Monday, June 24, 2013

Bob Thiel: Only The Converted Pray For The Work

Bob Thiel has posted a letter by Lynn Torrance from the Good News of 1961 about prayer.  Thiel, like all COG splinter group leaders is not capable of coming up with anything original so he has to fall back on old COG literature.

In the article it says:

Prayer has to become heartfelt — full of thanksgiving, praise and joy.  It should be a spontaneous and natural talking to God. The more you pray, the more you will understand how to pray.

God KNOWS that many of you faithful brethren are praying.  He also KNOWS that others have not prayed as they should.


If you have been PUTTING OFF prayer until tomorrow DO something now.  Force yourself to begin to study and pray.  Don’t put off your own salvation!
I don't see anywhere in the Bible that ones "conversion" is measured by how much they prayer for the Chief Overseer or Pastor General or for some brain dead COG "work."

Some of the best prayers a person can pray is HELP, WHY, THANKS.  One word.  Nothing more.

No blithering on for 10 minutes about the health and well being of the apostle or Pastor General.

No long prayers for new auditoriums, magazines,  Hall of Administrations, bean patches or how to better keep the law.  No prayers or fasting for more income.

No prayers that the leaders of your competition Churches of God will die in two months.  No prayers that those people will come to you with all their money.


Anonymous said...


It's not 1961 any more.

Perhaps, one day, Bob Thiel will realize that.

Anonymous said...

God gets depressed and demoralized pretty easily. He needs a lot of encouragement to get his work done. Especially considering how few, and how low the quality is of those he's capable of attracting to do that work for him. It's kind of depressing knowing you're just not that attractive anymore. It's also depressing knowing that you're completely incapable of doing anything for yourself anymore. God used to be so mighty, but he's 6,000 years old now, and clearly off his game. If god's work is ever going to get done, he needs you to pray for it, because he needs the moral support. And while you're at it, pray for the enormous, bloated, delicate, fragile egos of his ministers!

Byker Bob said...

I pray that God will divide and confuse the toxic cults which cause so much harm and end up ruining people's lives and families.

I also pray that God will bless those who actually are doing His work, and that He will guide and bless them with an awesome harvest.

The WCG had a bad case of tunnel vision, and unjustifiable chauvinism. Theil following this 1961 article is just plain ignorance.


Anonymous said...

hmmm, I thought followers of Jesus prayed for His Kingdom to come....(after acknowledging God, and thanking Him for all He's done for us)