Saturday, March 4, 2017

Gerald Flurry Says Joe Tkach is Going to go to President Trump and Rat Out PCG Causing Them to be Kicked Out of the Country

Where would the Church of God be without all of the self-appointed prophets that pump out endless streams of idiotic nonsense that they try to tie into the scriptures?  The Bible has made far too many COG men into blithering idiots as they imagine one end time prophecy after an other.

Gerald Flurry is weighing in on the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, an event apparently foretold in the book of Amos.

Donald Trump’s victory in the United States presidential election gives us a clear indication as to where we are in Bible prophecy.

In the weeks before the election, Hillary Clinton held a considerable lead in the polls (seven points at the time). But in a sermon at the same time, I commented that I was leaning toward Mr. Trump being the winner. Why? Because of an end-time prophecy in the book of Amos. 
It seems obvious that God is telling us we have now entered the time frame of Amos chapter 7. What does that time frame mean for America and for YOU? God has revealed to me more understanding from Amos 7.
Flurry's "god" has set the plumb line and found the United States and all British Israelite nations lacking and that He is coming back to kick some ass!
“Thus he shewed me: and, behold, the Lord stood upon a wall made by a plumbline, with a plumbline in his hand” (Amos 7:7). A plumbline is usually used in measuring a building or in construction. But God uses it differently here: This is about measuring the destruction that is to come upon the nations of Israel. This destruction is not random; God is measuring it carefully and precisely. And it will bring about the most wonderful results imaginable.
“And the Lord said unto me, Amos, what seest thou? And I said, A plumbline. Then said the Lord, Behold, I will set a plumbline in the midst of my people Israel: I will not again pass by them any more” (verse 8). This is GOD talking! He has warned these nations several times to try to wake them up, but they have ignored those warnings. So, He says, I’ll warn one last time! (Our free book The United States and Britain in Prophecy explains who the nations of Israel are today.)
We are entering the last time God passes by the people of Israel before they are destroyed! This is a time of extreme urgency! 
Deluded Flurry claims that Donald Trump is Jeroboam from the book of Amos.  Jeroboam has been abusy guy.  Armstrongsim has credited far too many men in history and recent church history to that position and absolutely none of them fit the description.  
Who is Jeroboam? Who is this specific man that the Bible talks about in the time frame of the last time God passes by to show the end-time nations of Israel how to solve their problems and difficulties, and to warn them of the consequences of their failure to do so?
This passage strongly indicates that God is going to rise with the sword in the time of Jeroboam. The Moffatt translation renders the end of verse 9 as, “I will attack Jeroboam’s house.” There is something very upsetting to God about the house of Jeroboam. This is why He wants us to understand it and why it is so offensive to Him!
God emphasizes the U.S. superpower, the leader of the nations of Israel. The U.S. is led by a modern-day Jeroboam. When there is a type of Jeroboam on the scene, then God will send the sword upon His people because of all of their sins. It’s because of AMERICA’S SINS that it must suffer!
Has Flurry ever stopped to think that maybe the U.S is being spanked because it allows the corrupt lying Philadelphia Church of God to continue to destroy families and lives? Has Flurry ever looked at the reason why Oklahoma has been hit with tens of thousands of earthquakes ever since Flurry built his cult compound there and started disseminating spiritual porn?  Nope, it is always some other big bad meanie.
This is sobering to think about. Here is a severe end-time prophecy, and GOD IS TALKING ABOUT AN INDIVIDUAL. God names names! WE MUST UNDERSTAND THESE NAMES AND THE ROLES THESE MEN PLAY IF WE ARE TO UNDERSTAND THESE END-TIME PROPHECIES! It is essential that we know who these individuals are.
Then, due to the recent strokes and Alzheimer's infecting Flurry's mind, he wanders off into claiming Joseph Tkach is Amaziah from the book of Amos.  Flurry is still bitter at the stinging rebuke he and the Philadelphia Church of God received in the court system where all kinds of PCG lies and shenanigans are now public knowledge.  On top of that Flurry had to pay the WCG for the HWA writings that he was plagiarizing.  Satan is reportedly really really pissed that Flurry now disseminates Herbert Armstrong's writings.  Satan is angry! Satan is NOT happy!  Satan is wrathful!
Amos’s prophecy continues: “Then Amaziah the priest of Bethel sent to Jeroboam king of Israel, saying, Amos hath conspired against thee in the midst of the house of Israel: the land is not able to bear all his words” (Amos 7:10).
Who is this “priest of Bethel”? “Bethel” means house of God. “Amaziah the priest of Bethel” is prophetic language referring to a man who came from within the Church of God in this end time. You can see from the prophecy in Revelation 3 beginning in verse 14 that the last era of God’s true Church before Christ’s return—the very time frame we are in right now—is the Laodicean era, a lukewarm church that has turned its back on God. Amaziah is a very rebellious Laodicean minister.
Here Amaziah is accusing Amos, God’s true prophet, of treason! Amos is a type of the man in this end time who is proclaiming God’s warning message to Israel today. So this is a prophecy of a real clash between a false minister and a true prophet of God.
I believe Amaziah the priest is the same man as the leader of God’s Church whom we battled with for copyrights to the truth and message of God (Amos 9:1, 11-12). Amaziah HATES our message. He is almost certainly the individual who led a six-year court battle trying to suppress God’s truth from going out to this world! Satan doesn’t like that we won that battle and made him look bad. He never gives up when something like that happens. We are in the middle of Satan’s worst wrath.

