Friday, June 28, 2013

Dave Pack: I am NOT The Chief Sinner That COG Groups Are Looking For

Is Davey about ready to pull a Bob Thiel out of his ass and claim that since he spoke to HWA about Joshua that he is legitimately the man? 

With this foundation, we are ready to examine the question of, “Who is Joshua?” First understand that this prophecy was a vacant doctrine in the Worldwide Church of God. Mr. Armstrong once believed his son was Joshua. (Coincidentally, it was at this time many were privately speculating that these men might be the Two Witnesses.) But Mr. Armstrong’s thinking evolved and he eventually realized this would be impossible, for a number of reasons. When Mr. Armstrong and I spoke on the phone, we often discussed prophecy. I once asked him who was Joshua and he said that he did not know.

Gerald Flurry, the leader of PCG, originally taught that Joe Tkach was Joshua. After Joe Tkach died, he changed to Joe Tkach Jr. One effect of these crazy unbiblical ideas is Satan has brethren looking backward for false “Joshuas,” instead of forward for the true one.

Other splinters hold no teaching on Joshua other than “some day we may know.” They could never discover his identity because they lost the clues to finding him. And they are looking for the wrong profile. Grasp this! Misunderstanding Zechariah 3:3-4, people are looking for a kind of chief sinner. Obviously, no leader would claim to fulfill this. In effect, the identity of Joshua has been hidden due to a false assumption. However, just as the point came when Mr. Armstrong had to see and explain that he was Zerubbabel, God would do the same with Joshua.

Since Davey wants to give the impression he is without sin, it is easy to guess who he is leading up to above.   Since Dave's arch nemesis is Rod Meredith and Rod has already declared his has never committed a major sin since baptism, Davey has to one up him and claim he keeps examining himself and cannot find any fault within.

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