Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Only Zealous Converted Wet Nurses Allowed!

Because by woman sin entered the world, 
the purification for a female child is double the male.
This law is to emphasize to us that we must become pure 
from all uncleanness and sin to enter the spiritual Temple of God.
Chief Pharisee James Malm

The Chief Pharisee of the Church of God, whom has made a mission out of bastardizing the law, is making his warped views known about women, childbirth, wet nurses, circumcision and more.

As any long time Church of God member knows, women are at the bottom of the food chain in the church due to the fact that the leaders claimed original sin entered the world because of a woman in a mythical place called Eden.  Never mind the fact thatAdam was standing right next to her encouraging her on.  But no, its the woman's fault.  Because of HER sins, sex and childbirth became unclean and dirty. Sex and childbirth apparently is still dirty to the Chief Pharisee.

Pharisee James Malm has this to say about unclean women who have given childbirth.
After the first seven days the mother must remain in seclusion for another 33 days making the total of 40 days. The forty days being the period of purifying before entering the presence of God [the tabernacle, temple or any holy place]. 
Let me also say that such a seclusion is of great benefit to the mother and child; giving them time in a close family home environment to bond and to recover from the birth and develop immunity to disease. Breast feeding is highly important for this bonding and natural immunization process.
The Chief Pharisee wants to make it known that he and his former wife placed legalism above grace and Christ so that they could bow at the altar of the obsolete law.  Pharisee Malm reminds women that sin entered the world because of them.  Due to the dirty nature of women after childbirth they were to be isolated for 40 days if they had a boy. Woe to any woman who dared to have a girl!  You MUST be isolated for 80 days due to your dirty uncleanness.  That is STILL a LAW for modern day Malmites!
66 days plus two weeks is 80 days. My wife and I practiced this by mutual consent for our three sons and one daughter.
We make these specified sacrificial offerings today, by going to God the Father in prayer and asking that the sacrifice of Christ be applied to us and to the child, setting apart the child through our faithfulness, and asking for an understanding of these things.
A sin offering for the shed blood; which goes back to Eden where sin and bloodshed entered the world and a burden was placed on women for that sin, as a perpetual reminder of sin (Gen 3:16); the sin offering for the mother, being the application of Christ’s sacrifice for the repentant obedient woman. And a burnt offering to demonstrate the wholehearted faithful service to God the Father and Jesus Christ and those of like-mind. 
For the woman is commanded to reproduce, and childbearing is a great service to God the Father, for a woman gave birth to Messiah the Christ, the Deliverer of humanity. 

Even little boys do not escape the wrath of the Pharisaical Zealot:

We are commanded to circumcise our sons on the eighth day of their life. The eighth day represents a new beginning. 
   Circumcision removes a piece of skin covering a most sensitive area and   is an allegory of the removal of the sin that separates people from God, making people sensitive to the whole Word of God.
Physical circumcision is an allegory of the spiritual circumcision of the heart which is sincere repentance  
Paul tells us that adult converts need not be circumcised for they are already circumcised in heart; that in no way obviates the command to circumcise our male children on the eighth day; as they are not circumcised in heart. We are to circumcise all of our male children on their eighth day of life. 

You can read this steaming pile of bullshit here:  Luke 2


Black Ops Mikey said...

You just don't understand.

For Olde Testament Christianity to work (you know, the one without the Holy Spirit), you MUST believe that what isn't specifically excluded in the New Testament is part of the New Covenant from the Old Covenant! This comes straight from G. G. Rupert!

Yes, to be a Christian, you must keep the Law of Moses. The only thing really done away with is the sacrifices on the altar. All else remains. Besides, the circumcism thing predated Moses by a couple of generations. So there.

So if you want physical blessings without spiritual ones, you must keep the Law of Moses in all its glory. After all, the fault wasn't in the Covenant, it was with the people, so the Old Covenant isn't REALLY done away. It's just been modified a little bit.