If Flurry is claiming Amaziah is Tkach, then apparently Tkach is running to President Trump with information to destroy the Philadelphia Church of God.  PCG does not need Tkach and crew attempting to dstroy it.  Wayne Turgeon, Cal Culpepper, Lil'Steveie and others are doing a good job of that already.
The priest Amaziah is sending this message about Amos to Jeroboam. This strongly indicates that this end-time Jeroboam has a RELIGIOUS following! He is leading people in a way that they should not be led.
Look again at Amos 7:9, and you see more religious imagery. As our booklet on Amos, The Lion Has Roared, explains, “the high places of Isaac” refers to the Laodicean Church. “The sanctuaries of Israel” are the religions of this world, like the evangelicals.
Mr. Trump received over 80 percent of the evangelical vote and a large portion of the Catholic vote. He really is leading most of America’s “religious” people. BUT WHERE IS HE LEADING THEM? 
Tkach is supposedly going to go in front President Trump and tell him what a big bad meanie Gerald Flurry (Amos) is.  Seriously!  Why would the President invite Joe Tkach to come to Washington just so he could bad mouth Flurry?  Does Trump even care?  I know Tkach doesn't.  He and most other people in the Church of God consider Flurry to be nothing more than a boil on Satan's behind.

Flurry is not happy that so many refuse to heed his words.  The words coming out of his mouth are directly from God!  God is literally speaking through Flurry!  Gerald is only moving his lips as God's voice booms forth! Heed the words of the prophet Six-Pack!

