Friday, July 13, 2012

Apostle Malm and Prophet Thiel: Despisers of the Cross

We all got to see first hand how the Living Church of God hates the cross when we saw Prophet Thiel enraged that citizens were erecting crosses in Milwaukee in honor of the people Terry Ratzman murdered at a Living Church of God service.

Now Apostle Malm has joined the cross hating band wagon.  It's all that willy Constantine's fault that the cross is being used today.  Sorry, make that Satan's fault the cross is used today. Satan told Constantine to use it, at least according to Apostle Malm.

The cross is simply the same thing as the letter “t”. Go to your paper and write the letter “t” in English and you will find that it is a cross. And the letter “t” stood in the mind of Constantine who was a sun worshiper, for the high priest of the sun god; Tammuz. The letter “t” stood for Tammuz. Tammuz was the originator of the worship of the sun. People who worship the sun will tell you, “We do not worship the sun. The sun is merely a symbol. It is a symbol of the light bringer”. And the first high priest of this religion, the first teacher of this religion, the originator of this religion was a man named Tammuz. Tammuz was high priest to the Sun god and the Sun god is only a symbol for the uninitiated, and the initiated know that the sun is merely a representation of the light bringer Lucifer.

Lucifer, the being who rebelled against God and who became his adversary and was renamed Satan, the adversary. Lucifer, the god of this world, who deceives the whole world, used as his symbol the sun, because his original name Lucifer meant “the light bringer”. Now Constantine worshipped the sun. He was a sun worshiper, but being initiated into the highest levels of the hidden mysteries, he was a Satan worshiper, a Lucifer worshiper. The sun was the symbol of his god and the letter “t” or the cross was the symbol of the originator of and high priest of the sun god; Tammuz. In fact the cross was not and has never been the symbol of Christianity. The cross has always been a symbol of the religion of sun worship and of Tammuz.

The cross was later adopted by certain elements within the religion of Rome and accepted and labeled as Christian, but it was not Christian. It is simply relabeled as Christian and has been used to help deceive people into the religion of sun worship. Now Constantine conquered his opposition and assumed the leadership of the Roman Empire in the name of Tammuz, the high priest of the Sun god. And he worshipped the sun until the day of his death; continuing to cast coins throughout this reign dedicated to Sol Invictus, the Invincible Sun. Constantine realized that he had a problem on his hands. The so-called Christians were turning the foundation of the empire upside down. And the more that were killed, the more were converted to that belief. So, that on many occasions the actual executioners were convicted and converted by the example of their victims.

The only problem with Apostle Malm's stupidity is this.  This is the symbol that Constantine supposedly used.  It sure doesn't look like a letter "t."


Anonymous said...

You are wrong.

This is not the only problem with Malm's stupidity. Malm's entire post is wrong.

If you google Tammuz, you will find that HWA and the JWs got the idea that the letter "T" is the sign of Tammuz from Hislop's Two Babylons. Hislop offered no evidence of this claim. He seems to have made it up out of whole cloth.

Malm's post is based on falsehood upon falsehood. He is so far removed from reality that one follows any of this commands at his own peril.

By the way, today is the 23rd day of Tamuz (or Tammuz) in the year 5772 in the Hebrew calendar.

DennisCDiehl said...

Malm noted:

"Lucifer, the god of this world, who deceives the whole world, used as his symbol the sun, because his original name Lucifer meant “the light bringer”.

Both Lucifer and Jesus are Light bringers and sons of the dawn and morning star...

Rev 22:16 (NIV) "I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star."

Isa 14:12-15 (NIV) How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn!

Actually both these verses are referring to the Planet Venus which is the original lightbringer and son of the morning star, the sun. Venus preceeds the sun and brings the light (Lucifer)forth. Venus ascends toward the high point (thinking it can ascend to God's Throne) but then drops down into the earth. Of course, this is because Venus is an inner planet and can't go east to west but Bronze Agers couldn't figure this out so it looked like the morning star was cast down to the ground.

Great story. As above, so below. :)

Byker Bob said...

The ACOGs need to do a bit deeper research. The materials on this topic which they presented to us while we were members is bogus.

I have a nice cross which I occasionally wear without reservation. Married people wear rings (some also consider these to have pagan roots) to let those around them know of one type of commitment, and most Christians do wear their crosses as a part of letting their faith in Jesus Christ be known.


Byker Bob said...

Also, these guys are really going to realize how "left out" their doctines have left them once there is more public attention devoted to the real miracles happening in real Christian circles!


Anonymous said...

"....devoted to the real miracles happening in real Christian circles!"

*facepalm* Um, what "real miracles," Bob??????

Paul R

Anonymous said...

"*facepalm* Um, what "real miracles,"

That was going to be my next question but I was being polite.


Allen C. Dexter said...

I'm not as polite as you, Tombs. What one person views as a miracle, another views as a coincidence or an unexplained natural occurrence. The world is and has been full of those. People of "faith" are desperate to view them as miracles.

Anonymous said...

What you have pictured is the Chi Rho, a Christian symbol used by Constantine the Great, and made by superimposing the chi and rho (Χ and Ρ).
Another version was the Tau Rho, made by superimposing the tau and rho (T and Ρ).

