Sunday, February 26, 2017

Church of God's Faithful, Bob Ardis Is Waiting For Divine Healing So He Can Start The Best COG Revival Ever Imagined.

What is with so many of the splinter cult leaders that they have to claim they are more enlightened and more righteous that the righteous characters of the Bible?  Every single one of them have self appointed themselves to their positions, something that no character out of the Bible ever did.  they spread one false prophecy after another and take absolutely no responsibility and believe they have no accountability to anyone.
I have stated quite a few times that I believe we of the CGF have as much or even MORE faith than many of the righteous characters of the Old and New Testaments! I said this with the biblical knowledge that many of the people listed in the “Faith Hall of Fame” of Hebrews 11 had seen, heard, or had some kind of direct access to the Eternal God or His angel or angels. Having visual contact or speaking directly with God would most definitely strengthen a per- son’s faith. 
Robert Ardis, Church of God's Faithful
Bob Ardis, the leader of the Church of God's Faithful, claims he is the sole interpreter and revelatory of new knowledge to the church.  Just like Bob Thiel and James Malm, he is a liar and has nothing to offer.  Also like Bob Thiel, James Malm, Dave Pack and Gerald Flurry, he has hard time trying to impress Church of God members to come over to the dark side.  Church members are not impressed.
Truth identifies us, but most begotten brethren snared in the synagogues of Satan refuse to examine the new truth that Christ has revealed to the CGF.  
Our scattered brethren do not recognize us as the one true Church. That is the reason we have beseeched God our Father to give us the fruits of His Spirit, that Jesus Christ might be manifest in us. 
The church members scattered across the landscape could care less about these self appointed buffoons.  That is why Thiel, Malm, Pack and others lead stagnant personality cults that do nothing. 

Ardis has been suffering from cancer for a while now.  He interprets that cancer as a lesson his God inflicting him with in order to learn more lessons in life.  He is expecting immediate divine healing and when that happens how church will grow to be a powerful witness to the world.

I am a sick, old man and it is difficult even to write this article. But there have been vital lessons I’ve needed to learn, and I think I have learned most of them through my trials of illness. The main point, in my opinion, that I needed to learn was compassion for others in their trials. Therefore, unless there are other things I need to learn, I look forward to the healing that God is going to do for me soon, and for all of us in the CGF. Then, with that wonderful experience, we will be able to go out with the POWER of miracles, signs and wonders, along with compassion and new truth to awaken and make ready the WISE of the scattered brethren. 
I have been afflicted with cancer of the bone marrow for seven years. It has been a “thorn in my flesh”! I have admired the apostle Paul for his outstanding attitude concerning his thorn in the flesh. Paul had been given much revelation, but he felt hindered by his affliction. We read of his example in II Corinthians 12:7-10: 
Just as Rod Meredith is not going to be healed to take up the Elijah mantle run a final end time push, Ardis will not be healed for any such purpose either.

They church is filled with so many of these buffoons that it has no credibility in any one's eyes any more.  It has become a mockery of what truth really should be.


Anonymous said...

Gary ,Robert Ardis passed away almost a year now .Ian Boyne

NO2HWA said...

Thanks Ian. Someone forwarded the information to me.

Anonymous said...

Guess that long awaited healing did not work out so well. I wonder if Ardis has some loyal followers who gather at his gravesite waiting for hi to be resurrected to work along side HWA.

Connie Schmidt said...

The "Ardis Era" of Gods Church, is apparently the same as the "Sardis Era" church in Revelation 3...

"You have a reputation for being alive—but you are dead."

Anonymous said...

Connie,you have me cracking up with that one! Ian Boyne

Anonymous said...

I thought the Internet killed off Ardis a long time ago? Or is he one of these churches loaded with Internet phobic old fogies?