Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bob Thiel Struggling To Find Money To Support His African Churches

Robert Thiel reports that the church building in Nigeria has been completed. 
“In Nigeria churches are required to own at least one building or the government will shut them down. It really stretched our finances to have to help with the Nigerian building project and we still have not fully recovered our fund situation. 
Evans Ochieng reports from Kenya: “I met three congregations in Kisii.
The first congregation I met was Singera. This is a new congregation of Peter Omuya. I was very happy because this congregation has completely changed from Sunday to Sabbath and they are very active. The problem which they have is a hall ... they are just under trees. I promised them that they should get some poles, so that I will help them in some other areas like iron sheets, nails and roofing nails and roof timbers. So we came to conclusion that in April we shall try to make that hall before heavy rain starts.
After that I met another new congregation of Mageche. They are in a small town where we rented for them a hall, This congregation is bigger than Singera. They have 38 members. I paid for them a hall for four months. They are very serious in God’s work. Since many things are new to them, they are active to learn many things.
Lastly I met our old congregation of Eberege. This is an old congregation with over 80 members.” Church of God news


Redfox712 said...

Serves them right for trying to make themselves look powerful and popular by using African Christians and claiming that they belong to Thiel's following. Now Thiel's complaining that this tactic is a financial drain on his organization? He should have foreseen such a problem before using this tactic.

Byker Bob said...

Prophecy comes alive! Many of us here had predicted exactly this outcome when Thiel first started bragging about his African coup. The folks in many third world countries are so needy that only a super-funded evangelistic organization can afford to minister to their needs. Humanitarian efforts get upside down very quickly, because even if the "members" tithe, it is based on their average per capita income. They require subsidy, as opposed to self-amortizing a local ministry.


Anonymous said...

“Bob Thiel Struggling To Find Money To Support His African Churches”

“In NIGERIA churches are required to own at least one building or the government will shut them down. It really stretched our finances to have to help with the NIGERIAN building project and we still have not fully recovered our fund situation.”

“I was very happy because this congregation has completely changed from Sunday to Sabbath and they are very active.”


Any more reported growth of Bob's work in NIGERIA and Bob could be bankrupt--and bitter too if he ever figures out what really happened. Unfortunately for Bob, more old but new congregations can spring up suddenly in a place like NIGERIA.

It is difficult to believe that the congregation completely changed from Sunday to Sabbath. That would be inefficient and wasteful of a NIGERIAN congregation. Maybe that is just what they tell their Sabbath-keeping American sponsors. Maybe Bob should stop by on a Sunday and see what they are telling their Sunday-keeping American sponsors.

Soon it will be time for the NIGERIAN representatives of Bob's CCG to sadly, sincerely, and tearfully inform Bob that the government of NIGERIA has suddenly, recently changed the rules to require bigger and more luxurious residences to be built for the local representatives of Bob's CCG or else they will not be allowed to attend church services.

Maybe amateur fibbers and scammers like Bob just naturally attract professional, born fibbers and scammers from places like NIGERIA.

The demons probably told the pagans not to tell Bob what was really going on, and false prophets like Bob cannot see it coming on his own.

Minimalist said...

Truckloads of the CCOG's Flagship magazine will be welcome for Free Bathroom Tissue like in the Money-Burning days when they printed and gave away 23 million boring PT magazines a month!

Anonymous said...

I have not been to Africa, but I have been to many Asian countries. They regard westerners as outsiders, to be robbed blind. Judging them by their own standards, I have no sympathy for them. Let them eat cake.

Anonymous said...

Bob fulfilling the great prophecy that was foretold in 1982, where he will bless the rains down in Africa, and take some time to do the things we never had.

Ralph said...

Why not accept:-
"Act 5:38 And now I say unto you, REFRAIN FROM THESE MEN (MAN), and let them (HIM) alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought:
Act 5:39 But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God."


Anonymous said...

Poor Bobby Thiel,

Even in the heigdays of wcg. "Local" wcg branches in nearly all "israelite" nations, being the largest investors in the USA in economic terms, were subsidized from the Canadian work.

Only in Tkach days effort was made to make these branches self-reliant (through his "5 year strategic plans.") But then there was the sudden rise of commercial television in "israel" warranting even the usa parent church to transfer funds to the likes of "berlusconi and bertelsmann).

When do these people learn. The cold war is over. The work is redundant.

We are entering a world of more even competition. Therefore the rise of Donald von Trumpf, championing the cause of the ones that are about to transfer most, by amongst other tricks playing on the worst of instincts in the usa (british israelism kkk).

If chosen, this time he will not stand unopposed by non learned church people, but now by nations that are risen to power. USA better find a leader that is able to manoeuvre the new place of the usa in the minefield of nations, because after all, God bless the USA.


Black Ops Mikey said...

He might be surprised how many other ACoGs are supporting the very same Nigerian congregations.

Oh, and check your email inbox....

Anonymous said...

The saga of Bob Thiel is astonishing, even by sad COG standards. Years spent doggedly creating his own brand with voluminous amounts of regurgitated HWA errors, while claiming allegiance to Meredith's was obvious to an informed observer what he was up to. True to form, he looked for an opening to exalt himself, and found it in an unsuspecting LCG elder. Putting words into the man's mouth and unintended meaning into those words, Thiel claimed a mantle from God and set about building an organization of, for and by himself. The absurdity that has followed was as predictable as his original motives and actions, and anybody with a smidge of awareness about "church growth in Africa" knew what was going to happen there.

It's a silly little monument to himself, that's all. Nobody cares what Bob Thiel thinks or says. Once he detached himself from Meredith, the titillating nature of his writings disappeared, and his dubious level of relevance was no more.

James said...

Now that the church shack is built, the minister in charge can deep six Bob and make way with his tithe payers. I would if I was in Nigeria as a dirt poor minister.

Anonymous said...

It would actually help Mr. Thiel to claim the double dose of mental disability he has in his own country. Asylums for the insane are now very much better than they once were. They're now even more than twice as good!