Monday, May 13, 2013

Billinglsey: There Is No Hope For This Nation

Here is another little clip from Billinglsey's latest book on the 10 Commandments.  When the god he  follows is an angry pissed off abusive parent I can see why he thinks there is no hope left.  When you love the law more than you do the person that is supposed to have freed your from the law and given you real hope, it is understandable why Billingsley, Flurry Pack, Malm and the other law enforcers of Armstrongism are such miserable, angry, impotent little men.

This world is in a state of rebellion! It is easy to see nations and families are in a state of war against one another in different ways. And this is reflected by seeing the hostility being expressed in society.

Realizing the tragic condition of this country, and all of the other tribes of Israel, there is no real hope remaining for a real and lasting change for the values needed for government and family in this present age.

America and Britain have entered their death throes as a society and nations largely due to their flagrant disregard of this one commandment from a loving and caring God.


Douglas Becker said...

The church of God is in a state of rebellion. There is no hope for it.

Thanks to people like Billingsley who managed to be responsible for the death of Richard David Armstrong, the hearts of the children are turned away from the fathers and the fathers turned away from the children, in an orgy of Herbiolaty, designed to focus on a man to the exclusion of all else and to sacrifice families.

So if Malachi were accurate (and not about Jesus), the churches of God are responsible for God's Wrath on the earth, all the natural disasters and the final destruction.

Our congratulations to the Armstrongists who have managed to promote the agendas of Satan to bring devastation, destruction, doom to the world.

But if we said all that, we'd be giving them far too much credit, since they are evaporating away in the heat of unfulfilled prophecy in a spiral of entropy to leave them devoid of anything in the end.

And, oh yeah, what will happen when Billingsley dies?

Fragmentation of yet another sect.

Joe Moeller said...

Billingsley group has already fractured several times. There is a COG Modesto and some other group that has emerged from them.

I believe that Alton has been a minister in no less than 6 groups! This is the record to the best of my observation for any COG minister.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Allen C. Dexter said...

Still the british-israel nonsense, old Herb's key to understanding prophecy based on total fiction. The sooner these groups die out, the better for everybody, but I'm afraid deluded idiots will keep them going indefinitely, just as there are still adherents to a flat earth belief.

Anonymous said...

Dexter, name one person who seriously believes the earth is flat. Just one.

Head Usher said...

Such an archaic worldview. How can anyone be in a state of rebellion against something that they don't believe in because it makes no sense? Am I in a state of rebellion(!) against all the pagan gods I believe don't exist? He's turning an unconscious inaction into a conscious action.

Corky said...

America and Britain have entered their death throes as a society and nations largely due to their flagrant disregard of this one commandment from a loving and caring God.

Completely wrong. If America and Britain have entered their death throes it's because of ignorance and the denial of the fact of limited natural resources. The fact that religion is at the forefront of this ignorance and denial indicates that religion is the direct cause.

Does the world have to end before people wake up to the facts of reality? I kind of think it does, as scary as that is. But, as the last people starve to death, in the dark, there will be some preacher telling them to "repent before it's too late".

RSK said...

The Flat Earth Society never quite goes away...

Assistant Deacon said...

Realizing the tragic condition of this country, and all of the other tribes of Israel....

...declared Richard Brothers in the late 1700s, most likely as they hauled him away in his tight, white coat.

Allen C. Dexter said...

As far as knowing somebody who believes in a flat earth, I don't travel in such deluded circles, but as has been pointed out, there is a flat earth society. There are still plenty of people who believe Jesus really was a son of god (among all the rest) and died for our salvation. I was dumb enough to believe it for a long time. There is really no fathoming the depths of human stupidity. Some idiots in Ohio had my son, who is usually no dummy, believing we never really landed on the moon for a little while a few years back.

Anonymous said...

I think it's about 14 percent of people in the USA who believe that the sun revolves around the earth.
The less educated a person is, or the more religious a person is, the more likely the person will believe it.

Warren Chisum, once the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee (the most powerful committee in the Texas House of Representatives), believes the sun revolves around the earth.
He even distributed a GOP memo stating that the sun revolves around the earth, and that Copernicus (who said the earth revolves around the sun) was part of a Jewish conspiracy.
What's up with those crazy anti-science/pro-revisionist-history Texas legislators, anyway?

And, in the nutty ACOG world, UCG's prez Dennis "Filthy" Luker thinks the universe revolves around a few cows in Zambia, with "Cowgate" bringing on a 'near-tribulation', as Satan and God battled it out in Zam'.
(Thankfully, God won the battle... but it turned out that half of the UCGers were "influenced by Satan" and went on to start their OWN satanic church, LOL!)