Wednesday, June 26, 2013

COG Members Can't Wait To Tattle-Tale To HWA

These people sound like they are elementary kids waiting to tattle-tale to the principal.   They are more eager to run to Herb that to Jesus who doesn't give a rat's ass about HWA's books and booklets.

If Mr. Armstrong came back, I hope all of us who have been loyal and faithful will not rest until Mr. Armstrong really knows about these so-called "loyal" ministers of his, who let his works be tossed in the trash bin and then told us to quit worshipping him and forget what he taught us and instead start sending our tithes and offerings to them so they could enjoy the status of still being the top ministers.

It does not take a genius to see who the real loyal followers of Mr. Armstrong are and what he taught. Not only do the true followers believe that Mr. Armstrong was the end-time Elijah but they preserve and hold-fast to the writings and material he left us. They are not relics like one minister seem to refer to them. They are timeless instructions from a real apostle of God!

I believe Mr. Armstrong would condemn these men and would treat them like he did when his son was disfellowshipped unless these men really humbled themselves and came and apologized for turning their backs on him as we see today.


Head Usher said...

I feel so sorry for anyone would sincerely write such a thing. How anyone can still be so delusional in 2013 is beyond me.

Byker Bob said...

Well, I really wouldn't want to be standing anywhere near a resurrected HWA, at least for a while. The Bible seems to indicate some bad consequences for false prophets, false teachers, and people who offended the little ones!


Douglas Becker said...

If Herbert Armstrong were to come back the way things are in 2013, what fun it would be for him to encounter Davey Pack, Gerald Flurry, Ronald Weinland (Herbert Armstrong would never stoop to visiting anyone in prison), Roderick Meredith -- United would not want him and he would not be allowed near CoGWA. For all their show of devotion, it is doubtful E. W. King or Malm would want anything to do with him.

We could have a field day asking him personally about the incest and point out how widespread the information about him and his works really are. It would be great fun to sit him down and explain DNA to him.

Without a following, he would probably be reduced to a homeless shelter like the Dukes were at the end of Trading Places or maybe grandson Mark could give him a place to stay.

He certainly would not be starting over with his eight Japanese Sons!

At this point in time, he would have nothing to sell and would be completely frustrated. He wouldn't have naïve farmers and ranchers in remote locations giving him "tithes". Agribusiness isn't what it used to be. Cities have grown up where the farms used to be and he would neither recognize the world of today nor would he be able to do much more conning, especially after the release of Dr. Phil's book, "Life Code", which so aptly describes Herbert Armstrong as one of the BAITERs.

Wish there were a way to bring him back.

It would be such fun.

And great vengeance.