How well do YOU understand that God is sending out HIS WORD today? The message you are reading right now is coming from His mouth, not some man’s! This is critical understanding that ought to sober anybody!
For decades, we have been warning Israel about what is going to happen, but people have scorned this message and pushed it aside. Yet there will come a point when people can’t bear it anymore.
It is OUR WORDS that the land will not be able to bear! That strongly indicates that there are SERIOUS PROBLEMS plaguing the nation or they wouldn’t care what we say. But we have a message they cannot bear because IT’S ABOUT THEIR DESTRUCTION! They want to close their minds to what is coming upon them—instead of repenting of their sins.
Before long the President and the rest of the country, due to Joe tkach's meddling, will be so pissed at Gerald Flurryand crew that they will DEMAND that they all be kicked out of the United States.  They will be forced to go to Jerusalem before they are welcomed with open arms in Jordan.
When this nation can’t bear our message anymore, the leaders will tell us to get out: “O thou seer, go, flee thee away into the land of Judah, and there eat bread, and prophesy there” (Amos 7:12). Judah is the land of the Jews in the Middle East. The Philadelphia Church of God has had significant projects and activities over there, and these will apparently be well known. People will know a lot about our work and our involvement in Judah. And when we become outcasts, it appears they will force us to go to Jerusalem, on our way to a place of safety.
Flurry then goes on to proclaim that all of this may mostly likely happen within the next four years!  2021 is going to be a really bad year! Famine, disease, concentration camps, death, slavery, all things that make Church of God leaders have wet dreams.
Amos 7:7-17 show that our time is very limited. WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE NEXT FOUR YEARS OR PERHAPS EVEN LESS?
“Then answered Amos, and said to Amaziah, I was no prophet, neither was I a prophet’s son; but I was an herdman, and a gatherer of sycomore fruit” (verse 14). Amos had no formal seminary or college training. God simply gave him a job. Even without “credentials,” God used this man!
“Now therefore hear thou the word of the Lord: Thou sayest, Prophesy not against Israel, and drop not thy word against the house of Isaac. Therefore thus saith the Lord; Thy wife shall be an harlot in the city, and thy sons and thy daughters shall fall by the sword, and thy land shall be divided by line; and thou shalt die in a polluted land: and Israel shall surely go into captivity forth of his land” (verses 16-17). Amos had a very different view from Amaziah: He knew this was a message from God!
“Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord” (Amos 8:11). How will this famine of the word come about? God’s Church will be forced to leave. No one will be here to deliver the message anymore. When this faithful remnant of God’s people is taken to a place of safety, God’s message will cease, except what we do from there. The nations of Israel have had over 80 years to heed this message, but soon they will not be able to even find it. 
Due to all of this the Phialdphia Church of God is in the REAL final gun lap.  Herb's gun lap was not real, Flurry's is.
God is using a small group of humble people to fulfill this ruin-raising work!
THIS ELECTION WAS PROPHETIC. We don’t know how exactly God intervenes to orchestrate elections and other events, but we do know He puts His people right in the middle of it all—“in the midst of my people Israel” (Amos 7:8). His people have to be at the center telling the world what is happening and what it all means.
We have a limited time to get this work done. God is showing us that we are getting extremely close to the end. This could be our last elected president. This could be America’s last presidential election. When you look at the context of these verses, and you see what is happening in this country, it appears probable that this president will have only one term.
We are in the “gun lap” that Herbert W. Armstrong referred to so often. In a Plain Truth personal from May 1967, Mr. Armstrong wrote, “We come, now, to the final stretch of the Work. In a mile or two-mile race, officials fire a revolver in the air as the runners begin the last lap. They call it ‘the gun lap.’ This Work of God, leading to Christ’s coming, has now entered its ‘gun lap.’ We must now put on the final extra burst of effort for the VERY FEW remaining years!” Mr. Armstrong never did reach the gun lap, but you can safely say we are in it now! This is the last time that God is going to pass by the nations of Israel. This is a WARNING ON TOP OF A WARNING in many ways!
Yes brethren, we are in the final gun lap, but continue to raise more money for us so we can build more fancy buildings for my immediate family, remodel our homes, and buy more fancy art and HWA memorabilia. After all, my grandchildren deserve the best dance studios the world has ever seen.  My grandchildren are being trained to teach the true heavenly dance to all of our members while we are in Petra.  Even Bob Thiel will be forced to Irish Dance since Flurry will be in charge of Petra.
God has revealed more understanding about this prophecy. He is speaking to His Church directly—and to each of us individually! 
“Will a lion roar in the forest, when he hath no prey? will a young lion cry out of his den, if he have taken nothing?” (Amos 3:4). God is roaring—and He wouldn’t be doing that unless the destruction of Israel is very close. 
This message has been saturating their lands, especially America and Britain, but they have refused to hear. God is going to bring them down, so they can finally get to know Him!
There you have it.  Satan is angry, God is angry and Gerald Flurry is angry.  


Hoss said...

Time is short! We must complete The Work! I need that private jet NOW!

Anonymous said...

We have family in the PCG and keep close to them, especially the kids who were raised in the group. We check blogs daily for new information coming from PCG members, their relatives, and friends. We've been tracking PCG antics for ~15 years. It's evident that PCG's decline has sharpened in the last few years. The information flow this year has been vast and consistent. Flurry is clearly trying to squeeze whatever he can from the few stalwarts who remain.

After monitoring them for so long, I thought there wasn't much Flurry could say that would surprise us. However, the rubbish he's proclaiming Saturday after Saturday is beyond comprehension. Perhaps it's more evidence that he recognizes a "WARNING ON TOP OF A WARNING" that his PCG is careening. There's not going to be much left to hand over to his son.

I question how many of these "new truths" members are buying, though. Thankfully, we don't see our family in the PCG acting on these "new truths", at least outwardly. If they truly believe that destruction "IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE NEXT FOUR YEARS OR PERHAPS EVEN LESS?", they aren't too concerned. They're not consumed with fleeing or in a heightened state of preparedness. If they're paranoid about Trump, they're hiding it well. The kids hide it especially well. They continue to work their jobs, try to eek out a life of substance, and clamor for some sense of normalcy in a rising sea of abnormal. No doubt they are sticklers for "God's (PCGs) way of living" but their compliance is zombie-like, void of anything real and fulfilling.

