the boogeyman (end times) is currently unemployed. Transparency might have been good, but that had been totally lacking from 1934 onward. All things considered, you'd have to conclude that this was a Gamaliel-style win!


Anonymous said...

I would not say that the evil empire was pretty much destroyed.
Mostly, the leaders simply moved and set up shop elsewhere, taking their followers with them.
To simply look at Grace Communion International's numbers and declare, "Ding, dong, the witch is dead!" is a view sorely lacking in scope.

And having been to a variety of social events comprised largely of GCI members, I can tell you that a reverence for "all things HWA" by many GCI members is alive and well.

On the other hand, factors like the advent of the internet, the passing of time since HWA's death, the aging of those who were drawn in via the World Tomorrow broadcasts, etc, have brought an inevitable atrophy which I gladly welcome.

I give the Tkaches less of a pass than BB does, and am unable to share his enthusiastic conclusion that their legacy is that of a "Gamaliel-style win!"

To reference yet another criticism among many, I could ask why, if HWA's writings were truly considered harmful, were the copyrights to a large block of them sold for millions of dollars? Maybe Gamaliel and his three Gods were sleeping that day.

Byker Bob said...

Gamaliel was not sleeping. The booklets went to PCG! Gamaliel followed them. Original scam materials are of supreme value to franchisees wishing to perpetuate the scam.

Herbert W. Armstrong, an American barking spider!


Anonymous said...

Yes, the Blessings of God (with Gamaliel) went to the Philadelphia Church of God along with the copyrighted HWA material.
That the spider shall catch even more victims in it's web of unholiness.
Holy Jesusholes....... That's totally awesome!

Anonymous said...

The Alabama Barking Spider actually exists then, cool.
And to think that some cog's may begin to think that HWA was the man of sin. Nope, just his farting in the wind. That's all.

If HWA was around today he could market his allah-bamboozling-cider in cheap plastic knock-offs of stueben crystal. Caution: flatulunce guaranteed. What an idea! I'll sell it at http://www.barkingspidertavern.com. Maybe I could pay my tab.