Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bob Thiel: 1974 WCG Hymnal Is Only Hymnal Approved By God and Then Makes Excuses for Video Background Noises

Poor Bob.  He has had such a difficult week.  First Dennis confronts him about his obsession with death and maiming that his god is prone to do with natural disasters.  Then Dave Pack humiliates him with his latest letter mocking all break away group leaders as UNCLEAN.  Then on top of all of that Bob has to apologize for the background noise in most of his videos that we so conveniently mock here.

First the ONLY approved songs fit for human consumption are:

Here is our suggested format for Sabbath services on May 25, 2013:

Blaming your incredibly BAD videos on poor mics or unruly guests in the room is really bad.  

We recognize, and have noticed, various problems with certain sermonette and sermon videos.  We tried another new microphone this week, which also did not work properly, so went back to an earlier one.

The sermonettes we suggest are normally posted at the Bible News Prophecy channel.  Those tend to be in the 10-20 minute range.  We have an editor for those who live over 200 miles away, and he puts in the scriptures and the opening and closing screens.  Otherwise these are not edited.  We have also made some changes as to how we video these and I believe that this will result in them becoming better over time.

Our sermons are normally posted at the ContinuingCOG channel.  These normally have had no editing.  These are sermons filmed live as given here in Arroyo Grande, California.  Because of this, audience noises are heard from time to time and we still do not have an appropriate way to totally prevent them.  In addition, there were microphone issues for  this week’s suggested sermon, and we believe we now know how to greatly reduce those particular ones.  So, as you listen to it, please realize that we believe we will have less of those issues overall in the future.

That being said, what excuse do you want to make for the crooked bookcases and door knob next to your head?  Do you sit on the floor when you make these videos?  All of them look like you are sitting on the floor as you have to look UP to the camera.  Please do something about those flailing arms and hands.  Waving a floppy KJV bible waved about is not impressive, nor is holding books and papers in front of your face while speaking.  For the sake of Herbert Armstrong quality please make some changes!!!!


Anonymous said...

Praise ye the Lordo

Anonymous said...

Yes, lets sing about bashing heads against rocks and waging war. So COG like!

Anonymous said...

What's funny is that in the beginning of that hymnal is a little missive written by HWA, in which the question is asked, is it not just as sinful to sing a lie as to tell one? But half of the hymns in that book are about totally unchristian attitudes of Old Testament David, pleading that god would kill all of his enemies, or ecstatic over how his god has supposedly already done such a thing. Isn't it just as wrong to sing about these attitudes as to have them?

Besides, singing the same 100 songs decade in and decade out...after a while you just kinda have to ask yourself why you're caught up in a group that thinks there's a point to that...

Anonymous said...

Praiseyethelordwithyourwholeheartgivepraisewhentheuprightareassembledforgod..... ANNNNNNNNDDDDD... BREATHE!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... give thanks and praise the eteeeerrrrnal.. call upoooooonnn....his sacred naaaaaameeee...



Yes, those were the days

Anonymous said...

Top 10 Memorable WTF Moments With Dwight Armstrong

10. All he does prospers well, But the wicked are not so;
They are chaff before the wind, Driven to and fro.

9. Like a melancholy sparrow, Like a pelican alone.

8. Let floods clap hands, and let the hills together joy declare.

7. From mouths of babes and infants, Lord, Strength by Thee is ordained,
So that Thy enemies be crushed; Thy vengeful foes restrained.

6. Lead me to the land of refuge, and for Thy mercy's sake
Cut off all my foes, destroy them, they which do afflict my soul;

5. For He fills the hungry soul, and they who are thirsty He satisfies.
Some are bound in darkness and chains, for their rebellion against the Most High.

4. Rise, O Lord! Put them all in fear! All the nations that forget that Thou art God.

3. Praise ye the Lord O! Mammals and deeps too,
Fire, hail and wind storms fulfilling His word! (Especially the windstorms!)

2. Those who have believed and are baptized
Shall be saved while others are condemn'd;

1. O how love I Thy law! It is ever with me.

Bonus WTF Honorable Mention:
They upon the city leap, break thru weapons each unharmed
Run up on the walls and climb in houses thru the windows leap;
Earth is quaking as they come, heaven shake, stars cease to shine;
Then th'Eternal thunders and the sun and moon become both black!

Douglas Becker said...

Last year, I called Booby on the carpet for his condemnation of the Church of God Seventh Day. He just doesn't much pay attention and continues to libel and slander those even Herbert Armstrong called "God's People" (even though they were accounted to be Sardis -- having a name that they Live but are dead... say, Living Church of God would be Sardis, then! And since Booby came out of the LCG...).

If he weren't so delusional, he'd be a liar.

Anonymous said...

His kindness shall always endure, his mercy never fails! (except for those of you he decides to attack with tornados, apparently)