Maybe this is due to being far from the Edmond mothership. Maybe they're just worn out from the same song and dance of years past. Maybe they're starting to see the irrationality of it all. I don't know. What I do know is, I hope Flurry keeps it up. The more irrational he becomes, the higher the chance my family will come to their senses.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Pure fantasy.

It would be more useful if someone told the Democrats about the PCG.

Anyway, it would be wonderful to get them out of the country, no matter who spills the beans.

The CIA may be their last hope.

If the FBI and the Justice Department are involved, they won't be leaving the country until the prosecution is finished and they've served their prison sentences for committing felonies. Good luck in getting passports and visas after the convictions.

Perhaps as punishment they could be left in the malls without any money or resources in hopes someone would find them and take care of them.

Or would that be cruel and unusual punishment?

nck said...

Anyhow, this is all great news. Coming from the very word of God himself. .........Trump will only have one term......AND Hillary does not seem to be condemned by scripture.........Hallelujah. Nck

Byker Bob said...

If Bugs Bunny had been running as the Republican candidate, 80% of the religious right would have voted for him. Sheesh!

These people and their fantasies!


nck said...

With the President of the United States going mental over an unsubstantiated article on Breitbart of all sakes. Any prophecy of the nutcase Flurry regarding his Trumpet might not be completely wacco anymore since just this morning. Nck

Sweetblood777 said...

Hoss, you took my intended post right out of my mind.

How these people live with themselves is beyond me. One would think that a true man of Elohim would be living under the same conditions of the flock. That they would be living in houses similar to those of the flock. That they would be having humble meals and wear humble clothes and driving three year old cars, or older.

They would be living examples of what the master instructed, and would go out of their way to show love, mercy, and compassion, to Christ's sheep. Instead, we see the exact opposite. They treat themselves to the best that money can buy and then blame the brethren for their cash flow problems.

To the brethren of these churches, I plead with you to read Yahshua's/rswords on these matters and refuse to go along with this wickedness. If you don't, then you too are guilty.

James said...

I thought he was going to say the Russians tampered with the election. Morons.

Byker Bob said...

From a fly on the wall. Isn't this more like what would actually happen?

"Good Morning, Mr. Tkach, this is Gerald Flurry!"

JT, Jr: "Good Morning, Mr. Flurry! How are those tornadoes and earthquakes over there in Edmond?"

GF: "Oh, no great shakes, if you catch my drift."

JT: "I've got Franklin Graham in my waiting room, and don't have much time. How can I help you?"

GF: "Well, I'm having a hard time validating our work to the brethren based on growth and increase of income. So, I'm thinking that a little persecution might do the trick. I'm wondering if you'd consider calling the FBI, the NSA, and possibly Homeland Security and reporting us here at PCG as being radical subversives."

JT: "You've got to be kidding! The old man always said that at some point, the full force of the federal government was going to come down on us, but you want me to actually instigate it? Have you considered what could happen to some of your people, possibly even some of your family?"

GF: "Oh yes! And it will be so glorious! I bet it will actually bring some of those Laodiceans back into the fold, reuniting some of our families! Do you have any friends or relatives in my church?"

JT: "That is so messed up! Jeez, Jer, haven't you ever read the Maccabees? The onslaught of Helenism, and the persecution? Our new understanding is much more humane than what we had learned from Mr. Armstrong. But can you seriously picture even Mr. Armstrong doing such a thing?"

GF: "Well, he always was an ends justifies the means type of guy!"

JT: "No, Jer, no can do! I'd suggest you rethink this whole thing.

GF: "Well, Joe, you make a better heavy, because most of my church believes you are the "man of sin". But, you're not the only player. I think I'll call the King of the North up there in Wadsworth, and see if maybe we could turn each other in to the feds! Only thing is, he's got such an ego that he'd let me turn him in, but then fail to follow through in turning me in!"

JT: "Well, it's pretty obvious to me that you learned real well from all those booklets I sold you the copyrights to! Gotta go now. Franklin has just walked in! Please do not call me again!"


RSK said...

Hes been on that kick before, I know I've read it somewhere.

