Saturday, May 25, 2013

Some Sabbath Entertainment

Twenty Seven years later and Armstrongism is fractured into over 700 splinter groups.  
So much for the unity!  
COGWA despises UCG,  
PCG despises everyone, 
 LCG laughs at Bob thiel, 
Bob Thiel ridicules LCG, 
Dave Pack despises everyone because he is SOOOOO superfantabulous.....
and on and on it goes.............


Anonymous said...

Good God! Make me vomit my dinner! I will have nightmares after watching that tripe.

Anonymous said...

I remember this!

Wow! Just 10 years later almost exactly, and look what happened!

Unity? Churches of God?


That's like comparing ice and fire.

All it's ever been is an all out Verbal War. NONE of it is godly.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is Herbie doing with his hands? Also, notice all the happy white people, and the two token segregated black people.

I had to mute it to be able to watch. I remember seeing some of those people around, but I don't remember their names if I ever knew, I was quite a few years younger. Thankfully I had enough sense to know better than to go to AC, so my face was not embarrassingly preserved for all posterity on YouTube as a testimony to my "shameful" past.

Anonymous said...

That was wonderful Sabbath entertainment. That lovely song tells about the way things should be.

The problem is that the situation today in the WCG and its splinter groups is NOT good and NOT pleasant at all.

Too many supposed "brethren" turned out to be false brethren trying to cause division rather than promote any peace and harmony.

Anonymous said...

The happy, ideal circumstances described in that song are a fantastic reminder this Sabbath day of how things ought to be.

It is so nice to listen to something good like that rather than to so much of the stuff on the radio these days, which too often really is just "rotten lyrics set to noise" as someone put it.

Anonymous said...

If I had the money.

I would rent out the grounds of the old Ambassador Auditorium for a week.

Then I would hire 20 guys and 20 girls who could sing. I would have them spoof the old films.

Then I would hire COG leader-type actors and have them attempt to take over the production with THEIR young ambassadors. Repeat, and repeat again, until there is a huge verbal brawl. Then the Big Beaks get into it. Soon, an HWA impersonator walks in and tells them to knock it off. He starts to preach something and then all of his splinter group leaders keep fighting in the background with comic book POWS and BLAMS and BOOFS. HWA walks off shaking his head and Big Beak merrily plays his banjo.

Then the cast of "King of the Nerds" look at the fiasco and laugh their heads off. (They turn the old campus into Nerdvana, check it out on YouTube)
Money well spent? ;) :)

Douglas Becker said...

Strangers in a cult are not "brothers" no matter how beautiful and melodic the music is.


Cruel fantasy.

Joe Moeller said...

Looks like 90% of those who sang are not affiliated with ANY COG today.

I never liked AC people very much. It was a culture that was unnatural, contrived and butt kissing.

The two best ministers I ever had were actually Non AC guys who were local elders that got hired into the ministry. They had lived real lives being just members in the Church for many years, working real jobs, paying like everyone else and putting up with AC minister vanity and peccadilloes and crap.

They were much more enlightened on dealing with real people, and real problems. They had eaten the same food as the troops.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Anon said: "I would rent out the grounds of the old Ambassador Auditorium for a week.

Then I would hire 20 guys and 20 girls who could sing. I would have them spoof the old films."

They would be really rather funny because most of the campus is torn up. Alcott and TV are gone as are the library and the library annex, there was an olive tree that stood before the library that is the only thing standing out like a sore thumb around a large hole in the ground. All that money spent for what the last years of HWA? There are plans to destroy the lecture hall and fine arts hall, replacing it all with condos. The area next to the underground pool at Ambassador Hall is a mess, the wood bench that ringed the patio is all damaged and fallen apart. Thankfully the place holds no emotional value to me any longer. Ho hum.

Douglas Becker said...

The destruction of AC reminds me of Old Testament stories of places of Israelite worship being made into public restroom facilities.

Maybe the best parody of AC would be an outhouse in front of the Auditorium.

The destruction of AC may represent God's Opinion of what He thinks of Herbert Armstrong's legacy.

RSK said...

I think watching the clip that comes right after this one in the Feast film (1984) is more vomit-inducing. The banquet scene's editing is revolting.