Sunday, June 23, 2013

Philadelphia Church of God Cult Compound A "Top Dating Destination for 2012"

Get a load of the glowing praise postings for Armstrong Auditorium on Flurry's cult compound.  You can tell they are all made by PCG members.  There is no way those people out of state made a special trip there for a concert.  Check it out here:  Armstrong Auditorium

I found Armstrong Auditorium so beautiful and classy. Such an attraction in Oklahoma! I never expected to see such an exquisite place in Edmond Ok.
The campus is a treat to see. As you enter the gates you already are treated to beautiful landscape and beautiful water falls. The reflecting pool, and such a grand building! As soon as you enter, you are taken in by the beauty of the walls, the carpets, and the amazing beauty of the chandeliers. Then the people are so kind and mannerly. Even the bathrooms are marble and elegant. The auditoriums acoustics are like none I've ever heard. It is an evening to feel like royalty. Be sure to dress for the occasion. You will feel like royalty. Perfect for a very nice date when you visit the performances. You can also come by and see the exhibit of the Seals of Jeremiah while it lasts! I've been to many concerts, and many other events. My husband and I even had some pictures taken in front of the place after we were married. This is a place I would visit time and again, and stay as long as I wanted. It's that nice!

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Armstrong_Auditorium, Manager at Armstrong Auditorium, responded to this review
March 11, 2013
How wonderful that you and your new husband had some dates here. Uncovering Oklahoma's 2012 Date Idea Book listed Armstrong Auditorium a top dating destination in Edmond, Okla. Looks like it worked for you!
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Ex PCG said...

Flurry's books, the building project, and the digging in the dirt in the Middle East are the focus of the work of the PCG. Somehow they have expected people to see all these physical things....and then believe God is working with them. How's that working out for you?

Steve Kisack said...

It's simply amazing that all of the ministurds idolize their second god, Herbie(their first god is Greenbacks) by naming their buldings after him and putting large pictures of him on their office walls, etc, but if their dead idol was still alive, they wouldn't be shit. He would ban them to Hawaii or someplace else to get them out of his sight and mind.

Anonymous said...

This should be posted at Flurry's main gate.

Caution: The false comfort and security of religion and the world is where gifts and calling go to die.

Assistant Deacon said...

A top dating destination in Edmond. What a hoot.

I caught a few minutes of Flurry on WGN while flipping channels this morning. Absolutely pointless. Uninspiring. Boring. The typical viewer who lands on that show must wonder who this confused old codger is, and what the hell he's talking about. A few minutes of his meandering left me shaking my head, and eagerly changing the channel.

Joe Moeller said...

Mrs. Moeller, and I prefer Papa Murphys Pizza over on 17th St. in Cody for our "Big Date Nights".

Her ordering "pineapple" on her pizza caused problems earlier on in our marriage, but I have learned to live with it. Mushrooms, onions and beef for me, and a couple of beers a piece for us both and we are real happy.

Maybe a scoop of ice cream from "DQ" and back to the ranch for a night of romantic bliss.

Nope, it doesnt require "peeing" in a marble urinal, or listening to "city slicker" concerts of "The Moscow Festival Ballet" in some gaudy auditorium to have a great "date night".

My wife and I wouldnt trade what we got for anything else!

Our evenings out are rated FIVE STARS *****!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Byker Bob said...

This is consistent with their pattern following the publishing of Steven Flurry's book. PCG people got on any media where the book was being discussed or reviewed, and attempted to monopolize the process in their favor. Some of them even took on screen names like "A Must Read", and placed comments on the well known Armstrong accountability/recovery forums. I am certain that it is mostly PCG people who are constantly manipulating Wikipedia articles so as to glorify HWA. And they are relentless. This very identifiable behavior pattern of PCG is what we might call "cultic swarming".

I just woke up from a disturbing nightmare, in which one of my product managers ("John") and I were making cold calls on businesses. We stopped in on one business where we learned that Charles Manson had been released from prison and had become a key member of the sales organization of this business. In the dream, I am sure that Manson had overheard me making negative remarks about him to John, but John insisted on going back in there with a special bottle of Cognac to better get to know Charlie and learn what he intended to do with the business. I woke up in the middle of the tour of Manson's organization, but you can well imagine the parallels my mind is drawing as I see this post for the first time during my first cup of coffee!


Anonymous said...

So, when does THAT Prophet start prophesying, or do we look for another?

Douglas Becker said...

You know where dating can lead you when you go to Monster's, Inc.

Britain W. Stevenson said...

...a top dating destination for This was most likely written by one of the Armstrong College students married on campus. Yea...the will have a rude awakening one day!