Of course, itd be nice if the PCG membership held him to these predictions, but they wont.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say but anyone who still believes Flurry may be beyond hope. They are like mindless robots. So sad to see wasted lives.

RSK said...

Over and over again on this blog we've seen the tired excuse of "I dont like what (cult leader) is doing, but as far as I can tell, (cult) is Gods church."

The dichotomy between cult leader = god when theyre happy with him and cult leader = distinct from god when theyre not is apparent. Unfortunately, they don't see their own mental somersaults from where they are.

Connie Schmidt said...


If Dave Pack is going to "clean out" Donald Trump, then how can Tkach go to Trump to take out Gerald Flurry?

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is making more sense as a church alternative than these guys!

Anonymous said...

As teachers of religion, they should be magnifying Gods laws. Instead they focus exclusively on prophecy. This is the Herbie template of keeping the steeple ignorant to maintain minister power and superiority. This is a calculated choice. People don't comprehend how different things could be. Reading the odd self help book proves this.

James said...

The mental health of the ACOG's leadership deteriorates further.

anonymous63 said...

Anonymous 6:49 PM excellent comment. Sadly, self help books are serious blasphemy as far as the cogs are concerned. It is the word self that makes it forbidden. No -self- anything allowed in the cogs. You can't think for yourSELF, or of yourSELF, it goes against the "give" (self-less) way. Another way they control the masses.

RSK said...

Unfortunately, Anon 530p, you may be correct. The only real pushback in that organization is likely to come from members' children.

RSK said...

Yeah, at least WWE plots their stories in advance! :)

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Gerald "six pack not Dave Pack" Flurry said, "We have a limited time to get this work done. God is showing us that we are getting extremely close to the end. This could be our last elected president."

MY COMMENT - Oh good grief! I wish these clowns would make up their minds and stop crying "wolf" for 80 years since 1934. Same exact words I heard on an almost weekly basis when I was growing up in the parent Radio/Worldwide Church of God in the 1960s/1970s. Richard Nixon was suppose to be the last President.

Oh well, I suppose it keeps the dumb tithe slave sheep in perpetual "end time" mode and keeps the income stream going which is what it's all about. I'm surprised Flurry didn't capitalize on Tkach's Russian descent.

President Trump may have heard of Herbert W. Armstrong, but I seriously doubt he has ever heard of any of these HWA wannabes and their foolishness. Isn't it typical of the ACOGs delusions to try to insert themselves as being relevant in today's world news.

Lake of Fire Church of God

Anonymous said...

9.29 PM
Today we have progressive taxation. The more one earns, the higher percentage one pays in tax. The churches 'not-self-anything/give way' also amounts to progressive taxation. The more converted and hardworking one is, the more one gives to the church. The unconverted by contrast, conclude that they should be at the receiving end of the give way. It's wealth redistribution.
Using biblical terminology, it's the church leaders playing the game of the unjust steward. They believe, like politicians, that this increases church numbers and their personal power. They have discarded Gods command of don't steal, since they secretly believe that Gods laws are not practical.

Retired Prof said...

Speaking of wealth redistribution, that is the entire point of a corporation. A corporation produces wealth by organizing a group of workers into a hierarchy structured so as to produce wealth, which it then transfers to the people at the top of the hierarchy and to stockholders. The most successful corporations are those that squeeze the most wealth out of their employees and shunt it to the stockholders. The most successful executives are the ones who succeed in diverting as much wealth as possible from both channels to themselves without inspiring too much pushback from the stockholders and/or employees.

So the competition for wealth produced by workers amounts to a tug-of-war among three groups. Recently the executives have been winning, by throwing just enough meaty bones to investors to mollify their grumbles and by crippling union efforts to retain for employees a larger share of the wealth employees produce. Corporations make no pretense about "the give way." They are takers, straight up. World champions at wealth redistribution.

Since they are using the powers of government to dismantle worker protections with "right to work" laws and other policies, it is only to be expected that workers' political allies would try to institute policies that stem the upward redistributive flow. Unfortunately, Democrats as well as Republicans seem to be working for the people guzzling wealth at the end of that flow.

Byker Bob said...

