Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bob Thiel, Gerald Flurry, Dave Pack, Rod Meredith and the 'god' of Armstrongism Says They Deserved It Because They Are Sinners

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Byker Bob said...

I'm almost too sick over this to comment. Watching The Voice last night, Oklahoma was represented by coach Blake Shelton, and contestants, The Swan Brothers. Seems like a lot of the people on the show were struggling, and one of the Swan Brothers mentioned that Oklahoma was a praying state.

You would think that at least Flurry, since this is in his state, would be mounting some sort of relief effort. If this were a normal church movement, Flurry probably would have been expected to hear from leaders of similar groups, such as Dave Pack, wanting to know whether he or his group could do anything to help. Had it happened in a different time, Jesus would be sharing with His disciples that the people killed or injured were no worse sinners than the rest of mankind.

It's just so Orwellian, so double speak, the idea that followers of Jesus Christ would take one thing He said and intended for one specific situation, and to apply that saying to all the dealings which they have with those who are not part of their own fringe group: "Let the dead bury the dead".

Many of the people in the ACOGs are doing what we were instructed to do on Halloween, hiding in the darkness in the back of their homes, failing to let their lights shine. Wouldn't it be nice if instead they were passing out water and blankets, praying with and consoling those suffering, and selflessly giving of their abundance to help others?


James said...

"Wouldn't it be nice if instead they were passing out water and blankets, praying with and consoling those suffering, and selflessly giving of their abundance to help others?"

Never happen Bob. Its all about them and fuck the world outside.

These cults should create a honor code. It goes like this:

"I'm on my honor to do my best, to help myself and screw the rest."

former pcg said...

The Flurry cult will never do anything to help those in Moore, OK. I thought perhaps they could have a concert and send all the proceeds to help the victims of this tragedy. Of course only their own cult members would show up to their ridiculous musicals. I wouldn't be so sure that their compound didn't sustain some damage. They are so secretive. They would get all 23 of their graduating students to work for free and fix roofs and cut trees.

Joe Moeller said...

United Church of God response to Oklahoma crisis...


(Copy and paste in browser)

Steve Meyers heartfelt commentary is featured.

Highlights From His Commentary ....

***"And so as we pray for those people as we ask God to intervene for those that have been impacted by this, we want to come and help do what we can, and we need to do those things."

***"When you look at these events we've got to understand that there are natural phenomenon, there's nature that happens. God did not cause this to happen. It doesn't mean that God's evil and that He brought this destruction upon the Midwest."

***"Let's pray for those that are affected by these storms - not only these storms but other devastating events in life so that we can look forward to those times that God will send joy and blessing and beauty.
So let's pray for that. Let's pray as Christ said, "Thy Kingdom come."

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY