Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dave Pack: Grace is like car insurance. Have a wreck and it gets cancelled

Superfantabulous Dave talks about grace.  It is too stupid to even comment on:

At some point, what happens if it is automobile wrecks, you get your insurance cancelled. I’ve used the example that grace is like an insurance policy—call it forgiveness or mercy—we’ll just say grace here—God’s unmerited pardon. It’s like an insurance policy. You can’t just go out and drive willy-nilly—“I don’t care. I’ll just speed on ice…around corners…I have insurance.” Who would do that? Insurance won’t keep you away from telephone poles and oak trees…You see?…or other cars. Just go off a curb, because you were too fast or it was icy. You can have insurance and lose your life.
Oh, and God's mercy is like insurance premiums.  Premiums that rise continually.
You should look at mercy as having insurance and the premiums can rise…Because the Bible says you can grow in grace and favor…and that means you can be one that isn’t, therefore, growing in grace and favor; but the other side is, you may not grow in grace and favor. The longer you drive and have no accidents, the better your rates, and you understand that. Men figured that out. But the more you wreck your car, at some point, you’re uninsurable…and then it’s illegal to drive and you’re off the road. And the analogy for a Christian is—you’re out of here—you’re no longer a Christian…


Black Ops Mikey said...

So being a false prophet is like stealing a Ferrari, driving it recklessly, creating accidents, maiming and killing people without one ounce of regret and insist that the car is yours and even though you aren't insured, it doesn't matter because you are above the law. The people who are injured and have their property destoyed are supposed to pay the thief (on the premise that if they pay, they won't have any more accidents). Furthermore, the thief expects people to pay for his food, booze, clothing, shelter and amenities by sacrificing their income for no particularly good reason except that something worse will come upon them if they don't.

Is that about it?

We can assure you that if you are faithful and loyal to the thief, when you die, you will NOT get your own Ferrari.

Byker Bob said...

Pack has built his strawman based on cheap grace. Why do these Armstrongites always assume that people who trust in the Lord's grace are automatically antinomian?

Also, there are people with insurance who take chances, or indulge in scams, and yes the system does chew them up and spit them out. Those people are clearly miscreants, and in the minority, just as antinomians are very much in the minority in grace-based church environments. That is, unless you are an old covenant pharisee who redefines Christianity so that everyone is eliminated except Armstrongites.


Hoss said...

And just as the Oral Law and Pharisaic traditions put a "fence around the Torah" are criticized by the COGs, they've got their extra rules themselves.

"Eating bread without first washing the hands is like prostituting oneself." - Talmud

"It would be better for you to shack up one night with a man than wear makeup." - Dave Pack

When I was in the WCG, it seemed that some members didn't want "a fence" but to get as close to the edge as possible without falling off.