Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ron Weinland's Says Jesus Is NOT Coming Back Sunday and Blames Others for the Implosion of His Cult

Poor Ron Weinland.  Being sent to prison for a prophetic 3 1/2 years by a worldly judge who saw through the putrid lies of Ron, Laura, Jeremy and Audra.

Ron has been lying for the last decade about Jesus return at various times. Other lies involve various moments in prophetic timeline that he thinks are happening or have happened. Every single one of those predictions have been a lie also.

Ron predicted that Jesus was retuning this weekend, anytime between Sunset Saturday night to sundown on Sunday night.  He has been laughed at and mocked for the predictions.

Today, the imprisoned felon had one of his cult  members post his latest letter from jail where he admits Jesus is not returning.  He lied to his members, again.  Why will they remain loyal to this buffoon?

Weinerdude writes:

May 13, 2013
Over the past few posts, God has been preparing us for this one. There are things we have been given that have helped us to focus upon where God is leading us and to give us better understanding of what and why we have experienced such a strong spiritual assault (far, far greater than the norm) over a five month period of time. This knowledge has also opened a door so that we can more clearly see that God is giving us more understanding in regards to the Thunders and Trumpets of Revelation.

Yep, that's right brethren.  God has revealed to me that my timing is off, again.

It is not an easy process for us to learn in such a manner (through suffering), but there is great purpose in how and why God reveals these things to us in the manner He does. 

It's not been easy brethren to be made out to be a jackass every time I open my mouth. We all have suffered for it but be encouraged, God has given me knew knowledge!

God is using this time to temp Satan to commit more crimes so that god can use Satan's foibles against him. Satan is our accuser and the more he accuses us the more he will have to pay later.

Another purpose for God revealing things to us as He does is because of what He is working out in order to bring Satan and the demons to a time of great judgment upon them, and because of the spiritual wars that are part of this process that include strategies and timing that are critical in great wars.

When god permits this trials upon us it is because it is god sharpening us like iron.  We are being groomed to be teacher sin the the world tomorrow to all the loser COGers and humanity.

There is yet another great purpose God is working out in how he is revealing truth to us. The example of our experiences through such suffering will benefit those who live in the Millennium and in the Great White Throne time period because they will be taught this lesson and be able to learn through it. As a result of our experiences, people living during those periods of time will be given clearer insight into God’s transforming power that works in human life. They will be given a better understanding of the process that works to produce a strong and mature faith in one’s life and they will be given greater help in their conversion process apart from the kind of trying through fire that those in Satan’s age of influence over mankind have had to endure.

"In light of that brethren, I am sorely distressed that more and more of you are leaving the church because you  think I am a failure.  That is Satan working against me and you."

Satan and the demonic world have had an open door to torment and harass God’s Church in their pursuit to separate all whom they could from God. 
Then like the Mormons salvation in Weinlands cult is progressive.  You go through all kinds of hoops to get to it, IF you even can.
We are very blessed to be experiencing (living) this heightened progressive phase of His creative power at work that has been constructed (built) to be what it is today and where it is at this point that is concluding 6,000 years of God’s building process (progressive process).

The longer Weinerdude is in prison and the more prophecies he utters that fail, he more people that are leaving.

People are also questioning Ron's decision to ordain some people. Ron says the ordinations were another test by God to weed out the chaff.  This guy just gets crazier by the moment!

This kind of jealousy just in ordinations alone and the accompanying personal misjudgment by such people is something I have witnessed throughout my years in Worldwide. I’m not speaking of a few times I’ve witnessed this, but of dozens upon multiple dozens of times. In thinking of some who recently have harbored such jealousy over another person who was raised to a senior elder, they judged that I had been in error for allowing such a thing and that I really didn’t know this person and their past as I should have. Wow! It is amazing when people lift up themselves and cease to see the magnitude and evil of their own sins and unrighteous judgment of others whom God had long forgiven, just as He had done concerning their own sins. At some point in the future, this matter of God having so many in the Church to be ordained will likely be addressed further, although we were already told why   and that will yet come to pass. However, there has also been another purpose in timing with the number of people ordained. It was for the very reason (at this stage of the end-time) to try and test the Church in a powerful way. There were other ways of testing as well, but this one tends to bring unrepented dross to the surface quickly.

With Ron being in prison he cannot stop the flow of people and money out of his cult.  No one listens to Laura, Audra or Jeremy or the other dingbats he placed in charge.

This reminds me of Ezekiel who was given much prophesy concerning the future captivity of Israel. The people mocked him and considered him a false prophet because their human reasoning was centered on what they could “see” in that Israel was already in captivity. Everyone is tried and tested often as to their oneness and unity with God. Some will seek to hold to what God has placed before them, for they see the great value and treasure it is, and have chosen to always fight for it until God’s will and purpose in them is completed.
My own focus and maturity over this subject, of people choosing to leave, has grown even more as we have come to this moment in time. It has often been stated that there will be those who turn from God all the way up to Christ’s coming, and I have come to greater peace in this process as well, although it does carry certain regret (of the wrong choices of others) and sorrow for those who turn away, but I know that God will still visit them at some future time and give opportunity then of repentance that they have failed to choose now.

Then Weinerdude finally admits Jesus is NOT returning on May 19th:

It is my hope that all will choose to continue moving forward once May 19th has come and gone and Christ has not yet returned. That is the thrust of this post, for I believe God is showing us we have much to do before Christ returns and that this world has much to suffer before that day. Christ will return on a Pentecost, and we will move from Pentecost to Pentecost looking and waiting for his coming. Be patient, for all will become clearer as we move forward.

This news may be deeply disappointing, as it is for me, for I hate this world and the ways of spiritual Egypt, Assyria, and Babylon.  


