Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Church of God the Eternal: Night to be Much Observed A REQUIRED Memorial and You WILL Die If You Don't Keep It!

The  Church of God the Eternal has a word of warning to those COG members and lapsed members who do not keep every jot and tittle of the organizational rules and dogmas.  God is going to get you for that!

We also have kept the Night to Be Much Observed. It is a perpetual memorial that we are commanded to observe (Exodus 13:9), and in doing so, God says that it shall be a sign. Strong's Concordance describes that sign as "a distinguishing mark." Surely it was a sign of obedience so that when the death angel passed over the children of Israel, they were protected. Every other family in Egypt suffered loss of life. So in our day, those called who continue not to participate in God's appointed places under that same sign of obedience likewise will suffer loss of life. However, this time it is their opportunity for spiritual life at stake.

As a called out Church of God member you were predestined to join the group and are required to keep all the days commanded.  By doing so you get to be a god where you can rule with that rod of iron with vengeance!

After the Passover, God immediately initiated their journey out of sin. And for those that God had made choice to bring out, it was a night to be much observed. So also for us, for whom God did predestinate to be called in our time to have the opportunity to become one of the future Sons of God, it was a night to be much observed.

Those lovely words are courtesy of David Brandenburg.


Anonymous said...

Nothing connected to the Exodus of the Bible is required as nothing of it actually is literally true. No million plus human being left Egypt "in the same night," or you've never seen the start of the Chicago Marathon. You can't go potty in a camp where to get outside the camp is a 20+ mile hike. You'd have to pee before you got back and do it all again. It's a mythic story giving a cultic people a great pedigree. Therefore, you will not die if you don't keep what was not literally kept as per the story . Don't allow mythology to inform your theology when it comes to what you MUST OR SHOULD DO OR ELSE

Do your homework. As long as knowlege is going to be increased you may as well take advantage of it. Mythology has had it's time and increased enough...DD

Byker Bob said...

Speaking of dying, who died and left these kookaboos to judge those of us who either don't believe in the OC holydays, or believe they were just shadows which Jesus fulfilled?

This is the sort of statement that automatically identifies a teacher or group as cultic, meaning run from it, don't walk.


Anonymous said...

Dennis right.

It is so very sad that people are still being made to believe this kind of crazy stuff. How much of life is missed and not lived joyfully b/c of it.

Very, very sad.

Joe Moeller said...


Do you get off the hook if you just go and eat all the appetizers, polish off a couple of drinks , and just dont give a heck about it all, or do you have to "work it up" an pretend to be excited and all, in order not to die?

Look, I personally like the event, but you will DIE if you dont go out to eat, or go over to someones house for a steak dinner?

Strange stuff, really strange!

Joe Moeller
Cody , WY

Anonymous said...

Christ died for my sins that I may live. Period. When I see Him on Judgment Day, all I have to do is admit my sins and that I am a sinner. I can't boast that I keep the Sabbath (can't because the Biblical command is that there should be no fire lighted on the Sabbath). I can't boast that I keep the dietary laws (clearly the Bible states that even knives, casseroles, plates, spoon and fork should not touch unclean meats). I can't boast that I keep the law simply because my best effort still ran short of what is in the Law. I failed for instance to take a shower after a seminal discharge but go directly to sleep. No amount of law keeping will save anyone. We will be saved by God's grace and love, not by the keeping of Night Much to be Observed.

Anonymous said...

Like HWA of yore, David F. Brandenburg believes that Pentecost always falls on a Monday. So his little group in Eugene, OR must be 100% loyalists to HWA, and to all of his errors.

Too bad they don't have HWA's Eugene prayer rock, Flurry and his gang pilfered it, while they slept.

Douglas Becker said...

This is confusing: Is this the Eternal Church of God or Church of God Eternal?

Anonymous said...

The hell if I'm keeping a Friday (Dankenbring) or a Monday Pentecost!

Give me a Sunday Pentecost, or give me death!

By the way, Malm says the Feast of Trumpets falls on September 8th and the COG majority give Sep. 5th as the date. So, I'm going with the 7th, which is a double Sabbath, kill two birds with one stone, as it were.

I love to mention Dankenbring and Malm, just because I'm absolutely certain they read this blog. -- Doesn't everybody?

NO2HWA said...

Douglas: I fixed it! :-)

Head Usher said...

I like how these guys get so caught up straining at gnats, but swallow camels all day long. You can lie, cheat, steal, abuse your fellow man all you want, no problem, your god doesn't care...but forget a jot or tittle off of a "holy" day and you're toast? Why are these guys so convinced that majoring in the minors is the right way to go about life?