The thing is, RP, simplifying to the most basic terms, in our capitalist economy, we have a working class, and an investing class. Yes, the workers supply the labor. But it was the investing class which provided the capital, the raw materials, the workplace, and organization or management. These two classes act as checks and balances on one another to a certain extent, and ideally there would be transfer of wealth back and forth. The problem is, there are the slick ones who have figured out ways of leveraging the system exclusively to their own advantage. And, there are many ways in which this can be done. Unions command a higher than prevalent wage scale, which can contribute to inflation. Superior intellectual property can command a higher profit margin, especially in the case of exclusivity, where alternative products either do not exist, or are locked out. There are exploitative types, the moral equivalent of slum lords, who give as little as possible for exhorbitant fees.

Most people have no problem with a symbiotic relationship. The problem comes into play when moneys are extracted from either side of the equation to give to people on the other side who do nothing. That can be for workers who refuse to work or are not worthy of the wage paid, or bonuses for executives who preside over a company that is undergoing a contraction. Or for bogus consulting fees, or other creative ways of looting the system.

Right now, we are witnessing upward revisions in minimum wage, as the investor class works to automate soas to elliminate many of the minimum wage positions. It is a constant battle of give and take. Shrewd workers find a way to simultaneously be investors, and some companies actually provide stock options to the workers, realizing that this makes for better vested interest, and a more loyal class of worker. Of course, if the jobs are exported to China, India, or Mexico, the equation skews in favor of the investor class.

It's a complex ecosystem, subject to radical rhetoric from pandering politicians.


Anonymous said...

Your post smells of the Marxist belief that all company profits rightly belong to the workers. For the past 200 years, company profits have averaged 8% world wide. When socialist governments have come to power and taken away this 8%, company productivity and profits has always dropped more than 8%. This is because lack of profit robs management the incentive to work hard and innovate. Put differently, a economic law has been broken. Gods 'the workman is worthy of his wages,' equally applies to management and investors. Government non-biblical involvement in the economy creates all sorts of injustices as you point out.

Retired Prof said...

No, not all profits belong to the workers. Managers who design and supervise the enterprise's operation deserve to be paid, and investors who contribute capital deserve to share in the proceeds. The current distribution of wealth, which seems skewed to many economists, represents an inevitable (if perhaps temporary) development in the three-way tug of war. Advantages see-saw in any competition.

It's worth noting that neither communism nor capitalism is immoral in any basic way. Communism is premised on the same value system that governs a well-run family: everybody who can pitches in to advance the family's interest. Infants, doddering elders, and the disabled are supported by the rest of the family. The only thing wrong with it is that it does not work.

Not when scaled up beyond a population of about 150 persons. Beyond that, squabbles for dominance break out. The winners hire subordinates to exploit, and those subordinates acquire subordinates, and pretty soon you've got great long chains of hierarchy morphed into a pyramid scheme, with wealth created or stolen by the lowly funneled upward to department heads and from them to their supervisors and on and on until the maximum leader enjoys wealth and power in the manner of a Mao or a Kim Jong Un.

Capitalism does the same, only with greater efficiency. So does feudalism, less efficiently. So did the city states of ancient Greece, and the empires of Rome and Egypt. Incredible affluence sailing on a sea of squalor.

The fault lies not in the particular governmental or economic system, but in our genes. The social systems of other primates suggest that we evolved in small hierarchical groups in which individuals high on the ladder of dominance commandeered first choice of food, shelter, and breeding opportunities. Most of us don't live in small village-sized groups of 75-150 individuals any more, but our inherited devotion to hierarchical structures persists.

nck said...

Yes retired Prof.

All systems with names attached derive their success from within the limits of certain times, the level of technological development and the goals pursued.

Therefore Communism was hugely succesfully introduced as a working system in Palestine during the first European Jewish immigration to those lands bu youthfull idealists..

Also the Soviet Union was hugely succesfull in turning a medieaval economy with slaves and all toward a modern industrialised within one generation. Albeit that we all agree that the prize in human cost was too high for our tastes.

So communism does work under circumstances just like capitalism will fail under certain circumstances as alreadhy predicted by the genios Karl Marx. One such condition would be if the gap between haves and have nots would become to great NOT because of the merits of that class but because of the way that capital accumulates by the very laws that capital accumulates by.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Just wow! By the way you are lucky to get such detailed sermons nowadays. I remember at the time of the big Robber's cave scandal they cracked down on people leaving cell phones on and recording audio on laptops as sermons were leaking over the internet. He also said that Obama would be the Antiochus that would destroy America from within. From what I hear now all sermons are distributed via Ipods that were given to each contact person where there are no ministers. Except for the shut ins who still receive 2 older cd's per month.