We do recommend that anyone who believes the above not become a contract lawyer....

Byker Bob said...

Reality is that HWA made us Anglo Saxon gentiles into Israelites so we'd have to become first century Jewish Christians. It was a fallback for him so that more accurate understandings of the New Covenant could somehow never apply!


Anonymous said...

It's common sense that if men don't need to be circumcised, neither should babies. Malm is grasping at straws to maintained the Pharisaic traditions.
He accuses young people of just wanting to have fun if they don't desire Christs return next week. He has 4 children, but if they desire marriage and family, they are being selfish and hedonistic. A person who cherished human life, would not say that.

Hoss said...

Being a less than infrequent visitor to Malm's website, I can only comment based on what is written in this article.
He is right that the issue of tamei and tahor (Hebrew for unclean and clean) had to do with entering the tabernacle or temple. Total immersion was also required - which made me smirk when I heard Bob Thiel say baptism was a NT thing and it was a replacement for circumcision. The same Hebrew word for "uncleanness" after childbirth is the word used for "unclean" meats.
Of course, HWA and his school of biblical skolers (or is that scullers?) made a real pig's breakfast of clean/unclean and circumcision.

anonymous63 said...

Isn't the repentant, baptized person supposed to be the temple of God's Holy Spirit? If so, just how is the "unclean" (designed to function in this manner) mother/woman, supposed to stay away from 'the temple' until the days of her "purification" are complete? In one breath these "teachers" can say there is no physical temple now then say the bible says that each individual is 'the temple'. Talk about mind mess. How is a mother/woman supposed to stay away from herself?

Hoss said...

Anon 207 wrote: It's common sense that if men don't need to be circumcised, neither should babies.

Two entirely different issues. In short, circumcision of boys was a matter of covenant identity, circumcision of adults had to do with ritual conversion of Gentiles to Judaism. Acts 15 dealt with the problem that some Jews felt that since Christianity was an extension of Judaism, Gentiles who wanted to become Christians also had to become Jews by ritual conversion, which included circumcision.

Paul circumcised maternally Jewish Timothy as an adult, and denied an accusation that he was teaching that circumcision of baby boys was not required.

Anonymous said...

"It's common sense that if men don't need to be circumcised, neither should babies. Malm is grasping at straws to maintained the Pharisaic traditions."

exactly...circumcision is a non-issue to Christians.
Paul wrote: Is any man called being circumcised? let him not become uncircumcised. Is any called in uncircumcision? let him not be circumcised. 1Cor. 7:18

besides, I suspect that the circumcision Malm forces on his followers is not the proper circumcision prescribed by was the Hellenistic rabbis that came up with the idea of removing the entire foreskin...God never commanded that.

Hoss said...

Anon 1120 –

I remember when one of our ministers, who called himself “the original Greek” embarrassed a Greek woman in the congregation when talking about Jews “uncircumcising” themselves to assimilate into Greek culture during the Hellenistic period.

Anonymous63 –

Again, two different issues. Certain conditions applied when entering the tabernacle or temple, which were built so God could dwell among His people. The gift of the Holy Spirit is with the individual, as the Spirit lives within you.
The body as a temple and circumcision of the heart are not New Testament concepts, as both were mentioned in Torah. Paul’s statement in 1 Cor. 6:19 was made while the Second Temple was still standing, and as Acts shows, Paul was a Temple Jew.
Entering the temple required ritual cleanness, and being unclean through everyday life was not a sin. If Jesus touched a leper or a dead body, he would have been unclean and not able to enter the temple without undergoing an involved purification process. Paul’s statement specifically dealt with sin against the body.

Anonymous said...

Last year Malm claimed on his blog that woman are biblically commanded to cover their heads with some head covering such as a scarf, at church services. Boy, that's really going to make a woman a better person. Such attention to trivia must be compensation for ignoring important parts of Gods laws.