UCG/COGWA Child Molester

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A former UCG member who jumped ship to the Church of God a Worldwide Association (COGWA) has been sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of raping two little girls.  The judge in the case is quoted as saying:

Binette, according to the Sandusky Register, told Wagner he groomed the victims "in your own sick ways" and made his bedroom "a torture chamber for those two children."

The judge also told the defendant the sexual abuse was similar to a life sentence for the girls. Binette said he took into that consideration plus a woman's testimony who alleged Wagner abused her decades ago -- and possibly at least five other victims -- when he decided the defendant's sentence. Child Rapist Gets Life Without Parole
At his arrest he was accused of the following:
Joseph D. Wagner, 62, of Huron, must post a $140,000 bond before being released from the Erie County Jail. The Erie County Sheriff's Office arrested the suspect Friday morning at his Mudbrook Road home without incident.

Deputies learned of the allegations Feb. 11 after one of the girls accused Wagner of raping her several times. Her mother then asked the older sister if anything happened to her and she also reported being victimized by Wagner, Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said.

The girls are 6 and 10 years old.

Oliver said the first suspected rape, which involved the older girl, happened in April 2011 and then "Joe started abusing the younger one," which continued through February. He said it was the younger girl who immediately reported the incidents to her mother. Local man indicted on 10 rape charges

Wagner attended in the Cleveland, Ohio church and was visited regularly by the church elder.  He was also in attendance at a NTBMO. 


Various Facebook members are commenting about this guy.  It seems he was a professional moocher of the brethren.  He never had a steady job and complained of disabilities preventing him from working.  It seems lots of members cooked him meals and delivered them to him.  Some cleaned his home and others paid for his transportation. Also these two little girls were not his only victims.  Others were abused but refused to come forward.


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F**king Creep!

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Robert Teitgen, who is a long-time member of the UCG, is also a child molester. Robert's father was also a minister.

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See this article about Teitgen