All of these guys are like, "You MUST keep [insert ritual] or you will DIE FOR ALL OF ETERNITY". Or prettymuch what's going to happen if they've got the wrong end of the stick, the the wrong god, or if there isn't any god at all.

And I don't see how Malm could possibly know his special date for trumpets until the day before, because there's all that directly observed new moon only from Jerusalem calendar business.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Byker Bob asked, "Speaking of dying, who died and left these kookaboos to judge those of us who either don't believe in the OC holydays, or believe they were just shadows which Jesus fulfilled?"

MY COMMENT - I may be wrong, but I believe it was the late and former WCG Evangelist Raymond C. Cole who who founded this WCG offshoot and died leaving these kookaboos to judge the rest of us.

You remember Raymond C. Cole, brother of WCG Evangelist C. Wayne Cole. Everyone loves Raymond.


Douglas Becker said...

According to Revelation liars will not enter into the Kingdom of God.

I guess all these ACoG leaders should really be a lot more concerned about that.

Anonymous said...

"According to Revelation liars will not enter into the Kingdom of God. I guess all these ACoG leaders should really be a lot more concerned about that."

Uh-oh! That leaves out Herbie, Teddy, UCG's entire Council of "Elders", along with the leaders of PCG, LCG, and the leaders of hundreds of more minor splinter groups!

They're not concerned about it, though. They've needed to plot and lie in order to maintain their positions of power, lifestyle, and cushy retirements, and are relieved and happy that they've done so.

Douglas Becker said...

Uh-oh is right -- if God exists and Revelation is even the tiniest part accurate, they are doomed.

However, Jesus' parable about the wheat and tares is lost on none of us.

So go ahead -- you will have a life time of abusing others and being second class scoundrels.

It's only if there is a life after death that there's a problem (and for the leaders of Armstrongism, there's going to be absolutely no life after death for them... well... maybe briefly... while they are burned alive).

So does this mean they are all atheists?

Anonymous said...

Ha! So these guys think they're keeping the NTBMO by observing it on the night of the 15th Abib?!?!?! Well did Christ keep it?!?!?! Wasn't He already dead and buried by the holy night of the 15th?!?!?! So.... what night did He stay up and encourage His disciples to stay awake!?!?! Wasn't it the night of His betrayal?!?!?! The night He observed and instituted the NT Passover?!?!?! The night of the Passover ie 14th Abib?!?!?! These guys are following the traditions of a man--HWA!

Anonymous said...

"These guys are following the traditions of a man--HWA!"

Of course they are.
But the funny thing is that when you mention HWA, they say, "Herbert W WHO? Oh, we forgot about him, we only follow the Truth now!"

And as they lie about having forgotten about their Lord HWA, they follow his teachings nearly to a T.

(although they change a jot here, and a tittle there in order to appear [for the sake of public relations and not being too ostracized], that they're not all hung up on Herb-Luv)

One who recognizes Herb-Luv

Anonymous said...

You're going to die if you don't keep it. You're going to die if you do. Will keeping it or not keeping it change the day of your demise? Probably not...

...bzzz...We now return you to your regularly scheduled mythology...bzzz...

Byker Bob said...

I believe that enough research has been done into commonly used versions of the Hebrew calendar, that most of us realize it's nearly impossible to determine when the holy days "should" be kept. I would remind everyone that this was so important under the Old Covenant, that if the high priest went into the holy of holies on the wrong day, it was at the cost of his life!

It's also interesting to note that while the holy days portray events of the natural farming season, they are upside down in South America, Australia, etc. and nearly irrelevant along the equator. It seems perfectly obvious that this was a culture given to the Israelites to identify them as God's chosen people, in a specific area, and (though there were none) specific time zone. They were shadows. When a relationship with God became available to non-Israelites, everything expanded beyond those shadows.


Anonymous said...

I just cant help but noticing that the picture is from The Ten Commandments film, where in the beginning of the actual film, the producer claims historical accuracy and stuff like that. But if you look at the mist in the picture you see a crescent moon, not a full moon. Just a thought and quick survey, how many missed that when watching the film over and over again?

Anonymous said...

I never noticed it. I was so busy noticing how the passover angel was a green fog traveling along the ground. We made fun of it, calling it the "passunder angel."

Anonymous said...

Yeah re Ten Commandments flick I mentioned it to a website years ago that listed movie mistakes and although they published my correction some other dude was given a right of reply claiming that when PO is celebrated and the date it actually happened could be 2 totally different dates?! Well yeah ANYthing is possible, but come on the Jews have been keeping the PO on either 1 of 2 nights for thousands of years i.e. 14th or 15th Abib and it's always pretty much a full moon at that time not a new moon or last quarter...