Although much(if not most) of Christianity is derived from earlier, pagan sources, Malm seems to have many strange "understandings" that are not supported by scholarship.

Please excuse me now, because I have to go watch Benny Hinn perform REAL Christian miracles in REAL Christian circles!
Ha ha ha ha!


Anonymous said...

Actually according to historian Ramsey MacMullen the "cross" Roman Emperor Constantine described resembled an Egyptian ankh, which to various sources is a symbol for the sun god. And he was a worshipper of Sol the sun god. Thus, it begs the question whether he really was a Christian--which I highly doubt--or just a shrewd politician who used the religious movement--even going so far as to concoct a religious vision or experience--for his own political ambitions to cement a more unified empire of pagans and Christians under him. Maybe the future Beast and False Prophet will do something likewise to gain mass appeal for their own selfish agenda.

Anonymous said...

Allen Dexter said: “I'm not as polite as you, Tombs. What one person views as a miracle, another views as a coincidence or an unexplained natural occurrence. The world is and has been full of those. People of "faith" are desperate to view them as miracles.”

This statement brings up an important point regarding the Christian religion. A miracle attributed to a perfect God could not and would not violate the laws of nature without fulfilling another law or designated principle of truth. An unexplained natural occurrence could be explained if all of the true facts were known.

This is the purpose of the biblical story regarding Jesus the Christ and salvation. When God decreed that those who sin will die and humanity sinned; the whole of humanity was doomed to death. If the integrity of God’s perfection was to be preserved there was the need for a substitution death that would redeem humanity from the death sentence.

This is an extremely simplified explanation of what the bible teaches, but it at least gives a bit of reason to the unreasonable.
Albert B.

Anonymous said...

"This is an extremely simplified explanation of what the bible teaches"

Ever wonder why what the Bible teaches has to be simplified so it can be understood. Perhaps it would have been better to have a Bible that was simple and to the point from the beginning so we'd not have to boil the complicated Bible down to simplistic thoughts.

What I picture is a God that dictates saying things like, "in other words," "Ok, ok..what I mean is..." "To be more clear....", "Let me say that another way...."

Sounds like people writing to me...


Anonymous said...

2 Peter 3:16

"He writes the same way in all his letters, speaking in them of these matters. His letters contain some things that are hard to understand, which ignorant and unstable people distort, as they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction."

This is an example of a apologetic scripture that excuses the confusion Paul's writings can cause. It says that the ignorant can't understand Paul's hard to understand ideas. But the author admits they are hard to understand, so he must be one of the ignorant too.

It is never the fault of the writer who seems to not to be able to clearly state his case. Dare we say that "God" is not able to clearly make his/her point.

If someone gives an meaning different from what the established group has agreed upon, they are "wresting the scripture," when in fact, they may have the correct view that the group will not admit to.

The Bible itself contains the seeds of it's own confusing views and interpretation. It is a book written by humans and reflects human shortcomings in being able to clearly and coherently explain one topic well that is supposedly able to be gleaned from a mish mash of contradictory sources.

On top of that, you'd think we'd learn that taking the views of ONE man, in this case, the Apostle Paul, as THE Way, is a tad dangerous and running a good risk that he is not getting it correct either.


GrandPa Nimrod said...

"By the way, today is the 23rd day of Tamuz (or Tammuz) in the year 5772 in the Hebrew calendar."

Yes, we're currently weeping for the old boy today. When we finish we're going to bake cakes for the queen of heaven!

Painful Truth said...

M.T.Coherence writes: "This is an example of a apologetic scripture that excuses the confusion Paul's writings can cause. It says that the ignorant can't understand Paul's hard to understand ideas. But the author admits they are hard to understand, so he must be one of the ignorant too."

Well M.T. there is another way we can look at Paul's ranting's.

The apostle Paul, as the rabbinical intellect of the concept of
rejected not only the rational “laws” developed by Hillel, but declared that ALL minds are ‘enmity” against God, therefore eliminating possibility of ANY human representing God by the process of “natural” logic.

Anonymous said...

I would not find Paul to be the rabbinical intellect he is made out to be. Many scholars find Paul to less than intellectual and well versed in the ways of the Pharisees. For a man who professes to be "a Hebrew of the Hebrews" he only ever uses the Greek version of the OT in his quotes and even misquotes it where it misquotes the Hebrew. One would not expect a Hebrew with Paul's alleged credetials doing that.

Some of his OT examples are tortured in the way he applies them.

Very long story and history.

At this time, I don't think Paul was near as educated as he claimed to be nor as connected as he would like all to believe.

As Saul, he was a Temple thug, so to speak in association with the Sadducees who ran the temple on behalf of the Romans. Pharisees, unlike the impression given in the Gospels were not the self righteous types as portrayed. Mostly loved by the people and respected. They did little and believed little of the things they were charged with in the Gospels. For Paul to claim to being a Roman Citizen etc and to be a Pharisee of the Pharisees is a complete historical disconnect.

If Paul was as prominent as he claims to be, why does he not show up in the Gospels tormenting Jesus personally? He would have been in Jerusalem at that time. No one in the Gospels ever heard of the Hebrew of Hebrew and Pharisee extrodinaire.