Anonymous said...

Can't tell if God is trolling...of if I'm just making it all up...

Anonymous said...

Same old, same old, in the satanic world of the WCG splinters.

Like the "Herbert-worshipers" of UCG, PCG, LCG, etc, Ron has simply taken a page from Herbert's play book, blaming Satan and the flocksters for the mistakes of kooky church leadership.

Anonymous said...

How can even one person not in Ron's immediate family remain a part of this group? Such a person would have to be disfunctional beyond belief.

Glenn Parker

Anonymous said...

"The eye that sees can't see itself..."

Corky said...

Did anyone have to be told that Jesus was not returning May 19th? Really?

Jesus will not be returning in the year 2020 nor in 2525. Those numbers look cute, do they not? Therefore, there will be predictions upcoming for them and we all know it.

The real, serious, question is - why is a felon permitted to carry on "business as usual" from a penitentiary? Especially since it is the same business that put him there to start with...hmmm?

Any news on how many other prisoners he has converted to Weinlandism? Will those other felons be allowed in his congregations to freely rob, burglarize, molest the other members?

Byker Bob said...

Chew tobacca, chew tobacca, chew tobacca, Spit!

Probably the best thing which could possibly happen to Weinerdude would be if everyone turned their backs on him, gave him absolutely zero credibility, and forced him to confront reality.

Unfortunately, he may already be too far gone for this. It's gotten to the point where he probably doesn't even have a Jonestown sized congregation to take out with him (God forbid!).

I think he's probably going to meet with a real ugly fate.


Unknown said...


I had the bags packed and everything. I also didnt pay the American Express card for last month either, and I left my decoder ring to my younger sister.

NEVER AGAIN will I listen to Weinland, NEVER!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

"God is giving us more understanding in regards to the Thunders and Trumpets of Revelation."

On the contrary, God has not given this psychopath an iota of understanding. He just based his teachings on self-proclaimed apostle HWA who is also outside the true body of Christ.

This guy is just an impostor, a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Anonymous said...

As I was reading the Annie's Mailbox syndicated advice column in this morning's newspaper, I thought I was reading about Ron. One of the letters begins:

Dear Annie: In response to "Wife of the Plumber," I have only one thing to say: Get out while the gettin' is good.

Her husband is a total narcissist, and nothing is going to change him. Narcissists are superb at conning people, especially those who love them. We are the ones they treat the worst, because we have that unrealistic hope that given time things will improve.

After almost half a century, I can attest to the fact that no matter how many chances you give, no matter how many promises they make and no matter how much you love them or how hard you work, it will never change. They see nothing wrong with themselves. It is always the other person's fault. They will not seek help.

DennisCDiehl said...

I was pleased Ron called off the Second Coming for Sunday. I have to work Sunday and have Oncology Massage Monday at the Infusion Center for Chemo patients. Can't miss that...whew

Anonymous said...

I guess we know the drill by now. Set another date for disappointment in 5 or 6 months, and then another one for June 8, 2014. Hopefully with each successive great disappointment, more and more people will see the light and take off, whittling Ron's church down to just Ron, Laura, Jeremy, and Audra.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

The Weinerdude wrote from prison, "It was for the very reason (at this stage of the end-time) to try and test the Church in a powerful way."

MY COMMENT - This statement sounds right out of the 1970s WCG. My question, why is God ALWAYS "trying and testing his Church", the very elect?

Doesn't God trust his people? And since God's people ALWAYS fall short and fail God's test, doesn't that guarantee that Christ will never return to this earth to establish The Wonderful World of Tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

"The real, serious, question is - why is a felon permitted to carry on 'business as usual' from a penitentiary? Especially since it is the same business that put him there to start with...hmmm?"

Because he's carrying on "business as usual", but without the tax fraud now. Crazy, and crazy predictions, the government puts with. Tax fraud is a different matter. But the government DOES give his church tax exempt status, which is pretty ironic. IMO, no church should receive tax-exempt status. (Though I'd have no quarrel with any charity that's an arm of a church being tax-exempt, as long as it's administered in a strictly non-sectarian fashion, and certainly the UCG-connected LifeNets "charity" would definitely NOT fit such a definition.)
BTW, I remember reading on a blog about Weinland- A juror commented that even though sentenced and sent to prison, Ron's scam remains intact. Clearly, the juror was seeing that his scam is beyond just tax fraud. It's a legal scam that so many preachers run, fleecing their flocks legally.

"Probably the best thing which could possibly happen to Weinerdude would be if everyone turned their backs on him, gave him absolutely zero credibility, and forced him to confront reality.
Unfortunately, he may already be too far gone for this."

Unfortunately, it's the MEMBERS who "may already be too far gone for this".
The members who were more amenable to finding greener pastures already left long ago, and those who remain are more entrenched.
Plus, the prospect of leaving long-time friends and being shunned by them(as I've seen happen with the UCG, PCG etc.), and admitting having been wrong can be too daunting a prospect for many people.
Heck, they've "proved" the Truth so many years ago and their hearts are hardened into the granite of that "truth" and they're invested in it- in a tangled web of ways that would be painful to undo.
So they stick with where they're at, or maybe get a little excitement by hopping to the next splinter that some of their friends are also joining.

Allen C. Dexter said...

Whew! You mean, I can relax now? Jesus isn't going to come barging in and break my ass with his rod of iron for not groveling to old Ron? What a relief!

Anonymous said...

So, Ron sets this date of May 19th, and he acts all cocksure about it. And then he comes along and just a week before, second-guesses himself, and seems entirely convinced that his prediction was false. Why? Is it because he's known all along that he's not receiving any supernatural messages, and that he's just been making false prophecies all along? Ya gotta hand it to Ron, he's his own peanut gallery.