Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Billions Will Be Killed At The End Of The Millennium

The Church of God has always pictured the millennium as a time of peace and prosperity as people live in true harmony with God and Jesus walking among them.

Leave it to a Pharisaical COG turd to claim that the billions of people who will live this harmony while being ruled over by COG members, will all end up being killed AFTER the millennium. All that will be left will be the highly selected law keepers and zealots.  If that is all true, then why even try?  That is what happens when people start listening to the zealous liars and despots that run the various COG ministries out there today.

When Satan is released after the end of the millennium – AFTER the millennium ends; to complete the remaining months of his six thousand years of dominating mankind, he will deceive – probably many billions of people – nearly everyone on the planet except Israel [God will allow this to teach one final lesson to a mankind who after a thousand years of peace will have become complacent, lukewarm and lacking in zeal just like we have become today]. 
It is those vast numbers who are killed AFTER the millennium, but BEFORE the main harvest; who will be resurrected during the seventh and last; one thousand years of Tabernacles. James Malm


Anonymous said...

My bible says the saints will spend eternity in Heaven. James Malm needs to read the KJV translation.

Anonymous said...

When ACOG folks are taught this stuff, I wish more would ask: "How does this new teaching help me to become a better human being? How does increase my love for God and/or my love for my fellow human beings?"

In 999/1000 cases, it does not help at all. It's just knowledge. Really, it's just speculation, but it is speculation masquerading as knowledge. All it does is define an "insider"group that is "in the know" from an "outsider" group that lacks the special knowledge.

This is merely another way of saying "gnosticism." Christians strive to love and serve God's creation better and better. Gnostics strive to learn the precise manner and time in which end-time events will occur. Whatever one might call Malm's diatribes, one shouldn't mislabel them as Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Here is more speculative knowledge. The super-sadistic being in charge has done this ever since eternity. Get a select few to believe they are the awesomest of the awesome, put them in charge of universes/planets then tempt them with what he knows is their biggest Achilles heel. The moment they fail the temptation, they get tormented and tortured for ever. Just ask Lucifer. He is the current god-king who "won" planet earth and messed up. Prior to him, other god-kings messed up to and their minion humans were destroyed leaving only artifacts of their lifestyle in the form of stone tools like Clovis Points.

Rinse and repeat ... that's the way.

Byker Bob said...

If Armstrongism ever turned out to actually be of God, then these fortunate billions would just be the ones opting out. Fortunately, I believe something far better awaits us.


Anonymous said...

A final lesson? You don't learn anything from complete death. You are gone and have no thoughts according to the CoG so how does Malm think it is one final lesson for the billions who would die?
What a maroon this egotist is.

Allen Dexter said...

My thought exactly 1:55. But, none of it makes sense. It's all the rantings of deluded men worshipping a non-existent god. Your god too, BB. What sucked you back in after you'd successfully extricated yourself?

Connie Schmidt said...

Sounds to me that Malm cant wait for this, and wants to personally be on the "Killing Fields " team that will execute this judgement.

PS- In the present time, please keep weapons of mass destruction, or automatic weapons away from Malm. Thank you!

James said...

James Malm = Mental illness.

Anonymous said...

There will be another world war after billions have been resurrected and given a chance for salvation at the end of the millennium. The war is just another case of cause and effect that God will honor. But Malm seems to imply another one thousand years after this. Maybe it's his wording.

Claire Voighent said...

Anon1:00PM wrote:

"Whatever one might call Malm's diatribes, one shouldn't mislabel them as Christianity."

No true christian would write a diatribe like Malm's.

Unfortunately, just because you might disagree with Malm in the strongest possible terms, there exists no objective basis to conclude that he's not just as much of a christian as you, or that his ideas, no matter how personally distateful they may be, aren't just as much a representation of christianity as any other set of ideas that can also be derived from the christian bible. You might be able to argue his ideas are "heretical," "fringe," or "Judaizing," or any other subjective modifiers you want to add, but as long as they're derived from the christian bible, you can't really say they're not christian.

Someone who wrote a diatribe about bringing back slavery, you might want to say that no true christian would argue for that, and that slavery isn't a true christian idea, but just because we might not like it, that doesn't magically make the tacit approvals and regulation of slavery that appear in the bible go away.

I like your opinion of what qualifies as true christianity, and what doesn't, but that doesn't make it worth any more than the paper you didn't write it on.

Just because you're more moral than your god, that doesn't mean that others who are only just as moral as your god can't lay legitimate claim to being his followers also.

Byker Bob said...

I’m just glad Malm isn’t a John Lennon fan. He’d be ruining John Lennon in everyone’s minds just like he spoils Jesus.

These splinter leaders and wannabees have turned Armstrongism into a satire of Christianity. Oh well, it’s probably got a better chance of going viral that way. Sooner or later someone will repost something from here on youtube that will take off and take on a life if its own!