Saturday, April 28, 2018

LCG: Rebrands Its Failed University Library For Use By Its Living Education "school"

New logo for the world's most important center of learning

Charlotte has been a den of activity trying to get their defunct "university" rebranded as Living Education.  Now that Michael Germano's grandiose dream of another full-fledged university has been dumped into the Charlotte dump (just like Pasadena, Big Sandy and Bricket Wood) LCG has been working hard to turn into its remnants into a "new and improved" center for "learning".  Just like in the glory days of the Worldwide Church of God and Ambassador College, Living had sought to gain accreditation for their humongous university.  But the god of Armstrongism had other plans.  Just like with HWA, Weston has put the university and church "back on the tracks" and it is bound for Kingdom since it is after all, the ONE true church.  This is now Jonathan McNair's new pet project.

One thing the failed university had in its possession was a library and what to do with it.  Since the "university" was moulding in the city dump, LCG needed to register the "library" for its new "learning center."  No longer was it able to call it the Living University Library.  It had to have a new name.  It is now officially called, the Roderick C Meredith Memorial Library.  This mind-expanding library will now be for the use of the entire LCG!  Woo hoo!

This week, we launched the Living Education Facebook page! You can find it at this address: If you’d like to catch the latest news as it happens, then add our page to your favorites. For example, this week, subscribers to the page learned about the introduction of our new logo. If you’re interested in finding out what it looks like, just check out the page! We also were able to announce there Mr. Weston’s decision to update the name of the Living University Library. We need to register the Church library with local authorities, and it is currently registered under the Living University name. As we begin our new program, the library will be officially titled the “Roderick C. Meredith Memorial Library.” This will rightly honor Dr. Meredith, and would be very appropriate, as a portrait of him is installed in the library. It would also serve to emphasize the purpose of the library as a resource for the Living Church of God as a whole. For more information on Living Education, our new logo, the library, and more, our web page is By the way, last week we focused on young men and our on-site Living Education program in Charlotte. We haven’t forgotten about the young women! Tune in next week!—Jonathan McNair
You too can sign up online to study with this most amazing center of learning.  You too can study the book that has the answer for EVERYTHING


The Bible is filled with answers.  But they aren’t just any answers.  The answers in the Word of God give insight and understanding to the most important questions that man can ask.  God’s Word answers questions like “Why Were We Born?”, and “What is Man’s Ultimate Destiny?”. But we can’t learn the answers without opening the Book! Living Education helps you open the Book, and guides you to the answers that will change your life.  Now is the time to begin!
All using officially approved LCG literature and interpretations, of course!


Anonymous said...

Why a single tree in the logo?

Does it symbolize the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, encouraging LCG members to repeat the mistakes of Adam and Eve?

Or, does it symbolize the Tree of Life, from which mankind has been forbidden to eat until God resurrects us on His timetable, not our own?

LE's tree symbolizes either pride or presumption. Was this a good choice?

Byker Bob said...

We can know that the RCMM Library would be filled with materials of an apologetic supporting nature to Armstrongism. Myopic, and one-sided, and certainly not promoting anything like free speech and academic or intellectual freedom. It’s there for one purpose: indoctrination.

It has been a time-honored business principle to downsize and refocus when growth and successes from the past become unable to be perpetuated. The pattern seems to be that this principle does not work in Armstrongism. Living University was invisible, except for a handful of people inside the movement. This latest experiment will no doubt become part of the inexorable downward spiral facing all fragments of the former Armstrong empire.


James said...

Another worthless endeavor that is bound to fail.

Dennis Diehl said...

1246. Ever wonder what exactly was inappropriate about humans knowing the knowledge of good and evil? Seem like Eve can't be blamed for partaking if she did not have such understanding until partaking. Actually the Two Trees are God Fruit trees evidently. Not for human workers bees in one version. But putting them in the middle of the garden seems a set up much like putting chocolates on the coffee table with a warning to the kids not to touch. Tis a confusing myth.

Trees can represent lots more in education, in this case "falsely so called" than Bible trees I'd think

Anonymous said...

Dennis, Jonathan McNair has explained the new logo on Living Education's Facebook page:

Mr. Gerald Weston has approved our new logo! We're all about living a Godly life - and what better way to highlight that focus than the tree of life!

God warned Adam and Eve not to partake of the tree of life, but Living Education will help you do something that Adam and Eve were forbidden to do. Try reconciling that with LCG's Old Testament/Old Covenant sensibilities!

Anonymous said...

I'm new here, so please don't laugh, but who are the Living Church Of God? I left the WCG in the '90's and I never kept in contact and furthermore here in Bathurst, New Brunswick (Canada) I don't know of anyone else from the Armstrong legacy.

NO2HWA said...

Living Church of God is one of the harlot daughters of Armstrongism that Rod Meredith and a few corrupt deacons and elders started.

Before that Rod Meredith had apostatized from WCG after they had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in defending him in a libel suit after he smeared Leona McNair in front of 700 ministers in Tuscon. After the church lost that case and was no longer representing Meredith, he started a new splinter group called Global Church of God along with Raymond McNair.

When Global rebelled against Meredith's appalling treatment of members they decided to vote him out. He then threw a royal hissy-fit and took most of Globals members as well as most of the money to start the Living Church of God.

LCG moved their HQ to Charlotte North Carolina years ago where he also started a mini college. Meredith died recently and LCG is now run by Gerald Weston who is just as legalistic and controlling as Meredith was, but totally without any personality.

Anonymous said...

Living education? In that case, why isn't this possessed knowledge in their church publications, broadcasts and sermons? Their simple simon material hasn't changed forever.
If the ignorant lead the ignorant, both will be clueless.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:46AM, their "Simple Simon" material isn't mean to teach college-aged men how to adopt the Ambassador mentality, nor is it meant to separate the good kids from the potential ministerial overlords.

Anonymous said...

I just read the material at the site, and was amazed by one statement. The folks behind LCG education have the nerve to call the Charlotte HQ congregation an atmosphere of Christian purity.

I hope parents aren't fooled by this. LU's first female graduate got pregnant before marriage, and the father wasn't even another LU student. Kids who don't fall into the ACOG pattern of hidden immorality behind public Pharisaism will likely end up losing whatever faith they had. A few lucky ones may be absorbed into the Borg, where they will learn to be little Rod McNairs. Is this what any parents want for their children?

Anonymous said...

@3:21, McNair has said the tree is the Tree of Life. Why, then, is it inside a zero?

Anonymous said...

That round circle is a classic symbol of the female sex organ while the tree is a mighty oak, another symbol of fertility, that is firmly inserted in the female circle. What more should we expect from LCG. Sex is their favourite topic.