Friday, May 17, 2013

E. W King Exposes Hillary Clinton

E. W. King is all hot and bothered right now.  He says he has earth shattering news about Hillary Clinton and exposes her.  Why is it that so many of the splinter cult leaders think they know more dark secrets about their country's government than the anyone else does?  They all seem to think have have an inside track somehow.  Idiots all.

Hilary Clinton exposed! COGSR has now learned the truth about Benghazi. Hilary Clinton was involved in trafficking American weapons through the Libya Ambassador location. Some of these weapons are still coming through Turkey. They are supporting the rebels.

The American ambassador plot was discovered by Hezbollah thus it was attacked. This is what happened and is continuing to happen.

COGSR has warned about watching Turkey and COGSR predicted the Ambassador attack.


Anonymous said...

Do Not Remove This Comment, nor the blackout curtain from Hillary's chest area:

Of course Hillary Clinton was running guns to the rebels, same as John Kerry is doing now. What did you geniuses think Ambassador Stevens was doing over there, twiddling his thumbs and sending out thank you e-mails to the Libyan people? ALL embassies are home to spies and agents. If it took E. W. King and Geraldo Rivera telling you that Stevens was a gun-runner to the Al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood rebels for you to realize it, then you are SLOW IN THE HEAD. All world/religious leaders have been nothing more than lying crooks.

The United States is single handedly handing over the Middle East to the Muslim Brotherhood. Try to say it's not on purpose, and I will say you are a bigger liar than a COG leader.

Hillary Clinton lied, Rice lied, Barack Obama lied, Jay Carney lied, the Obama administration lied. LIES, LIES, LIES - and they all get away with it. The men in Libya were left to die as military forces were told to stand down. And then of course, Susan Rice went on five Sunday talk shows to blame a YouTube video. President Obama blamed the irrelevant video in front of the world at the United Nations. Not to mention, Obama described the man who made the video, who is still in jail after being dragged out of his house and arrested in the middle of the night, a "shadowy character".

But now, "What difference does it make?"

Douglas Becker said...

I predict there will be weather tomorrow.

I predict there will be weather on Sunday.

There will be at least some humidity in some places and there will be temperatures.

No one can refute me.

So E. W. King and I are on equal footing, except maybe not, since he has never gotten as specific as I have (having absolutely accurately predicting the outcome of EVERY election for the last 25 years).

There is one big difference: A lot more people listen to E. W. King.

Douglas Becker said...

I also predict there will be earthquakes in the next year.

Meteorites will strike the earth (and many of them will cause no real damage).

There will be fires.

There will be storms.

Deserts will get hot.

Some desserts will be hot.

Starvation will take place.

Bombs will go off (some at construction sites).

People will die.


Corky said...

Some individual makes a YouTube video and the government takes it seriously?

Anonymous said...

LOL, people who believe the craziness these people spout BELONG in groups like EW King's or the UCG, etc.

Joe Moeller said...


Will any of these so called prophets give me some useful information?

Something like which stock will be the number one stock over the next 5 years, or who is going to win the Super Bowl this year so I can go to Vegas and place my bet.

Hey, Im getting calloused, you got to show me HOW this stuff is going to have an impact in my life. Worrying about things you have NO control over, is often a waste of time. The COGs, all of them , worry a lot over things that they have no control over in the secular world.

You see in the New Testament very little concern about the internal politics of the day, or the geopolitical situation. It is mostly addressing the individual, and how he relates to day to day life, and his relationship to his creator.

HWA used pseudo "scoop news" broadcasting as a hook to lure audience. News sensationalism still carries on as a legacy in the COG, and in a world with massively increased communication, is becoming as irrelevant as newspapers are.

Empowered individual Christianity is the future for the COG, and dropping the news sensationalism and "prediction model" angle is a must. It has been proven repeatedly over the last 80 years that the COG has NO special news insights or predicting ability.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Byker Bob said...

It's pretty obvious that just about everyone who was ever exposed to Armstrongism, even those who are now trying to regain normalcy (however one defines that!) carries so many figurative shibboleths, yet most of us can't see those in ourselves.

You can look at some of the things that people retained, and even amplified, and it makes you realize that some will never be able to regain what they lost. There are those who still fear the Germans, others who are fodder for any crazy conspiracy theory in the wind, and as we discovered over the past several weeks, even the odd person who retained and amplified the racism we were all taught.

King's basic problem is that he acts as if all of this horrible HWAcaca is a strength in which to bathe oneself, and he'll probably waste the rest of his life and large portions of those of his followers with it.

It's tragic. No other words for it.