Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Reluctant Prophet

Ron Weinland has always envisioned himself as God's greatest mouthpiece since Herbert Armstrong died. His role as a prophet has changed some since he made his epic failure in 2008.  He makes an excuse that he was "resisting" being a prophet.   Check out his convoluted reasoning below:

The Bible actually speaks of two different kinds of prophets in the sense of how God works with them and works through them. One is (as I have mentioned many times) stated in the book on the back page, back cover, about what a prophet is, in the sense of what I was at that time, what I could say to that point in time, because I couldn't say more because I was resisting, frankly. Yet that is the definition of a prophet, one who is able to be given inspired understanding or speaking to give those things that are a matter of prophecy, but not a matter of God giving them specific prophetic things in the future. There's a difference. So you'll find that throughout scripture, that God has used prophets in different ways, especially in the beginning of the Church. They weren't for writing things for the future, they were a matter of things with inspired speaking, inspired understanding of things of prophecy. So again:
A prophet’s job (function) is not like that of an apostle. A prophet simply writes or speaks what God has given him and he does not expound or elaborate on it; however, an apostle does teach and expound on “present truth,” doctrine, and prophecy to the Church.


Anonymous said...

What is that guy's point? Don't you think he looks tired??

Connie Schmidt said...

So many prophets, so confusing!

Cant we just organize a giant "destruction derby" event , with wrecks of old cars in a dirt concourse and let them have it out, ala the way Elijah took on the Prophets of Baal?

They could all pray and fast and ask for Gods help for the sign of approval, and then go at it with their 1985 Yugos, AMC Gremlins, and Ford Pintos etc in the destruction derby. Last man standing type of thing! Heck, Id even pay $5 to see the event myself!

Anonymous said...

Yep, so many profits.

Anonymous said...

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