The reason Paul never tells Gospel stories about he confronting Jesus is because he never knew a Gospel Jesus. Never met him and never read a Gospel story which of course had not been cobbled together until long after Paul died.

Long story, fascinating study....

M.T.Wineskins :)

Byker Bob said...

Welcome to ex-WCG blogdom, where a person who names himself after cartoon characters, has admitted having done acid in the past, and has written about how it changed his life gets to call belief in Jesus Christ imaginary and mock.

BTW Norm, Benny Hinn is a total fake, as is known by many people in the Christian community. So are an number of the other clowns on TBN. That's where God's gift of discernment becomes not a luxury, but a necessity. But, I guess to an outsider they all look the same and get equated.


Byker Bob said...

I posted this in an aging thread, but thought perhaps it would be worth repeating here at the top of the stack.

Suppose you had a friend, or friends who had no sense of smell.
It wouldn't matter whether you brought a bouquet of roses into their presence, opened up a bottle of vanilla extract, or actually even farted. They would have no ability to perceive it, and you would find it nearly impossible to prove to them that olfactory perception was possible. As far as they were concerned, there would be no evidence.

As an audio aid, you might attempt to play for them Loudon Wainright III's classic "Dead Skunk", but this also would probably be of no help. You could have them watch a You Tube video of a chemistry class reacting to an experiment involving sulfer dioxide, and they might even laugh, but the pure concept of sense of smell would largely elude them.

The fact is, there are many things in the universe which are beyond human perception. Sometimes, these things can be theorized, and devices can then be developed to measure them. Einstein, iirc, believed in some form of a God, and searched for the God particle.
I don't know whether Neils Bohr was a believer, but for a while he upstaged Einstein, taking our understanding further. I believe that if there is an end of human time, just before it happens, science will find a way to perceive God.

It will not have anything to do with HWA/WCG, or the ACOGs, either.


Anonymous said...

BB said: I believe that if there is an end of human time, just before it happens, science will find a way to perceive God.

Question: What do you mean an “end for human time”? Do you mean that all human life will cease to exist? Are you saying that humans or their souls will be in heaven or hell for the rest of eternity or is there something I am missing?

Anonymous said...

I'll repeat my response to BB's aging thread, because his misdirection needs airing:

Your analogy stinks, Bob. You know why? Because the Bible itself sets the criteria for evidence for God. God walked and talked with humans, appeared to them in various forms. Either way, humans SAW and HEARD God. Simple criteria. Simple evidence. Just not any. Wonder why. (Bob begins formulating Excuse for Missing God #36)

Paul R.

John said...

I love your analogy BB! There really is so much that is imperceptible to the human senses, which affect our perception of reality. And our senses can be severely limited like the example you gave to the extent that we can fail to sense the danger arising from any given situation. Take drug abuse for example and the way it plays with one's senses and perception. Sometimes I wish I'd the ability to perceive the reality of the person waiting in line at the checkout just so I could know if my perception of the world is right, wrong or even "normal." Then again it'd be awesome to take it a step further and be able to perceive "reality" through the senses of my pet cat since aren't they supposed to have heightened senses? And re your comment "I believe that if there is an end of human time, just before it happens, science will find a way to perceive God." I've wondered about that too ever since I read Revelation 10:7 and the enigmatic conclusion that the "mystery of God" shall finally at that time be accomplished, finished, ended or completed. What more scientific discoveries await us I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Byker Bob wrote, "BTW Norm, Benny Hinn is a total fake"

He's one of the kooky darlings of Christian TV networks including the Church Channel, Daystar, and Trinity Broadcasting Network.

So, I guess that means that the people who run these jeez-sleaze networks have "Christian discernment" that is totally fake and "Holy Spirit" that is totally fake, too.


Anonymous said...

Re: the cross, pagan roots of Christianity, etc.....

From Christianity's symbolisms, to it's Feasts, to it's deities, to it's rituals, to it's mythology, it's clear that Christianity is rooted in paganism.
It's much easier to change the sign on a door to a building, than it is to tear down the old building and build a new one.

Of course, as is to be expected, there are Christian apologists who argue that Satan set these things(symbols, Feasts, deities, rituals, myths) up beforehand in an evil plot to trick us, by using "anticipatory plagiarism"

(It's very similar to how some Christian apologists argue that Satan "planted" fossils on the Earth to trick people into believing in evolution.)

Byker Bob said...

The ACOG people never were able to grasp that the way to purify paganism is to sublimate it through Jesus Christ. Got a ritual? Ruin it forever for the pagans. Purify it with Living Waters.


Byker Bob said...

Norm, I've only found a handful of teachers on TBN that appear to be credible spiritual guides, with any depth whatsoever. I won't mention their names, because in the past, that has subjected them to unneccessary ridicule.

I don't know why this is, but TBN appears to be not unlike a library. You will find both nuggets and total trash on the shelves of your library, coexisting side by side. Then you have to decide where you will spend your valuable time.


Anonymous said...

"Purify it with Living Waters."

Do you mean the living Roger Waters?