Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Philadelphia Church of God: Canadian Members Are Too Stupid To Make A Decision On Their Own About Tithe of the Tithe

Those reprobate folk in the Philadelphia Church of God have been told by Gerald Flurry and crew that they are too dumb to know how to figure their tithe of the tithes.

Canadian members are currently getting raked over the coals because Six Pack wants their money NOW and they are NOT sending it in fast enough or accurately.  Right now the tithe of the tithe money jar is down 44%!  Dirty filthy sinners!

Also notice from the announcement below how Herbert Armstrong is still worshiped more than the than anything else.  Herb invented tithe of the tithe to pay for feast sites he was too cheap to pay for. Because HWA came up with it, it is now doctrinal law written on stone.  Even God in heaven cannot change the doctrine.  Herb said it was a requirement, so it remains a requirement for the PCG cult members.

The Pentecost offering was significantly higher than last year causing year-to-date holy day offerings to improve from a 3% decrease to a 0.1% increase. Overall, total donation income is running about 5% higher than last year. However, tithe of the tithe is showing a 44% decrease. Since the Feast is earlier this year, and expenses will be due earlier than normal, please remember to send in your tithe of the tithe as soon as possible. The requirement to pay a tithe of your second tithe is a judgment Mr. Armstrong made that is binding on us today (see Matthew 16:19). If you believe paying the tithe of tithe will not enable you to keep the Feast, please speak with your minister to determine if you would be exempt. You should not make that decision on your own.

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Douglas Becker said...

It's easy to calculate -- so easy, even a Canadian can do it!

10% of 10% of 0 = 0!

No tithing on wages -- in fact, since there is no temple in Jerusalem and no priesthood of Aaron, there isn't even tithing on produce (which would probably spoil while being shipped by mail).

I guess that Flurry's mind has been so muddled by alcohol (even if it were years ago and we're skeptical about that), that he can't figure it out.


Anonymous said...

Yeah so when they stand before Jesus Christ & use the excuse "Mister Armstrong said..." I think He'll say, "Master Armstrong?! Who is he?!"

Joe Moeller said...

Tithe of the Tithe was always sold on the idea that "they had to pay for the halls and other expenses for the FOT".

Not that many people realize that in the WCG in the past that the halls were nearly ALWAYS paid for by local chamber of commerces, who competed to have the church attend their local city. It was not necessary at all!

The Tithe of the Tithe is NOT mandated in the Bible. What kind of a church charges you a surtax like that?? It was just another gimmick HWA did to confiscate money from people.

Another idea was the church trying to tell you what you could or couldnt spend 2T on . For instance, you couldnt buy a new suit, or new tires, or fancy jewelery, etc. The Bible says "whatever your heart desires". Also that if you didnt spend it all, or waste it all, that THEY were to receive the excess ! Again , another mandate that IS NOT in the Bible.

Money grubbing and religion do not mix.... anywhere and anytime.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Steve Kisack said...

I thought "tithe of the tithe" was what the Levites payed to the priests.

Head Usher said...

Back when I tithed, I always made the decision on my own that I was exempt. Did I do something wrong?

Man, I can't believe how bad things still must be in some of these splinter cults. Saying that shit Herbert said is "still binding"? WTF? It must be like 1961 in PCG.

Byker Bob said...

This speaks to a big, expansive category of what is wrong with Flurry's cult: Herbolatry, enforced devolution or dumbing down of the sheep, and addiction to money as opposed to realization that God usually goes under and around the monetary equation in doing His work soas to make His subjects realize that they are not doing this stuff on their own strength.

How dare you dumb sheep disrespect "God's Apostle"?


James said...

Son of a bitch Flurry should be working for the IRS. Rip-off artist!

Anonymous said...

Fork that money over now you evil turds!!! You too BB!!! I the lord your God have spoken!